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  1. Hi, i buy vip to combat arms, how i download the vip hack?

  2. My week: 6.30am: stand up 7 am - 3/4 pm: school 4-5pm: homework 5-6.30pm: gym 6.30-7pm: cooking + eating 7-8pm: clean up house and do other stuff + taking shower, reading all those spam posts/threads/pms etc. 9-11/12 pm: learning for the next school day and may if there is any time left a bit relaxation @ the TV ye i'm really sorry that i don't have any time right now to update the hacks, i guess you'll have to spam another few days/weeks w/e. As long as i get those stupid pm's everyday and see those posts i don't see a reason why i should update the hacks. i rarely have any free time atm and i shall update hacks for people that are just ungrateful and annoy me all day long? nop i'm sorry i won't do this have a nice day
  3. Zeas, some Feedbacks/Suggestions

    Thanks for the feedback Lock Target works fine for me, it locks the nearest target ( either by cross or dist ) until you unlock your aimbot e.g. if you Release the middle mouse button or w/e then it will lock another one until you do so or until the enemy dies in combination with smooth aim it doesn't look like you're using an aimbot 2. yea someone else posted that stealth issue, i don't play BFH at all but i looked into it and it always showed "invisbile" when i used the ESP and it was working fine. Not sure why it fails on some players but i would need one of those players to be able to fix but i don't find one ingame lol 3. i'm not sure what you mean by that but if you're using LockTarget it will lock the target you first shoot at until you release the aimkey or when the target died even if the target you're shooting at is outside max-range or > than another enemy it will still lock the one you were first shooting at :S
  4. JellyDream Daydream App

    looks cool, too bad i'm not on Android 4.2 good luck with it greetz
  5. Martin, on what servers do you play? i tried to get the same violation or any other but i simply don't :S i can't reproduce that kick mind joining the IRC ? and write my name "ZeaS" and i'll response
  6. thanks MartijnG finally someone who's posting screens, i'll take a look at it tomorrow : )
  7. HELP!

    weird since i only have "insert" as menu key and none of the others : O
  8. please post the screen of the kick message in the ingame chat
  9. VIP IS NOT SHOWING UP yes, according to the ACP your payment is still pending, please provide some more information
  10. CA Hacks

    feel free to use other site's loaders, aimbot won't be added public topic closed
  11. GHBSYS App

    finde foren app's total schrecklich, browser am handy lieber auf der original seite :s
  12. shoutbox ban

    ich hab dich unbanned, hoffe das es nichtmehr vorkommt sonst bleibst du gebannt mfg
  13. shoutbox ban wenn du nicht lesen kannst, kann ich nichts dafür ich hab gestern alle gebannt die nach hacks gefragen / warum crash etc.
  14. owe you're right i've just seen that there was a mistake in my code, aimbot is always aiming fine for me, even if the target is in a jet or a car. You sure you turned on Predictions / bulletdrop.. ? disable smooth aim and you'll hit for sure i don't play BFH at all but i just looked and it always showed me if someone was in stealth mode, if you want to look legit then stop using hacks i won't look any futher into this, this is a public hack so be happy or use some other