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    Hi everyone. i would you like release the Zula Turkey Public for, this Cheat is for everyone. Feel free to use it. You can download it here. Features: D3D Crosshair D3D Chams Gladiato init Color A Init Color C Init FillMode D3D Chams Zula Init Color A Init Color B Init FillMode D3D NoFog D3D fullBright D3D Wallhack WallMode Lobby Spammer Move Menu Reset Menu Load Config Save Config Exit Process Getting started: 1. Register Account on 2. Read the Tutorials and the FAQ. How to use the Metronic Gui and [HowTo] GHB Loader 3. Login and download the GHb Loader on 4. Disable Anti-Virus and Firewall 4. Login into Ghb Loader 6. Select the Public Tab and press on "Zula Turkey" 7. Press on "Load" and then wait until you see "Waiting for Zula.exe" 8. Start Zula 9. When the Injection was sucessfull you will hear "I'm back baby" Anti Cheat System: XignCode 3 Serverside System to analysis the Player stats (ex. KD, Wins, etc..) Cheat Protection: Comming soon. I currently working on a new system to have a better protecting against Anti-System and account Bans. FAQ: Q: How can i get support? A: You can join our Discord, create a Support Ticket ( or contact me via Private Message. Q: Which Anti-System are supported? A: XignCode 3 and ESL Wire. Zula Turkey use also a serverside System to anaylise your Player stats and mark your Account, when you're cheating to obvious. Q: Can my account get banend? A: Yes, your account can be banned when you're cheating too obvious. Promote Video:
  2. 3 points
    Updated to latest status.
  3. 2 points
    DOWNLOAD: ^ Use this to fix connection loss issue. Please follow loader tutorial thread Public Hack: Features: Fly Hack, No spread/ no recoil / ESP VIP Hack: Pricing: 1-month subscription - 7€ BUY NOW Works on: Windows 7 Windows 8 Windows 8.1 Window 10 Specail: Last existing Combat Arms Hack with GHOST AIM - Only by the originals: GHBSYS! Features Visual : ◦ESP Info - Shows players info ( name,hp, distance)! ◦ESP Box - Shows 2D boxes around the enemy players! ◦ESP Pickups - Marks the guns on the ground! ◦ESP Explosives - Marks the explosives! ◦GM Warning - Always ON (It's a player with infinite life, a box around no character)! GhostAim : ◦Enable - Turns your ghost aim on or off! ◦Reset Ghost Aim - Resets the ghost aim bone! ◦Bone - Allows you to check of the part of the body you want to aim for! ◦Hit Size - Gives you control over the size of the hitbox, so you can increase or decrease the hit chance! Aimbot : ◦Enable - Turns your aimbot ON or OFF! ◦Mode - Lets you choose either to aim for people closest to your cross hair, or with the fov that you've set (NearestToCrosshair, FOV)! ◦Bone - Allows you to check of the part of the body you want to aim for! ◦FOV - Lets you choose at which angle the aimbot will aim for people (Only works with the FOV option)! ◦Team Check - Only aims only for enemy players! ◦Spawn Check - Doesn't shoot people with active spawn shields! ◦Visual Check - Only aims for players visible to you (doesn't aim for players through walls)! ◦Smoothing - Decreases the speed at which the aimbot twitches your character! ◦Key- Lets you choose the key that activates your aimbot! The options are Left Click, Right Button, Middle Button, ALT, Control, Shift, Delete(Canc)! ◦Autoshoot - Toggle whether you want your weapon to autoshoot once it sees an enemy based on your settings! Weapon : ◦No Recoil - Removes all the recoil from your gun! ◦No Spread - Removes all the spread from your weapon! ◦RapidFire - Makes your weapons fire faster! ◦Weapon OPK- Teleports all the weapons on the map to you! ◦Use Weapon OPK - Activates the feature "Weapon OPK"! ◦Weapon OPK Key - Allows you to change the key to toggle Weapon OPK! The options are: Left Click, Right Button, Middle Button, ALT, Control, Shift, Delete(Canc)! Player : ◦Fly Hack - Lets you fly using the space key! ◦HP Hack - Increases your HP to 570! ( your character head is gonna be all buggy / high risk of ban if used) ◦Move GUI - Lets you move the menu to your desired location! ◦Telekill - Teleports you on top of enemy players so you can kill them without them being able to kill you! Our Menu:
