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  1. NeoIII

    [FunTool] The MatriX

    Hello, here is my Funtool Download: if you use ScreenMatrix.exe you can stop it with 'END' Key. German: Wenn ihr ScreenMatrix.exe benutzt könnt ihr es mit END Taste beenden.
  2. Hello everyone, In Order to be GDPR conform we had to update our TOS and add a new Point on it: (can be read here: Kind Regards Your GHB Team
  3. NeoIII

    Chargeback and poor communication

    Hi bangbroz, First of all thanks for leaving your review, About Website updates and Hacks, they do not stand in any relation to each other, every Coder here on GHB is handling his own Hacks and is responsible for them, if it comes to the Server, Loader, Website then its actually my part to take care of, this actually has nothing to do with Hacks working or not working and did never influence the Coders work an their Hacks, they had actually no work to do (on Forum Part) while upgrading Forums. Also Reasons why we did this Forum upgrade is cause the old one had no Support anymore from invisionpower inc, other Reasons: Security updates, general new features, and "read the fucking news post".... Lets get to the next Point, you had no Time to play or enjoy your VIP-Time? we are aware that CA Hacks are not working fulltime or some users cant even use it, but we also offer and give VIP-Extensions for all those who cant use their Hacks or got problems using them. So if you dont got any Extensions of your VIP-Time, i need to assume that there was "poor communication" beetwen you and our Staff, or you just never got to the right Person, else you would have received your Extensions. Another point is that even if an VIP Supporter might not be able to Help you, then an admin maybe is, did your help request ever reach any? and with any i mean Usman!, or was it "poor communication" again? It also seems that you missed the fact that: if a User wants a chargeback then he has to ask ME for it, if you actually going to chargeback using your creditcard or bank company, i am actually going to ban your account, guid, and paypal mail so you can never buy again on GHB, this happend to everyone who did not ask for chargebacks and just did it on his own! I actually never refused a Chargeback to an user who kindly asked me... However you decide to go your way, have a nice day.
  4. NeoIII

    Loader C01 Error - File Corrupt

    Hello GHB, Sorry for the problems, i have updated the Loader and fixed the C01 Issue, to get started again please redownload the Loader from It will automatically Update to the newest fixed version after execution. Yours NeoIII
  5. NeoIII

    Forum Updates

    Welcome back everyone to next Generation of the GHB Forum. However, the Upgrade Process is not finished yet, especially for VIP-Members! We have built in a new VIP Store/Shop (Click Me to view Store) That actually means that all current active VIP-Members belong to the old Subscriptions Payment System that we used and are not compatible with the new System, if you have VIP now you dont need to worry, nothing changes for you, we will handle the convert for you. If you bought VIP during last week and didn't receive it or lost it again, please make a new Support Request Here and an admin will resolve your issue. Support LINK : Here is a quick Changelog of our Changes/Updates (will be edited further to add Links and Descriptions to some Features): Forums (Portal, Chatbox, Clubs, Postreactions, Theme) This means new Login System USE DISPLAYNAME FOR LOGIN ON FORUM OR LOADER OR GUIDTECH Splash Page ( GuidTech WebPanel updated to be compatible with new Forum ( New Payment Method / Store. Added Bitcoin finally! PSC will be back soon. Donation Widget New Community Economy Mentions - using @ to mention a user. Forum Structure change. Bug Reporting Section / Reward. Discord Integration / Teamspeak integration - Integrate Site Ranks In Discord as well as LOGIN using discord. AIO (all in one support thread) Lists all solution to known issues. All Members being able to update and upload a "Cover Photo" There are still a few bugs and issues, but they will be fixed shortly. -Your GHB Team-
  6. Version 1.1


    File Info: ( only the newest release ) Screen: SHA256: c3b5a34822089aae28fd7eff0c92dfec2eeeb6b51b882fb880b7122cca8705d6 SHA1: c1c666d74ef96501e600f112e2a4cde3ea9e837d MD5: 91aec6f1d062d795e8ca8866589ffbfd File size: 1.1 MB ( 1169920 bytes ) File name: GHB-Official-Injector.exe
  7. NeoIII




  8. NeoIII




    lets test a file
  9. NeoIII

    Paid with paypal

    that payment has been reversed, be happy that im to lazy to ban you.
  10. NeoIII

    Xorgen String Converter

    This is basically the same as: just in c++ the original xorgen.html is developed by i extendet all Ascii control sequences to it. Creditz: Ico by Bigxxx for what you can use this? You can encrypt strings and hide them in c++ applications ( works only with xorgen.h, i will not host this file! ) ChangeLog: You can now live view (500ms) the ClipBoard content. You can now activate HotKey Support mark some text in any application or textfile press CTRl+C to copy and it will be automatically converted to Xorgen you only have to press CTR+V to paste the encrypted string, if you have ( c++ like ) strings in form of "text" you can set the converter to autoremove the quotes on beginn and end of the string! its not fully bugfree there are still some bugs sometimes your paste content stay empty or the string failed @ encryption it will result in your original string or just nothing. XorgenConverter.rar
  11. NeoIII

