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  1. I joined before the big statement about discord and I rarely view the site so I was referring to before the post about discord but now there is no reason someone should not see it other than they dont use discord. I will never use teamspeak again after my pc was crypto locked after an invite into a csgo lobby teamspeak. So I didn;t like discord either, but I had to download it for support.
  2. sorry about not answering i locked myself from the forums (derp). I wrote this late at night and didn't skim through it and change some meanings of words, so some of the words have meaning I didn't intend for like lazy and sarcastic. Lets change those to inconsistent and irritated. It seems to me one of the admins deals with allot more work than the other and by the way he answers people it feels like hes irritated with the people in the chat. Having more helpers would fix that problem (sending the minor problems to helpers and having the major problems sent to the admin). I also meant to say some of the hack developers were inconsistent Not lazy. I really don't have a filter or understanding of the way words mean with emotions so When I said lazy I didn't mean it in a bad way. (Ultra knows what I'm saying since I told him about the way I can't process emotions). The Support was very helpful even if most of the time the admin couldn't find the root cause of the problem. sometimes it use to take me days to receive support but now it's only minutes. Other than that I still stand strongly with my suggestions with the price of the hacks. I can make a toy car for someone with the best quality and sell it for 20 dollars, but if many other companies make the same toy car for less with more features I have to bring my price down no matter how much work I put into it. I have my sites for hacks and this site goes under my reliable purchase; Your guys hacks are undetected longer. If I wanted features i would of bought lmaobox, and if i wanted quality I would get bithax. I'm not saying these things to drive people away but show an example of what the customers look for in hacks. I live in America So the price for me is inflated. A simple 12 euro hack would cost me almost 15 dollars, 5 dollars more and I could get double the features on another site. I understand only the coders can change these prices and that's why this part of the message is pointed at them. Maybe 7 euros is nothing to you guys but it starts to add up in the us and it's only rising. I bet if you guys change the price to be competitive more and more people will show up. I could say update the free hack once a month to draw people in to your site then slap them with that juicy hard to resist price. Combatarms for 7 euros was the perfect price for that kind of hack and that's why everyone bought it. I'm going to finish my last day of the tf2 hack I have then i'm going to try another site for a month then come back to see if anything has improved before I spend my money again. I hope to see more hacks released in the future by such great coders and this site returns back to its glory days. EDIT: I have never purchased the csgo hack so I don't know whats in it other than the screenshots I have seen on the site. As far as i know crossfire(allot) and tf2 (alittle) are overpriced. All I know is I would never buy it since I already have another site with better deals and features. I really with other people would step up and say something with me since I'm only one guy with few problems. I would like a guy from zula and csgo to step up and state some opinions about those hacks since I don't use them. EDIT2: NVM my tf2 hack expired earlier than I expected so I will be seeing you all on December.