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    The owner of the full Forum, who manages the entire Forum with his Administrators. Acting as Full Forum Admins and help to manage the entire Forum. Usman™ @ultra @ZeaS (Inactive) SuperModerators who watch the entire Forum for rule breakers, spammers... Leading the Staff-Team and act as Head-Moderator [member=Tiiqu] [member=starglitcher] (mainly Discord) Coding hacks for our website. [member=VEN0M] [member=Snyp3r] [member=Willi35] Moderators who watch out for rule breakers, spam, ... in their specific section. Support VIP-Members who require help. @Kush2692 Retired Admins People who used to be an administrator. @Maxn @Sepehr @Stefan @Vulcanraven @Thunder @ShaddiX @Kvn'X @ShadowEternal People who used to be a staff member. @akademiks @.baddy @Efah I.I.I @K1ller @MCCCXXXVII @soηηy @USERKILLER [member=TheSyntaX] @Vulcanraven @CHiKA @Golden. @paTTax @Networckz @Cure @Krypto @Elektra @Colection @killbyme @ILikePudding @K3K @M0RPH @HardCoreX1337 @Rikudou [member=Dr.Weed @ High Life] [member=-GriMz_] Killha™ Genius people who got promoted to SpecialMember by any Admin/H-Mod. @Basti @bobi @Fatzebock @gAvaSTAR* @Gordon` @Hans211 @martin @Rebell @s0beit @tim0n @Sirius @silex @manhattantransfer ---------------------------------------------------------------- First idea by: [Jul 18 2009]
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    For skins you can see only you. For new skins maybe ultra will add some new skins. Maybe ask cs:go cheat users for the best aimbot settings. For the geemade trail you need to contact with our cheat coder.
  8. 1 point
    Interesting, i didn't know this is going to happen to CA but i can't wait to see how well we will screw them or how hard. Only time will tell.
  9. 1 point
    No recoil was never added, you mean no spread. The reason why I removed no spread is because valve decided to patch it by calculating seed server-sided. Snyper and I are busy IRL, so we are mostly online and free on the weekends or on holidays. Snyper is mostly working for 3 weeks and then have 1-2 weeks off which depends on how much work he has done. So don't expect him to be much on the internet. Unlike one of our competitors which has a staff team full of kids under 18. GHB is the opposite of that and has a staff team that has been here for years and are 18 and older which leads a busy life with school/work and such. Most of the staff is active on Discord if help is needed though. A good example is one of our coder(Willi35) took some months off to finish some of his stuff IRL so he could have free time to release cheats on here again. -> You have to realize that this forum has been running for 11 years, unlike other sites. A great fix for this would be recruiting young people that have a lot of free time in hand, but that's another story. There is a reason why we created our discord server, so people could come and join and ask for help for live support instead of waiting for a staff to reply on their thread. I am mostly idle on the server until I have time to check the messages I have gotten. The prices that have been set for the cheats are usually chosen by the coder themselves. The reason why the prices of my cheats are like that Is because I make and release cheats for my own enjoyment, so I don't care what people think of the price as long as I have fun in what I'm doing and the people that actually buy my cheats are enjoying them even if the price is high. I usually update my cheat(s) the same day I get to know that they're down. But not all the cheats can get updated fast because we need to reverse and update the needed addresses/offset/structs/classes and check the game for any changes that have been made. So, of course, these thing takes time. If you don't mind, can you PM which ones you're talking about. That's the moment when you should check the hackstatus or ask one of the staff/coder if something is wrong. A great example(s) is: CSGO: I've had people thinking that the ESP for the CSGO cheat is broken because of Valve's PVS system. What the PVS system does is that it limited how far(min distance - max distance) enemies are synched with the client -> CA: There were reports that the HP hack in the CA cheat wasn't working, but people had to enable it in lobby for it to work before going into a game, most people enabled it in-game Snyper is the one you have to contact. Look at the statement on the 4th quote above. This is 5 games in one package deal. CSGO, CSS, TF2, DOD:S, L4D2I I'm sorry to hear that you have been laid off, I hope that you find another job that stays longer, but regarding the prices, you'll have to talk to the coders about that. You're free to stay and chill around if you want. Join our discord if you want a better place to chat and to contact us. Seems to be an injection issue thanks to Valve, has been fixed though. You should PM me the issues next time.(THIS APPLIES TO ALL USERS)
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    zula turkey is disabled. i cant run it. message is : this item is disabled and status in Hack TAB and Public TAB is Need an Update
  12. 1 point
    whats go on whit the V.I.P combat arms i need it. sice yesterday i cant play whats is going on ?
