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  1. xxxhardlinerxxx


    Was there a bann wave? I wasnt online for 65days and ive got a vac but still after 7-9months of cheating xDD
  2. xxxhardlinerxxx

    The new Cs Go Cheat

    Hey the new Update of the Cs Go Cheat is pretty cool. Some ppl dont like the Menu now, because you can´t change ur things instantly anymore u need to click everything that looks like youre afk in a MM. But still, there are other new futures like the new: Chams or the new: Aimbot. The new Chams: The new Chams are pretty cool now (Matt Blue, Green, Yellow) you can turn full Vision on so you see him trough the wall and if hes headglitching than u see that his body is red and his head is yellow like thats the only thing u are able to shoot than. But if the Chams (Non Full Vision , without Glow) would be a bit brighter you could see them much better now it´s like you don´t even use Chams if you´re not in (Full Vision). The Aimbot: I think the Aimbot is Bugged atm, i played before with FOV:1 and Smooth:4 and some other things but they work perfecktly. The Aimbot now is going so hard on the enemy´s, it doesnt even matter if i use FOV:1 with Smooth:1-10 it´s not looking legit. Before it was rly Legit you had to be near the Head (if Hitbox was on Head) but now i can look 10meter near the enemy´s Head and it´s instantly going on him Skinchanger: You can now use every Knife in Vanilla <3
  3. xxxhardlinerxxx

    Cheating in Overwatch Blizzard

    I have a private one give me 100€ monthly and you get it Bro i think overwatch is the only one game where you have more fun without cheats, its so easy to get better
  4. xxxhardlinerxxx

    5man cs go team!?

    Trying to make a 5man Cs Go-Team (Legit hacking) - Me (Global Elite) Deddog ( LeM ) You (....) You (....) You (....) All you need to do: Comment below with ur steam Profile Link and your Cs Go: Rank / Everything under DMG wont be able to join
  5. xxxhardlinerxxx

    Hi introduction

  6. xxxhardlinerxxx

    CSGO settings

    If ur rank is under LE (without hacks) you should play with Bones: 8 (= head), type: (distance so it will help more on distance what is better trust me), smooth:3 (=its locking a bit on the head but it´s not obv. in overwatch , if ur better than LE than play with smooth:3 so it will smoothly slight on the head when ur on it , RCS: on (= will help ur RCS by the first 4-6shots) Have fun
  7. xxxhardlinerxxx

    Legitimate hacking tips.

    Maybe hes gambling alot Well done but would you stop writing in this color by every thread my eyes are hearting....
  8. xxxhardlinerxxx

    Trouble on Faceit with triggerbot

    There is not rly a antisystem against triggerbot, it works for me. Only the wallhack has a good antisystem u need to be near the enemy to see him trough walls but that let you play even more legit
  9. xxxhardlinerxxx

    NA acc Giveaway 118champs / 65skins / (Rare,Legendery,Epic)...

    You got the acc have fun
  10. What? You want that i take this off but by the other giveaway i made u joined it hahaha.....
  11. League of Legends NA LvL.30 acc: Pls logg in only at night or morning. Why?: Because this acc is Inactive and maybe the owner will change the PW if u logg in when he plays. This acc is for everyone who wants to cheat or have no own LvL.30 acc so have fun and do what you want Gonna make Another Giveaway with NA acc: 82 Champs. 51 Skins. Inaktive since 1 month Tomorrow
  12. xxxhardlinerxxx

    NA acc Giveaway 118champs / 65skins / (Rare,Legendery,Epic)...

    Winner is: Number: 54 PM me in the next 12hour or i gonna reroll for a new winner.... Gonna make a giveaway with another acc 54 Champs 7skins (NA) for ALL so everyone can play with this ACC PM me in the next 12hour
  13. xxxhardlinerxxx

    NA acc Giveaway 118champs / 65skins / (Rare,Legendery,Epic)...

    Was is daran bitte fake?
  14. xxxhardlinerxxx

    NA acc Giveaway 118champs / 65skins / (Rare,Legendery,Epic)...

    you have to upvote (read)
  15. xxxhardlinerxxx

    League of Legens NA Account giveaway 100+ champs 50+ skins (rare skins)

    Starts in 10min gonna do the screenshots Giveaway started gl & hf