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  1. selamın aleykum baskan zula hılesı bı daha yokmu yoksa geerı gelıcekmı bılgı verırmısın kapalı suan gorukuyor

  2. Interesting, i didn't know this is going to happen to CA but i can't wait to see how well we will screw them or how hard. Only time will tell.
  3. There is no "statement" about discord. The preeminence of discord is for LIVE support. If you want support, you HAVE to make a thread on the forum OR you can join DISCORD for LIVE SUPPORT IE: If you're online and want to solve your issue right away you can check if there is a staff member online to help you.. That's how everything has been and will be, make a thread for support, period. We do not REQUIRE discord for support, to reiterate, its there for your own convince you can chose not to download and use it. In any case, thanks for your feedback, we'll look to improve based on your suggestions and everything you've said has been noted. The only thing that can't change is the prices on the cheats. That's there for the coders to decide.
  4. I think the others covered most of your thread. I'm still a bit lost here, i know you haven't dealt with ultra, so that leaves me. I like your thread, i like the constructive criticism in the thread you stated based on your experience using the cheats. As for this statement, which is completely false and i don't understand how you came to this conclusion after i sorted out all your issues personally and even offered to give you FREE access to another cheat during the time your hacks weren't working based on your own request. So, i would like you to elaborate on this matter and explain and show me evidence of me treating you incorrectly or in any way you stated, because for myself i do have my discord conversation logs and i don't see anything of that sort being said there. And if you say i was being rude in the shoutbox, it clearly says "NO SUPPORT REQUESTS, PLEASE MAKE A THREAD OR JOIN DISCORD FOR LIVE SUPPORT" that goes for everyone, not just regular members. I'll be waiting for your response. -GHB Admin Usman
  5. We want a half life cheats

    @ultra can do it but you might need to talk to him and gift him a copy of the game for him to hack it
  6. سلام این برنامه مشکل داره همش این خطا رو به من میده.
    مشکل از کجاست ؟
    لطفا کمک کنید.


    1. mateo_1998


      Hi, this program has a problem. All this gives me the error.
      where is the problem from ?
      please help.

  7. Payment Issue

    UPDATE: Payment Issue should be resolved. If you still have any issues the same steps above apply.
  8. Login Failed ? (ENROR)

    You should have been fine after posting this thread.
  9. Payment Issue

    UPDATE: Payment Issue should be resolved. If you still have any issues the same steps below apply. Dear Users, A handful of you are experiencing some payment issues. If anyone experiences any payment issues please make a Support Ticket Here : All information you will provide will only be seen by an ADMIN. So please provide the following information; Transaction ID or Receipt ID. THAT'S IT. Its really simple and easy and your issue will be resolved within a day. We apologize for the incontinence and we will work on resolving this issue as soon as possible and we appreciate the cooperation. -Ghbsys Staff
  10. whats go on whit the V.I.P  combat arms i need it. sice yesterday i cant play whats is going on ?



  11. hi can you explain to me how ghostimbot work it only work if you are close whit the enemy


  12. whats go on whit the V.I.P  combat arms i need it sice yesterday i cant play whats is going on ?

  13. ther is still a combat arms lvl bot?

    Hi @nztuser Yeah, the method still exists (the bot itself) but its no longer a leveling bot. What nexon did to stop us is for them to remove the XP drop and actually give xp passes now (30% 100%) etc so there is no point of having that bot anymore since it won't level or do anything but get you passes for 5 runs or so. For that reason there is no level bot that we used to have.
  14. combatarms moving to diff company so guessing our vip will be extended?

  15. Other than computer/video games

    I like football, so i watch it and play it from time to time