  13. 1 point
    whats go on whit the V.I.P combat arms i need it sice yesterday i cant play whats is going on ?
  14. 1 point
    combatarms moving to diff company so guessing our vip will be extended?
  15. 1 point
    Topic locked and reciument stopped.
  16. 1 point
    Hello everyone, i decided to offer a Rainbow Six - Siege Trainer exclusive for GHBSys Users and i will release the Trainer after Beta. The first 10 users have the chance to join for - FREE - the Beta for Siege. Everything what you need is Discord, a working Headset, (recommend: secound account for siege) and a fully updated Windows. The Trainer supported Windows 7 , 8 and 10. Important note to everyone the trainer will be protected with my own system. I included new ideas and functions into it. Every try to break the system lead to a machine ban and it's possible the lunch the trainer on a virtual machine. After the beta the trainer will be buyable for everyone and you don't need to get invited. The protection verfy your machine to use our Trainer for Siege to give the best security. Is a new system to avoid unwanted users and to keep away from anti cheat companies. About the protection system i will release after the beta an extra thread with all informations. The Anti-Cheat programm "Battleye" is sucessfully bypassed, but when you're cheating to obvoius you can banned by FairFight. Get your informations about FairFight from google. The Trainer uses the Metronic Framework! Q: What i need to do? A: Contact me over discord and send me your account name from Ghb. After it give a short introduce about yourself. The first 10 users will get Beta Acess! Q: Why beta ? A: I started first the beta to find the bugs for the trainers functions and to fix it. Is also for better effort to the users. Q: What for functions are available for Siege? A: D3D Chams, D3D Crosshair, D3D Wallhack, ESP BOX, Aimbot (Settings: Aimkey, FOV, Always Aim, Bone Selection (Head, Neck, Spine)), NoRecoil and NoSpread Q: Is the Trainer safe to use? A: When you're not rage hacking, then you play with it without bad feelings. I recommend you carry first informations about FairFight! Q: What should i do when i founded a bug? A: Send me detailed information about the bug in Discord, then i will inform you when it's fixed. Q: Why i need a Headset? A: When i choose you for the beta, then i will speak with you about the trainer and give you every information what you need. If you have more question don't hesitate to ask in the Thread. kind regards Willi
  17. 1 point
    as I do to see where people publish threads to participate in same with my opinions, because I have searched and I do not find anyone publishing, thanks
  18. 1 point
    I have no idea about what you are talking or trying to say, can you try to express yourself a little better please?
  19. 1 point
    Hi i buy VIP to combat arms today and when am i in game i cant oppen hack windows why its not working ?
