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  1. wilclielr

    What happend to this site?

    Complete agreement
  2. wilclielr

    It is time to give up.

    Ah. Im not leaving GHB. Im just engaging in alternative activities til they get their act together.
  3. wilclielr

    It is time to give up.

    Ultra, I've performed some research into an internet product. Two actually. One is sold by a company named EXCEED. The other is sold by a company called Hughesnet. Both of these products offer a way to get internet into your home or business without using ANY physical wires such as phonelines or CATV cabling. It is a satellite dish reflector that both transmits AND receives digital internet data to a satellite that is actually more than twenty thousand miles away in orbit along the clark belt. I mention this because no one, especially hack coders want prying eyes looking at what they are doing. Think about this..NO phone line or cable line connection means NO traceable ISP or even a way to trace a MAC addy. Satellite internet sucks for gaming because even though the DL speed is fast, the returning upload is slower which will result in latency, or lag, BUT it would give one the ability to remain totally anonymous. Whenever local or federal law enforcement want to see what you've been doing online, the first thing they do is go to your ISP provider with a warrant to get a copy of your activity, which of course ALL ISP providers keep a digital record of everything, EVERY keystroke you perform online. With Sat internet, theres no way to track you. FYI
  4. wilclielr

    It is time to give up.

    I haven't posted in over month. I was once active on the GHB site every day. I really enjoyed to CANA VIP hacks for almost a year. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, NEO has apparently removed His priorities concerning coding hacks for CANA. It doesn't matter what the reasoning is anymore from my perspective as a paying customer. I feel this way because a month ago I purchased VIP status on another well known site. In that time[four weeks] Nexon has performed three major update patches for CANA which, of course, made my newly purchased hacks ineffective. In a matter of a few HOURS, not DAYS or in the example of GHB, MONTHS, the hacks were fixed and restored and the paying VIP members could go right back to using them. In other words, when nexon does a update patch that makes the hacks not work, the coder on the sites immediately goes to work and gets the hacks working in a VERY short amount of time. This behavior is nothing new. Neo used to be the same way but its been a LONG time since Neo displayed that kind of passion about his work on THIS site. Where He's been or what other sites or games he might have been spending his time on i AM SURE He IS being productive. He's just not being productive on the product which I payed money for. Replacing my lost time is a nice salve, but its not the answer. I did not pay for a product that has been totally or partially down for 8 of the last 12 months. I would love to continue to use the product and continue being a GHB member but, from my perspective, Neo and the rest of the GHB staff will have to earn that position by maintaining a VERY much improved work ethic and their product INCLUDING the support for that product. As I said, other sites get their product up and going in a matter of HOURS. Not MONTHS. My thoughts for the day.
  5. wilclielr

    Will the hack get me banned?

    LiLAzian is correct. Even though GHB Builds the hacks in such a way that makes them difficult for nexon to identify YOUR computer as being the one using the hacks, it is often the hack-user's behavior IN-GAME that results in a person being banned. Yes, the flagrant and obvious use of hacks will be noticed, as example, an Oil-Rig Elimination game. All experienced players on BOTH teams will know who is obviously using hacks. Don't be foolish by using things that are obvious. Things like Speed-Hacks. Fly Hacks. No Recoil. These things will be noticed by all, INCLUDING many of the nexon GMs that actually play the game JUST so they can find someone using them. The amount of times you get kicked from games is also recorded and reviewed by nexon staff. People that get kicked a lot will be periodically looked at. So here's how that works. If you are "looked" at by a GM, either because the GM caught you hacking or because of a large amount of times you've been kicked from games, a Nexon staff member will actually look at your log-in file record and they go over it line by line looking for ANYTHING indicative of hacks being used. Things like injectable dll files, injectors, etc. Basically they look for ANYTHING that was not put there by the nexon coders. Once this "hard" evidence has been found your account is tagged in such a way that as soon as you log in again you might get that message that says "your account has been suspended from use for violating the nexon terms of service", which means you've been banned. Sometimes a GM might Ban you immediately once they catch you obviously hacking in game, they simply record you hacking and then ban you, but again, this is YOUR fault. Not GHB. Not the hack. But its your fault in how responsible or irresponsible you chose to use the hacks. If all you do is use chams and maybe an occasional aimbot or two, it is highly unlikely you will get caught, but like LiLAzian mentioned, there is always that chance. Look at the nexon "wall of shame" page. You will notice that 99% of those getting banned are very low ranks, BUT occasionally you will see a GOA that got banned. I personally know a 5-star GOA from CANA that lost a five year old account with over $3000.000 in US dollars worth of NX because he didn't read what the GHB staff had posted about the GHB hacks "possibly had been detected" about a year ago. the guy logged in using the hacks and the game crashed immediately and BOOM. Instant Ban. So keeping up with information the GHB staff give you can also help you manage your hacks. Key word being MANAGE. Tomorrowland probably gave the best advice of all. Keep your digital trail clear of footprints. I recommend logging into CA. then exit. wait a few minutes then log in WITH the hacks. Your first time each day logging in is where black cypher does their primary digital sweep of your machine. NEVER use the hacks the first time you log onto CA on any given day. Good luck.
  6. wilclielr

    Vip & Puplic GHB News

  7. wilclielr

    Vip & Puplic GHB News

    Azian, I believe Cel00 is referring to the amount of down-time that certain Pub and Vip features have had this year so far. Which has been significantly more time being down than the amount of time those hacks have been actually working or only partially working. He's being negative and probably doesn't understand the scope and scale of Nexon's "anti-hacking" crusade that they launched back in April of this year. Constant and regular Rez and graphics upgrades have made it impossible for Neo to keep up. But, Alas, most of these Kids don't think about these things. Most of these people are of the same generic "WtF Mah Goo-Odd whut da H3LL Hax no WoRx 4 Me"- type people. Which is WHY GHB should post a MANDATORY online I.Q. exam for EVERYONE. Said exam must be passed within a time-limit and show viable and tangible intelligence before being allowed to become a GHB member. But then again...We'd lose 90% of our customer base... 0_O
  8. wilclielr

    Combat Arms VIP & Public Hack Status Overview

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  9. wilclielr

    GHB please lend an ear to this....

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  10. wilclielr


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  11. wilclielr

    Combat Arms VIP & Public Hack Status Overview

    Great. But that's not what you said. You said you bought the hacks "today". You said you used the hacks that you purchased. I informed you there is a possibility you could get banned due to the CA NA VIP hacks are outdated. lol. nevermind. Use the hacks. By all means.
  12. wilclielr

    Combat Arms VIP & Public Hack Status Overview

    xEnJin. The new process that Nexon has devised ALLOWS you to log in using your hacks. Wanna know what happens next? The new filters detect everything associated with GHB. The injector. The injected dll files. YOUR log in file, YOUR data. YOUR MAC address. Then this information is directed to the Ahnlab server, which collaborates a simple waiting game. It waits for YOU to log into CA, WITH or Without hacks running. Then once it matches the previously gathered info with YOUR current and matching ISP, IP, and MAC address, you will see the following message on the blackcypher screen " format 3/3". Then when you log onto a server, such as Bravo, Chn 1. You will go in game, and the game will crash to desktop, then once you try logging back onto CA once again, you will get this.. "You nexon account has been suspended from use for violation of the nexon terms of service. If you believe this to be in error please contact a site administrator"....Yeah. Its like THAT. Use the hacks at your own risk. There have been many posts about this issue over the last few days. You should have read them. The forum will teach you how to use the site, it helps keep you from getting banned, and it helps you learn how to help others from doing things like...oh, using detected hacks.....