  3. I have been using this hack site for a bit now after the departure of mvhacks. I enjoy the features this site gave out to the user at the insane rates which could not have been beaten. Nowadays I have to slap myself every time i renew one of my hacks here because of how many problems i as examples you guys can choose to hide the names later after you see it or keep it up but I will not be giving the hack sites website link. When I first purchased the combatarms hack (i cannot find the old price but I believe I paid 10 euros) I was ecstatic with how many features the hack had. I noticed some of the functions didn't work properly and that was ironed out after my second purchase, but the way they were fixed wasn't like the other sites. Instead of fixing the hack the features were removed for (it will give you a ban). I knew this was false since I shared another hack with a friend and they still had the features at that time. This didn't bother me that much because the hack dropped in price later. After combatarms I decided to move to other hacks, this is where the problems began. I purchased tf2(12euro) and crossfire(10euro) access for a month to try these out. The crossfire hack at the time wasn't updated when I have purchased it and was never after detection. Not only that but I had to reinstall windows just to get the hack to work. Half the features never worked and the coder was nowhere to be seen. The tf2 hack was enjoyable at first glance. I enabled all kinds of features and gleefully ran around murdering everyone to my hearts content. I was immediately struck down from my high when I tried to play spy. It turns out when I knifed it crashed the game. I contacted the forums and the dev sat with me and tried to help me which I was grateful for. I have since figured out it was the no recoil causing you to crash when using a knife but instead of fixing this, the coder completely removes the feature. A ton of features were removed from the hack that costed 12 euros. Now I'm American so I'm using USD as currency and this costs me 14 dollars for the tf2 hack that only has basic esp and aimbot with an auto-jump script thrown in. This threw my off since i could just go over to ____ and grab their hack for 20 bucks which gives me three times the content. When i looked into it more i noticed many of the hacks were overpriced. I noticed many users only using free hacks and some users outright not paying anymore. I have a few anonymous sources(want's to stay hidden for safety if they come back) on this forum tell me why they won't buy again and it's the same reason over and over again (Quote 1. overpriced garbage|Quote 2. not enough features for the price|Quote 3. Found a better site). There are so many problems on this forum with the hacks; I have never purchased one of these hacks for a month and not had a problem. Since I had allot of time in the support section than the game itself I've had time to meet the people of this site and may I say The combatarms coder works well and efficient, the tf2 coder is very helpful but sometimes lazy, and I'm still not sure the crossfire coder even exists at times. I wish I could say such nice things all the time but nobody is perfect and that's were the support itself comes from. One admin that answers most of my questions at first (wont say the name but he/she knows who i'm talking about) was very nice about it. I'm not sure if he/she gets paid but after the site began to die down this admin became very rude in a cocky way. When I asked a question I was remarked back at with such cockiness, it's like the admin was treating me like a stupid kid. This didn;t make me feel great since I have my own problems in life but this isn't about my life its about the site so we stop there. The admin would constantly say i'm wrong and it's my fault for the reason i can't play the hack. Also it takes awhile to get any support for anything and I would have thought faster service comes to those who paid for their service. Though I was never into the customer is always right so I understand most of the staff has lives and another job. I have so many things to say but I'm very forgetful so I will end with a conclusion on some pros and cons and tips for making the site better. pros: Hacks are undetected way longer than any other site I have used. Most of the coders are really nice and willing to help out. Lots of hacks from different games in one convenient loader. Cons: Not enough features for the prices advertised. Features of every single hack I tested had problems 50% of the time or straight out didn't work. Hack takes awhile to be updated. Staff doesn't feel like they want to be here and constantly put down users with a mildly sarcastic tone in the way they type. Now I have some suggestion for the future of the site if you guys care at this point. This is coming from a buyers perspective. Reduce hack prices for certain games. I'm not sure about csgo or zula. Combatarms: perfect price I have no problem paying for this. I cannot find another site with better deals atm. Crossfire: wayy too overpriced for the fact that it's never updated and half the features never work. I would suggest 9 Dollars 7.65 euros. It's slightly hard to find a site for this hack. csgo: The hack is nice for the price but I would suggest 10 Dollars 8.50 euros. There is another hack called __ that offers a hack with three times the features and an undetectable framework for only 20 dollars. To be competitive The 1 dollar price drop would be fair and reasonable. tf2: The price is too much for the features you are given. For 9 dollars more I can buy ______ and get much much more. I would suggest 10 dollars 8.50 euros. All source games one month plan: I would suggest 20.01 dollars 17 euros. This makes the price comfortable and worth the price for all three games. Why is source and left4dead 2 10 dollars each? I hope this helps you guys, at the time I am considering if I should come back to the site. I will check back in the future on this site but for now, The prices are just too much for my life after the layoff. I hope to join back again and use your guys amazing hacks but for now I will use free hacks. PS. BTW the tf2 hack is broken again. You can't inject the hack without crashing.
  4. Please be advised posting your ign to the public has a chance to get you banned in game. Now because it's a free to play game that shouldn't matter but give someone your ign after you two meet up.