  20. 1 point
    Hello Ghbsys Members, By now you should be aware there are multiple new key features in our site and one big one we were impatiently waiting to release was the Ghbsys Point System. This way users who are active in the forums and are unable to buy VIP by regular means could have the opportunity to use our hacks! How to EARN Points: The Point System is pretty straight forward, you earn points for various activity in the forums, this includes making a thread, making a post, making new "content" in the forum, basically a reward for those who are active in our community. As well as earning points from participating from various events hosted throughout the year. Lastly, earning points for buying a VIP subscription. Now for each post/thread and new content; Normal Member: .02 Ghbsys Points Per Content VIP Member : .05 Ghbsys Points Per Content [Points are subject to change in the future] Points Conversation To Real Currency: Now to make things simple, we've made it so every 3 Ghbsys Points correlates to 1 Euro. That means these are the points value to purchase VIP for each cheat for 1 MONTH. Combat Arms : 21 Ghbsys Points Chivalry Both Versions: 15 Ghbsys Points Counter Strike CS GO: 30 Ghbsys Points Counter Strike Source: 30 Ghbsys Points Days Of Defeat: 30 Ghbsys Points Team Fortatress 2: 30 Ghbsys Points Source Bundle: 60 Ghbsys Points Purchasing VIP Subscription Credit: Combat Arms : 2.5 Ghbsys Points Chivalry Both Versions: 1.5 Ghbsys Points Counter Strike CS GO: 4 Ghbsys Points Counter Strike Source: 8 Ghbsys Points Days Of Defeat: 4 Ghbsys Points Team Fortatress 2: 4 Ghbsys Points Source Bundle: 4 Ghbsys Points How to send points to other Members: 1. Go to Economy Dashboard 2. Select "send to member" 3.Rest is self explanatory. Use this system to send members "tips" if you liked what they posted What could happen if you spam to earn points: 1. You will receive warnings points depending on the servility of the spams 2. You will lose access to posts in the forums for certain amount of time 3. You will lose points accordingly ABUSE OF THIS SYSTEM WILL LEAD TO THE REMOVAL OF YOUR ACCOUNTS ACCESS TO THE POINT SYSTEM How to check how many points you have: or you can look at any exists post of yours and see the points underneath your profile. Please leave your thoughts/feedback on this system in this thread. We are open to hearing your thoughts and opinions on the subject and what do you think about the point system in general.
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    I've been using GHBSys for the better part of a year now and considering the average CA player isn't very intellectual, I'd say I felt needed here at times even tho I was not a staff, responding to all the moronic questions by people whom never read a single notice. On that regards, the past few months have been absolute garbage, the cheat for Combat Arms was completely unusable and the staff's relay of messages back to PAYING customers was horrendous at best. It made me realize the majority of the staff working here are completely incompetent apart from being able to code a few strings. It also got my attention that in the midst of all this, rather than actually communicating with your customers, you decided to upgrade the website into something that is even more of a clusterfuck than the old place was. I paid for a month's VIP in July or August, which I've done every month the past year, out of that month I was able to play exactly 0 days, and now my VIP has expires and I still have been able to play exactly 0 days. Normally I let such slide because I felt sorry for the seemingly mentally challenged staff here, but adding up the extreme preposterous lack of feedback to your members the past few months, and the fact that I've been able to enjoy exactly 0 days of my VIP I have decided to actually write a review, which, considering the lack of intelligence amongst the staff (not to mention users) here, will probably be met by butthurt rage equivalent of that of a 12 years old. Also, I will go to my Bank first coming monday and do a complete chargeback of every month I've paid to GHBSys due to the poor quality of the staff and the cheat the past month, as well as me being able to play 0 days, my money is not given away for free. So expect to forcefully be deducted approximately 80-100 euro sometime next week.
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    Hi bangbroz, First of all thanks for leaving your review, About Website updates and Hacks, they do not stand in any relation to each other, every Coder here on GHB is handling his own Hacks and is responsible for them, if it comes to the Server, Loader, Website then its actually my part to take care of, this actually has nothing to do with Hacks working or not working and did never influence the Coders work an their Hacks, they had actually no work to do (on Forum Part) while upgrading Forums. Also Reasons why we did this Forum upgrade is cause the old one had no Support anymore from invisionpower inc, other Reasons: Security updates, general new features, and "read the fucking news post".... Lets get to the next Point, you had no Time to play or enjoy your VIP-Time? we are aware that CA Hacks are not working fulltime or some users cant even use it, but we also offer and give VIP-Extensions for all those who cant use their Hacks or got problems using them. So if you dont got any Extensions of your VIP-Time, i need to assume that there was "poor communication" beetwen you and our Staff, or you just never got to the right Person, else you would have received your Extensions. Another point is that even if an VIP Supporter might not be able to Help you, then an admin maybe is, did your help request ever reach any? and with any i mean Usman!, or was it "poor communication" again? It also seems that you missed the fact that: if a User wants a chargeback then he has to ask ME for it, if you actually going to chargeback using your creditcard or bank company, i am actually going to ban your account, guid, and paypal mail so you can never buy again on GHB, this happend to everyone who did not ask for chargebacks and just did it on his own! I actually never refused a Chargeback to an user who kindly asked me... However you decide to go your way, have a nice day.
