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  1. OtakuLord

    Combat Arms NA accounts

    how much we talkin here? o3o for either
  2. OtakuLord

    Adobe Cloud Tutorials

    are you using Cs6? if so, id like to know more about a particular GFX technique that i cant seem to grasp. so say i have a flare graphic. such as: Now ive heard that in order to preserve the actual flare and to get rid of the black background, i have to go to the paths and channels and select an alpha channel? well, i cant seem to do that. maybe you know what im talking about?
  3. Hello, Otakulord here. I am a veteran when it comes to CA hacking, been hacking ever since 2008, using the old style DLL, numpad button keys to modern day loader tech. Do I feel that I am credible to make a review for GHB? Yes, I have been all over the internet over years, finding and using hacks from countless sources and creators. That is why I feel that I need to voice my opinion of the Public hacks provided here. I will often compare the hack to other sites that I've used, but I wont name them. I will just use the first initial of the website, and if you are an oldschool hacker such as myself, you may know these quickly, others wont, as these sites have been shut down. I will break this review into 5 sections: User Friendly, Interface, Features, Pros, Cons and Final Verdict. User Friendly: 5/5 I started using the Public hack a few days ago, just as I was starting to get back to CA and its hacking scene. I found GHB off of another hack site, someone had posted a DLL recently and I decided to see if GHB was even a thing, which brought me here. Right away the site was appealing because of its black theme (though, this will also be mentioned in Interface.). I was able to quickly find my way around the site, find the download for the public hack, and download it. I was able to open it right up and find the list of available public hacks. I clicked the CA option and loaded it right up, starting the game and seeing the hack menu. The menu was very easy to navigate and turn on and off, without even needing a tutorial i was able to open and close and select options. That is why I gave this a 5/5, it was very well developed. Interface: 4/5 When i joined the website, I was able to navigate and download the hacks as mentioned above, and so I'm going to pickup where the last section left off. The ingame interface was nice, but I felt a nagging statement when big red text was telling me to press F10 to close if the menu wouldnt. That made me feel almost threatened and I didnt like it, that is why I made this section a 4/5, now if I am able to remove that text, it would be a 5/5. Features: 3/5 Don't get me wrong, the hack does what it says it will, its a public hack, I didnt expect many features but this was rather disappointing. You have menu options that remind me of M or N, you have an ESP which seems to want to work whenever IT wants to, I couldnt seem to get it to work between games, having to shut it off and turn it back on, and the crosshair didnt work at all for me. But the reason this scored "Meh" on this section was because the Recoil and Spread both did their job and they did it damn good. I dont really need ESP or any of those features, but I do love No Spread and Recoil. Pros: + Hack is extremely user friendly. + Website is clean, moderated, and the community is awesome. + VIP is cheap. + Public Spread and Recoil works perfectly. + Undetected hacks. Cons: - Amount of Public Features. - ESP Features work when they want. Final Verdict of GHBSys Public Hacks and Website: A SOLID 9/10, as I can overlook the Interface and the buggy features. As of logging back into CA, my account was banned. This drops the "undetected" pro, and drops my score to 5/10, still good, but more antidetection methods need to be taken.
  4. OtakuLord


    thanks max, but i already know how to use a forum and i used the client with no problem so i think im good there! but thanks for the welcome
  5. the problem is: nexon's ban policy is as tight as Valve's, you wont be unbanned for anything. once an account is banned for hacking, its gone, poof, with the wind. you shouldnt have paid on an account and then hacked on it, that seems like abit of a red flag to do, since... youknow hacking ALWAYS has a risk of getting you banned, no matter what you do, you just have to be smart when you do it. ive been using the undetected hacks pretty hardcore and i havent even been called a hacker, which gets people to report you.. Best thing to do is to get up, dust off your pants, go buy some account or get someone to give you one, theyre pretty cheap from what i hear, and start over. if you DONT want to do that, then i guess your CA days are over.
  6. OtakuLord


    thanks fellas, i enjoy it so far, i really want to use the vip hack, ill probably buy it pretty soon.
  7. OtakuLord


    Ello!, What a nice site! im an old school CA hacker from the US and i decided one day to try and play CA again after i thought hackers would be extinct... well they arent, first game i played i had a pretty hardcore aimbotter and thought "i guess i better go find me a hack!" anyway, if theres any other oldschool hackers (i feel like TheRedMist is Red_Mist98 from a certain site, hey buddy ), you should know one of these names: Void Lovelux Liquidoom CosmicGizmo and thats about it Im a small time gfx artist and if my speculation is correct, redmist here helped me learn but i digress. Happy hacking!