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  1. asdaasdaa

    1. Erderde1
    2. Erderde1


      SADJHASGDASJDHGASThjklssusydssd D:dD:d:s:sç:sdçgASDdadasdabir

    3. Simse

    Server connection ended error.. how can i fix it?

  3. Combat Arms Public Hack

    you have to use the USB Method for the public also or you will get kicked with fake ban so use the usb method
  4. FOV Is Locked To, Two numbers.

    it will be fixed soon
  5. MetroRP Mission - DisOwned



    not for here just for friends to look at
  6. Combat arms probleme

    i dont know whats wrong it shouldnt be that nothing is new just the features are old ones i added back idk ill look into it tho
  7. Combat arms probleme

    looks to be a problem with eather your game or your pc is very very low end and cant handle anymore strain the game already causes
  8. Detected

    i released a hot fix 3 seconds ago post back if it works
  9. CA Catching Up?

    its because they banned people that ever got the fake ban msg if you ever got it they just now today started handing out bans for the fake ban msg
  10. "Free" VIP

    you havent been around long have you the reason it has a auto spammer is to attract users its been a common pratice for ages since vip sites have been a thing also why should it matter to you why does it affect you you bought the hacks if you want to leave for some shitty br site be my guest but you will no longer be welcome here so when that site dies and ghb is still here you will no longer be buying hacks from here good day sir and it was nice having you -edit- also if you think im being to mean your trying to throw a fit because i released free vip with a auto spammer for the weekend ive done it multiple times but you choose to cry now you are a nice guy and all but i dont take cry babys seriously it doesnt affect you in any way so why should you care its the peoples choice if they want to use it or not and im sorry you have to leave for it but the door is right there if you want to leave for somthing that didnt affect you then go ahead but a fair warning is ghb will always be here that other site will not just friendly advice
  11. Rejection Spree

    closed due to pointless topic if you got rejected it was for a reason thats it no reason to open threads to see if anyone answers

    if you want to share a hack use are download rules if you post a link like this again this is your last warning next time ill ban you
  13. UWH v1.1 [Wolfteam Hack]

    external links not allowed this is your first warning go by the rules or next time you break it ill ban you
  14. @Ultra

    why would one need a skin changer mate your making a big fuss for a feature that no one can see just your self ultra has a life this isnt are full time job you know so you should probley stop throwing fits over a usless piece of trash feature like skin changer
  15. Anyone know what happened to MVhacks?

    snyper will be doing crossfire and some others ill still be doing combat arms