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    Welcome back everyone to next Generation of the GHB Forum. However, the Upgrade Process is not finished yet, especially for VIP-Members! We have built in a new VIP Store/Shop (Click Me to view Store) That actually means that all current active VIP-Members belong to the old Subscriptions Payment System that we used and are not compatible with the new System, if you have VIP now you dont need to worry, nothing changes for you, we will handle the convert for you. If you bought VIP during last week and didn't receive it or lost it again, please make a new Support Request Here and an admin will resolve your issue. Support LINK : Here is a quick Changelog of our Changes/Updates (will be edited further to add Links and Descriptions to some Features): Forums (Portal, Chatbox, Clubs, Postreactions, Theme) This means new Login System USE DISPLAYNAME FOR LOGIN ON FORUM OR LOADER OR GUIDTECH Splash Page ( GuidTech WebPanel updated to be compatible with new Forum ( New Payment Method / Store. Added Bitcoin finally! PSC will be back soon. Donation Widget New Community Economy Mentions - using @ to mention a user. Forum Structure change. Bug Reporting Section / Reward. Discord Integration / Teamspeak integration - Integrate Site Ranks In Discord as well as LOGIN using discord. AIO (all in one support thread) Lists all solution to known issues. All Members being able to update and upload a "Cover Photo" There are still a few bugs and issues, but they will be fixed shortly. -Your GHB Team-
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    Welcome, if you wanna use our V.I.P or Public hacks make sure to download our Loader which includes all the Hacks based on your Subscription. ~ Download the Loader : ~ Extract the Download: welikeifusersreadtheinstructions ~ Rename the Files: x64-ghbLoader_RENAME_ME_PLS.exe < For all the Curent Games x86-ghbLoader_RENAME_ME_PLS.exe < New Games (currently not needed, still in testingphase)' You can Rename the files as you wish, like it could be named "iqhbnaskjdnkajsndsa.exe" and still would work fine. ONLY NEEDED FOR COMBAT ARMS Press on "Reveeal Hidden Content" ~ Turn off Firewall & Antivirus or make a rule in your Antiviurs or your loader will be deleted by it. If you get an error like "missing imports... .dll or anything like that" Make sure to download all those files and place them here 'C:\Windows\System32',0301-2158.html . ~ Turn off UAC Click Start - type UAC -Drag down the slider to "never notify" ~ Turn off DEP Start - type CMD - Open as admin - type in: bcdedit.exe /set {current} nx AlwaysOff - Enter - Restart your PC **Not Needed if you use CS:GO** Start the renamed file & Login as you would login into the Forum.
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    If you're unable to understand this tutorial, you can reference from the old from by following this link.
  29. 1 point
    +REP. Would be nice if you separated Instructions based ON [GAME] @K3K with a spoiler tag!
  30. 1 point
    Excited about the new changes to the forum.
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    Today we are going to introduce a new event hopefully most of you will enjoy participating in. It's easy and simple however, you will have to be in our discord group which will be linked below. You can only participate in this Event by joining our DISCORD-Channel! This thread only shows off the rules. Join our: Discord Channel Event Information and Reward Duration: This event will start Automatically on Friday 18 PM CET. Ends: This event will end Automatically on Sunday 18 PM CET. Winner: The winner will be randomly picked by our bot. Reward: The randomly picked winner will receive 1 week VIP + Special User Group () Rules and Punishment Information There are a couple of rules every participate must know and follow. 1. Multiple Entries are NOT ALLOWED If found punishment will result in a ban from future lottery event, and we will find out 2.When participating you MUST write your username in the Event thread that will be posted 3. Spamming in lottery channel is not allowed. Only 1 thing will be posted by the participate and that is the command to enter the lottery. All questions must remain in public channel OR in the thread. Commands you must know: m.lottery enter OR m.lottery join Hopefully, this will stick as our permanent Discord Event. More events will be introduced in the future to reward users who are active in the community.
