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  1. " X Login Failed.
    Returned Error: 'Unauthorized GUID Key or Wrong UserAccount.
    ( Your GUID is already in use by 'golan111'.)'.

    please help me i can relog in my vip account

  2. how to download hack help?


  3. Hello everyone, In Order to be GDPR conform we had to update our TOS and add a new Point on it: (can be read here: Kind Regards Your GHB Team
  4. Returned Error: Unauthorized GUID Key or wrong UserAccount. HWID reset pls please help me

  5. Do you work?Combatarms  EUROPA I want to buy an account Vip

  6. هل تعمل؟ Combatarms EUROPA 

  7. please come back and make the combat arms hacks good again :(

    1. Cita84


      interesting :bday2:


  9. does combatarm,s public hack not work?


  10. Thanks for not giving up.:twiddleonesthumbs:

  11. why do i keep getting this error code (2F173/H) while trying to download the client? i paid for VIP and i cant get that hacks for combat arms.


    vip but i could not help you i will tell you how i will have Turkey help TR money paypal 7 euro

  13. selamın aleykum Ait shurtcut nedir G ame H ack B astards? (= GHB - "GHB" Tamam mı?)  kayıt olurken ben bu soruya ne cevap verıcem bılmıyorum yardımcı olursanız sevırınım zula hıleyı yapamdım burda bı yardımcı olursanız sevırıım


  14. NeoIII

    Chargeback and poor communication

    Hi bangbroz, First of all thanks for leaving your review, About Website updates and Hacks, they do not stand in any relation to each other, every Coder here on GHB is handling his own Hacks and is responsible for them, if it comes to the Server, Loader, Website then its actually my part to take care of, this actually has nothing to do with Hacks working or not working and did never influence the Coders work an their Hacks, they had actually no work to do (on Forum Part) while upgrading Forums. Also Reasons why we did this Forum upgrade is cause the old one had no Support anymore from invisionpower inc, other Reasons: Security updates, general new features, and "read the fucking news post".... Lets get to the next Point, you had no Time to play or enjoy your VIP-Time? we are aware that CA Hacks are not working fulltime or some users cant even use it, but we also offer and give VIP-Extensions for all those who cant use their Hacks or got problems using them. So if you dont got any Extensions of your VIP-Time, i need to assume that there was "poor communication" beetwen you and our Staff, or you just never got to the right Person, else you would have received your Extensions. Another point is that even if an VIP Supporter might not be able to Help you, then an admin maybe is, did your help request ever reach any? and with any i mean Usman!, or was it "poor communication" again? It also seems that you missed the fact that: if a User wants a chargeback then he has to ask ME for it, if you actually going to chargeback using your creditcard or bank company, i am actually going to ban your account, guid, and paypal mail so you can never buy again on GHB, this happend to everyone who did not ask for chargebacks and just did it on his own! I actually never refused a Chargeback to an user who kindly asked me... However you decide to go your way, have a nice day.
  15. NeoIII

    Forum Updates

    Welcome back everyone to next Generation of the GHB Forum. However, the Upgrade Process is not finished yet, especially for VIP-Members! We have built in a new VIP Store/Shop (Click Me to view Store) That actually means that all current active VIP-Members belong to the old Subscriptions Payment System that we used and are not compatible with the new System, if you have VIP now you dont need to worry, nothing changes for you, we will handle the convert for you. If you bought VIP during last week and didn't receive it or lost it again, please make a new Support Request Here and an admin will resolve your issue. Support LINK : Here is a quick Changelog of our Changes/Updates (will be edited further to add Links and Descriptions to some Features): Forums (Portal, Chatbox, Clubs, Postreactions, Theme) This means new Login System USE DISPLAYNAME FOR LOGIN ON FORUM OR LOADER OR GUIDTECH Splash Page ( GuidTech WebPanel updated to be compatible with new Forum ( New Payment Method / Store. Added Bitcoin finally! PSC will be back soon. Donation Widget New Community Economy Mentions - using @ to mention a user. Forum Structure change. Bug Reporting Section / Reward. Discord Integration / Teamspeak integration - Integrate Site Ranks In Discord as well as LOGIN using discord. AIO (all in one support thread) Lists all solution to known issues. All Members being able to update and upload a "Cover Photo" There are still a few bugs and issues, but they will be fixed shortly. -Your GHB Team-