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  1. Today
  2. Kodie124

    how to improve

    I think ghb can be improved more by selling weekly hacks or two week hacks for 5$ and correcting the amout of member points so we can under stand it better. it say i have 21$ worth of member points and vip is 10$ i go to buy it and i realize i dont have said amout. i wish to fix this.
  3. Kodie124

    Thanking ghb

    as an old vip member from ghb it give a whole nother expieriance when hacking. the hacks are obviously made for you to make the game easier (for you) even tho this isnt the best hacks you can get they still help out alot and they are fun to troll people with. i thank ghb for making this website.
  4. Kodie124

    Tips to seem legit

    if you want to seem legit and still want to have an edge? try just using ghost aim without chams. it has helped me before. i just dont record my gameplay. but with this u will not know were everyone is but still having an edge enjoy.
  5. Kodie124


    Hello i am kodie i play alot of ca i get bored of it sometimes. i have coded my own hacks before i am intelgent and i wish to help out ghb commuinty to strive for more sales and people.
  6. Yesterday
  7. Last week
  8. boss 

    Bu sayfa çalışmıyor sizi çok fazla kez yönlendirdi.

    like this dont work
  9. Συγγνώμη yyou can μπορεί να με βοηθήσει pls

    i shop vi p και dont δουλεύω ματιά MENO και DONT WORK


  10. boss why are you dont help as ....!!!!

  11. Kodie124

    Forum currency


    i can not buy paypal problem help turkey is dont work paypal kredi card  add



  14. Sakura

    M4A1 CQBR Devgru

    Couldn't tell you for certain, I never play Classic. When Reloaded and Classic were in the same hack in VIP it didn't have a weapon spoofer for Classic.
  15. mercyham

    Combat Arms Reloaded

    Wow by looking at the screenshot i realized that you were already there smh
  16. mercyham


    Please clarify then.
  17. serdar567


  18. mercyham

    M4A1 CQBR Devgru

    what about in classic does it work?
  19. mercyham


    He wants other payment methods because there's no Paypal in Turkey right?
  20. serdar567


    paypal is not workıng tukey thats why please do card site
  21. serdar567


    paypal is proplem card do site please
  22. Sakura

    M4A1 CQBR Devgru

    It's already in the spoofer, the weapon itself though is broken since the reloaded update as the textures are entirely missing and will fill your entire screen with a white image.
  23. mercyham

    M4A1 CQBR Devgru

    Its an unreleased weapon, i was wondering if its in the spoofer already and if not is it possible to add it. Wiki page:
  24. mercyham

    Combat Arms Reloaded

    Just click connect
  25. mercyham

    Combat Arms Reloaded

    you'll find invitation link on main page
  26. ijazzy

    Combat Arms Reloaded

    What's the discord?
  27. mercyham

    Combat Arms Reloaded

    sorry don't know, but ask on discord you'll get an answer faster
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