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    Pricing: 1 month subscription - 12 BUY NOW Works on: Windows 7 32/64bit Windows 8 Windows 8.1 Windows 10 Features: ESP / Chams Name/Health/Distance/etc xFrame FullBright Glass Walls Crosshair No-World 2D Radar See Ghosts Bullshit Aimbot Kill anyone almost instantly! Aim Near - Crosshair/Distance Bone Target AimKey Visibility Check Smooth Aim Aim Box - FOV Alternative Quick Defuse No Spread & No Recoil - Percentage Adjustable Fast Walk - Sanic Fast No Fall Damage - Screw Gravity & More! Screens:
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    Updated. Screenshot will be uploaded in a few
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    Blackshot MultiHack Download ~NotAllowed~
  36. 1 point



    Here is TMNF Lart'Hax v1 See
  37. 1 point
    Change Log: 11/8/2015 -Aimbot fixed -Charms added -"There is no more server log. Server log bans are gms banning people manually so be more discrete about how you play and your aimbot settings as well. " = VENOM
  38. 1 point
    Note: REMEMBER TO OPEN GAME FIRST AND THEN INJECT Pricing: 1 month subscription - 10 1 month subscription of Source Package(Includes all Source Games supported by GHB) - 20 BUY NOW Works on: Windows 7 32/64bit Windows 8 Windows 8.1 Windows 10 Features: Aimbot: - Hitbox - Hitscan - Smooth Aim - FOV - Aimkey - AutoShoot - Silent Aim - Crouch - AutoWall - Prediction ESP: - Name - Box - Health - Object - Skeleton - Hitbox Visuals: - Crosshair Removals: Misc: - Bunnyhop Screens:
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    Updatd to latest. WB and also gz M0RPH. Edit: fixed some mistakes. Forgot to remove M0RPH from retired staff. NOTE: my grammar might be bad, i am on phone atm. Edit 2: Added Killbyme to retired staff. Edit 3: Added ILikePudding to GMod.
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    Updated, added Shaddix to administrator list. Congratulations!
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    Hi folks! My cascading style sheets tutorial. CSS stands for: Cascading Style Sheets This means, that you can control the layout and fonts of ALL selected HTML documents with 1 single document! Step 1: Create a file, called styles.css Step 2: In all HTML documents you have, add between the <head> </head> tags: <link href="styles.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css"> Step 3: In the styles.css, you can declare variables. You do this, with . Example: If I want to make a specific thing a specific color, I give it in the HTML document the CLASS tag. ex: <div id="blablabla" style="style1" />: I create the variable "styles1" in my styles.css .style1 { background-color: #00B4B4; } What you can see, is that I set the background-color to 00B4B4. What this color means, is a HTML color description. Calculate colors here (The background color of the document changes:) Now, if I want to set the style for a standard HTML object, like <tr> (A simple table row), I do: tr { background-color: #FFFFFF; } You can also have custom mouse arrows! cursor:url([ http://blablabla/bullsh**/image1.gif ]); Add this to the css :-) You can make mouseovers with: a:hover { font-size: 16pt; font-family: Verdana; font-color: blue; } Yes yes, you can also have normal words for colors:) but Hexadecimal colorcodes are much more practical (#000000) These are just a few options of the giant CSS language, more will be added soon! Enjoy ICQ: 306-354-502 MSN: [email protected] SKYPE: Fabinator4444
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    @ultra can do it but you might need to talk to him and gift him a copy of the game for him to hack it
  46. 0 points

    Version 7.2


    You need this for CA hacks
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    Snyp3rEli7E#4162 Good Luck To Everyone !
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    Congrats Snyper for winning the lottery event. We probably won't have another!