    GHB Staff Overview

    The owner of the full Forum, who manages the entire Forum with his Administrators. Acting as Full Forum Admins and help to manage the entire Forum. Usman™ @ultra @ZeaS (Inactive) SuperModerators who watch the entire Forum for rule breakers, spammers... Leading the Staff-Team and act as Head-Moderator [member=starglitcher] (mainly Discord) Coding hacks for our website. [member=VEN0M] [member=Snyp3r] [member=Willi35] Moderators who watch out for rule breakers, spam, ... in their specific section. Support VIP-Members who require help. Retired Admins People who used to be an administrator. @Maxn @Sepehr @Stefan @Vulcanraven @Thunder @ShaddiX @Kvn'X @ShadowEternal People who used to be a staff member. @akademiks @.baddy @Efah I.I.I @K1ller @MCCCXXXVII @soηηy @USERKILLER [member=TheSyntaX] @Vulcanraven @CHiKA @Golden. @paTTax @Networckz @Cure @Krypto @Elektra @Colection @killbyme @ILikePudding @K3K @M0RPH @HardCoreX1337 @Rikudou [member=Dr.Weed @ High Life] [member=-GriMz_] Killha™ Genius people who got promoted to SpecialMember by any Admin/H-Mod. @Basti @bobi @Fatzebock @gAvaSTAR* @Gordon` @Hans211 @martin @Rebell @s0beit @tim0n @Sirius @silex @manhattantransfer ---------------------------------------------------------------- First idea by: [Jul 18 2009]
  12. NeoIII

    Buy this Forum

    100k lol, get a better offer next time.
  13. NeoIII

    "Free" VIP

    i removed your screen cause i was still able to see who you paid to. ofcourse we use the free vip event to advertise our hacks, forcing the user to use the spammer or not is actually the coder's choice. by the way, does paying 200 usd get you that much better hacks? and they are still not for free..., so i cant see why "Bad advertising methods" are the reason for leaving. anyway you are free todo whatever you like.
  14. NeoIII

    Its my birthday !

    but dont forget before happy birthday
  15. NeoIII

    Vip status endert sich nicht

    transaction is marked as not complete
  16. NeoIII

    Still not VIP

    Thanks for contacting us with the Problem, i checked your payment and setted up your VIP Transaction, Time starting Today! have fun
  17. NeoIII

    Wieder Probleme mit Loader

    nun ich weiss warum das so aussieht aber nicht wie es zu dem problem kommen konnte. das problem ist das du in deiner haupt foren gruppe zwar VIP bist jedoch in der SUB-Gruppe KEINE zugewiesen hast, also keine spielbezpgene vip gruppe also würdest du kein vip haben... ------ nach kurzem check deines vip status siehts so aus als ist dein vip am 8.Sept abgelfaufen. kannst du denn erklären was am csgo cheat nicht ging um deine vip-tage erweiterung zu rechtfertigen? IN ENGLISH, SHORT VERSION: ( note for staff ) VIP ran out and the script seems to only removed the sub-groups but not the main group, thats why loader login works but no hack is on the list. j4ck said on his first post that the csgo cheat was not working correct and asked for an extension, ultra should clear if he deserves one or not.
  18. NeoIII

    New GHB - Loader

    We Present our new Loader: Download: It has some new features like reporting/feedback system, the core code has been redone, and we tryed to detect more network and injection problems and give the correct error message instead of just crashes. But as every new Software also the new Loader has some Bugs/Issues: #1 Does not Startup ( but still runs in background as you can see on TaskManager, doesnt let you close it ) -> Restart Computer -> rename loader -> place into desktop until Bug Fixed. #2 Windows 10 Injection fail on some users. ----------------------------------------- Solved #1 :: Bug #1 actually only appears with Avast - Antivirus, it seems to fail running the loader in auto Sandbox, just make an exception or disable it for injection time ( 10 mins ) ============================ About The Hacks: All of our Coders have to Update their Hacks to work with the new Loader, please be patient until they are done. We will Extend your Lost time until Hacks are back up working. ============================ If More Problems occur please report them into this thread. ( Please give a detailed problem description, duplicate or incomplete reports get deleted ) Yours NeoIII
  19. NeoIII

    GHBYSY Cleint funktioniert nicht.

    Na das ist wirklich ein spezielles Problem, ich werde mal nachforschungen dazu anstellen und mich in den nächsten tagen sobald ich kann zurückmelden ( möglicherweise per pm ), deine vip zeit wird dir natürlich für die unanehmlichkeiten verlängert.
  20. grundsätzlich die funktionen die du verwenden kannst, public hack ist gratis und hat nur eine limitierte anzahl an funktionen, der vip jedoch hat alle möglichen funktionen, genauer nachzulesen in den jeweiligen hack beschreibungen/funktionslisten noch dazu kommt das der public hack für jeden zugänglich ist und dadurch eine höhere gefahr der detection darstellt ( spiel acc wird gebannt ), das kann aber mit einem vip hack genauso passieren nur das risiko ist geringer.
  21. NeoIII

    Buy VIP with a previously used Paysafecard

    this is an bug since at the time i coded that payment method i was not allowing to only charge the half paysafecard ammount, i added this option later as it got requested. i will fix this in about 10 mins. edit: fixed it.
  22. NeoIII

    ViP Waiting Time..

    i am sorry, you all have to wait until the coder for the I am fatty ROBERTO HAHAHA you bougth manualy approved your paysafecard Codes, we only support auto VIP approvement with paypal. ein schweitzer, ein deutscher und ein österreicher im selben thread
  23. NeoIII

    Happy Holidays

    The COMBAT ARMS ViP has new Functions!+ Bug Fixes For all ViP Members there's now a HWID Sp00fer (Hw-ID Ban Bypass), a fixed flyhack and improved chams. Character Spoofer Has Been added to the Combat Arms VIP Preveiw: BUY ViP NOW --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- VEN0M also makes an special gift for you to X-Mas Combat Arms Public Hack got released, free to use for all. Download it here: Enjoy -Your GhB Team --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The GHB-Team Wishes all Members Happy Holidays.
  24. NeoIII

    Happy New Year 2016

    New Year New Hacks This Will Be Released in 25 to 30 mins