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    Combat Arms VIP

    By Usman,



    To all those people who have bought our Combat Arms VIP Subscriptions,


    The long wait is over, our hacks:

    -> Combat Arms VIP

    -> Combat Arms VIP+Bot

    Combat Arms Standalone Bot [Never Was Down[


    Are back online! Some features were removed in order to do further testing.

    We will keep you updated and add those features back as soon as

    we think its safe to do so. It won't take that long! Happy hacking

    -GHB Team

    COMBAT ARMS Level Bot - CIC5 in 20 Days!

    By Max151515I,





    Dear GHBSYS'ers



    today is a day, where we want to announce something great! Our own Level Bot for Combat Arms will be released on 24th FEBRUARY. This revolutionary Bot will make it able to get 40.000 EXP or even more, in just one hour. 1 HOUR! It's fully automatic and thanks to a mix of our greatest hacks combined with the intelligent Bot-Mechanic you can simply start the Bot and go sleep, eat, outside, play on your console, fap... whatever you want. The Bot will do the work for you.



    The Bot has many functions which any other Bot doesn't have. Thanks to this, the game doesn't even finish faster compared to any other Bot you can buy, no, all EXP-Rewards will also automatically get opened for you. Imagine, after 8h of sleeping, you want to open 500 EXP Rewards? This can take forever. With the Bot, it takes seconds. And you can get back into the game and keep botting... or enjoy your new High-Rank Account in the game.






    • ► Fully automatic Bot-Software
    • Using the power of the best Hacks by GHBSYS
    • Possible Payment-Option to buy Full VIP-Hack too
    • Safe and secure
    • ► Bot speeds up time, so don't be confused.
    • Automatic opening of EXP-Rewards
    • ► Go on your Desktop and enjoy YouTube icon_wink.gif





    ScreenShot + Video (25th February)






    Auto-Open Rewards










    To use the Bot, prepare yourself with Silver Singleplayer Tickets (Shop>Premium) and buy a shitload of them (15 Stack = 44k GP).

    Open a Singleplayer Room(Death Room, 20 Kills Extreme) and in the Lobby, activate all options! Don't forget to activate your Tickets in the left Corner of the Lobby-Menu! The Bot will start the game for you. Lay back and wait for the EXP to fall from the sky.


    Do not Alt+Tab in Game! You can run the game in Windowed Mode instead.


    EDIT: You inject both versions the same way, use the FLASH DRIVE METHOD. Insert your flash drive, run our loader, take out the flash drive. Stream the hacks and then start Combat arms and you'll be good to go. Press insert for the MENU.


    By Max151515I,

    Dear GHBSYS-Users,


    as we have promised once that 2017 going to be an awesome year, here

    we got some news for you, which will sure impress and make you happy.





    CrossFire Release

    We got some news for you and all who used to be customers at

    Snyp3r is re-releasing his CrossFire NA Hacks!

    Before you ask: An EU Release wont happen.








    Line of Sight Plans

    If you thought, these are great news, then we got some more for you. You might have heard

    of the game "Line of Sight", which once used to be the next "Combat Arms". Well, NEXON gave

    it to another Game Development Company, and they made it a Pay2Play Game... which didn't

    work so well. Now it's Free2Play but the new Cheat-Protection is a headache for many coders in

    this world... see, I said "much", not all. Our new Coder, Willi35, has found a solution to get around

    their Anti-Cheat System, and we will be the next and currently only one releasing a hack for it!

    Very soon!


    This is pretty much all we can yet tell about the status, but we will let you know when we will achieve

    new goals and whenever you can get the hack. Prepare your guns.


    KC7YDy7.pngTo Be Announced

    ZULA Europe BETA Release

    And we are not yet done with the great news. ZULA Europe, a small new FPS-Game on Steam,

    is now getting hacked by us too. Thanks again to WIlli35 we are working on a new VIP-Hack for

    this game. Right now, you can use the Pre-Release Version FOR FREE! Next week, when more features

    will come, you can pre-buy the BETA Version for a small amount of money to save BIG!

    The release of Version 1.0 is set to early March.



    fSwlEeV.pngFinal Version: EARLY MARCH





    WarRock VIP-Release

    Important to know for all current PUBLIC Users! We will split the WarRock EU Hack into

    two versions! You will still be able to run a public cheat, but it will have fewer functions

    soon. To gather the full power you can order the WarRock EU Hack for cheap 7€ next week.

    BUT BEFORE this is going to happen, you can win Free-VIP Access in the current Event,

    just for WarRock Users! Check this Thread:



    fCo7OPg.pngSunday, 26th February






    Coming GHBSYS Events

    For whoever doesn't want to pay money for hacks, whatever reason you have, there are

    coming even better times for you. We are announcing our new, weekly, GHB-Lottery Event.

    This means, you can win every Sunday one Week FREE VIP, for exactly one week...

    and the price contains ALL cheats we provide.

    Ain't that good news?


    Check the GHB-Lottery Event Thread here:





    Staff Introduction

    As in every small or big company, there are staffs coming and going.

    GHBSYS wouldn't exist without the great work of our volunteering staffs.

    They are supporting each and every one of you, moderating the forum and

    helping us, the Coders and Admins, in any way then can. Together, we have

    made GHBSYS great and valuable again.


    We are not missing any chance to introduce all the staff, who came to GHBSYS

    in the last few months. But as always, you can find a full list of everyone who is

    spending his time at GHBSYS as staff here:

    h7lSr.png Willi35


    A lost soul, found in some dark places, got rescued to now have a new home at GHBSYS.

    Together, we will bring some heads to roll. Besides his WarRock, ZULA and Line of Sights hacks,

    he is planning even more. So be excited.






    Used to work for us since November, but we are not missing the chance to welcome him once again.

    Whenever you got a problem, deddog is there to help you. He proved to be a good, active and kind

    staff, who you always can cotact with any problems.




    Future Local-Moderator, who is now proving to fit in this position as VIP-Supporter. So spam him with any

    concerns you got. He will, I hope, do his best to support you in any way he can. Welcome as our newst

    Staff-Member to the team.











    We wish you a great February, and a lot of fun with our current and coming

    project. Stay fresh and nice,