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Found 31 results

  1. combatarms987


    combat View File dDDD Submitter combatarms987 Submitted 03/21/2018 Category Computer  
  2. combatarms987


    Version 1.0.0


  3. Version 6.0


    [.DLL Protection] - .dll is protected with Themida - XIGNCODE 3 is Bypassed. I included ASM Functions in the Cheat. - The WarRock startup take more time to load the Memory. [How to Use] 1. Unpack 2. Start the Injector 3. Start Warrock 4. Press Einfg (Insert Key to open Menu) 5. Mouse controlled Menu.. [Change Log] - Fixed RadarGPS is working now. - Added Unl.Ammo, AutoAmmo, NoWater, NoRestriction,KillOPKFuckers,Unl.Run,Skywalk,FastALL [information] - This Trainer is very stable and hardware resources friendly - You don't need any microsoft redistributable's or .NET Frameworks. - The Cheat is not supported on Windows XP ( I didn't test on this OS), but working on every Windows OS - I see on last time lot of shit on another release's thats use some codes from and me and croner didn't get any credits.. hm.. - Kill the OPK Fucks are teleporting you to the Zero Ground. - D3D Chams ColorA is the main Color from the Player. - D3D Chams ColorB is the secound Color from the Player. - D3D Chams ColorC is the main Color from the Player where standing behind the walls. - Don't worry you can disable Sounds - If you enable Unl.Ammo you can deal Damage with Granates and Rockets! Other Weapons deal no damage - You can enable Unl.Ammo just in Game! This Function will disable automatic, when you leave InGame. -Kill OPK Fuckers is teleporting yourself to the Zero Ground. [HotKeys] Superjump: Strg Move Menu: With Arrow Keys, With Mouse hold the Middle Mouse Button Dig: Alt (Menu Key) Teleport: Save Position with Numpad 0 and Load lasted saved Position with Numpad 1 Vehicle Jump: Space Key Bing To: Middle Mouse Button Auto Ammo: Hold Middle Mouse Button Before you download this Cheat! Please read all Informations! This Cheat is not working for WarRock Philippines.

    Is not cheating for Zola?

    Hello. Sorry, I have a question. Is not cheating for Zola?
  5. domino743

    zula aimot

    hi developers , are you going to add any mad aimbot or spinbot to zula europe any time soon?
  6. bcross4life

    Fortnite hacks

    Does anybody know for some good fortnite hacks? even if its just wallhack/chams?
  7. xFeedBack


  8. xXBlackDeath


  9. Hellou I have hacks , add me in game , id : _VrtualieD we can hack together
  10. Gamers just love to pass mission of games, sometime it works, sometime you stuck. There is solution for this? YES Yeah, You can pass missions without any difficulty. *removed by K3K*l is especially made for game cheating purpose. You can download *removed by K3K*(*removed by K3K*) official website. And there will mintion about steps there. *removed by K3K*
  11. Vass-

    Plain video

    I think my VIP hacks are ending today. So I shot and made a video, with two simple intros and moments from the games. Enjoy the video Here's the link: Vass-
  12. Version


    Thanks for downloading this amazing hack! Originally coded by CFStarz. Screens: #2 #3 Last screen: Hacks: Wallhack Player ESP Player Box Player Skeleton Aimbot Triggerbot Always Headshot One shot kill Speed Hack And more ! Update is coming !
  13. Hellou , I am using combat arms public hack , but i have always lags , it's normal? I always play on 4 ping ,but with public hack , I play on 1 or 2 ,Thanks Vass- ,
  14. ManuQix

    Dirty Bomb Hack

    Hi ! i buy the vip hack for dirty bomb, but i can't activate it, the injection works but when i press on Inser nothing happend, the cheat is normally undetected. Do you have a solution ? Thanks you. (And sorry for my bad English)
  15. FlamerFlave

    OP7 hacks

    Hey guys have anyone whallhack or any other hacks for Operation7 eu? sry for my bad english
  16. jgravity18

    my introduction (new)

    Hi! nice to meet you all! Im new to this forum and hope to meetr some of you!
  17. CzechJura

    Metin2 Multihack [GF servers]

    Hi guys, I found great multihack with speed hack, horse antifly, metin locator etc.. for official Metin2 servers. Download: REMOVED There is tutorial and list of all functions.
  18. [updated 11-07-2015] Battlefield Hardline Hack v0.6 How to use: Start the game Set video settings to "Borderless" or some other (not "Full Screen") Run hack ("Delete" to show / hide menu) For x64 systems and game only! Features: MENU - show / hide menu ESP - like wallhack Lines - esp lines to players No Recoil - disable Recoil No Breath - disable breath for snipers Crosshair - show crosshair (red) Distance -show the distance to the players Health - show health of players Name - show names of players Info - show information about ammo and health AimBot Changes v 0.1: First releaseChanges v 0.2: Fixed ESP in vehicle ESP shows enemy vehicles Added "Lines" Auto "Save settings" Changes v 0.3: Aimbot Body/Head Updated Changes v 0.4 - 0.6: Updated PB Status: Undetected (12-22-2015) - Tested Author: DarkTeam (from Thanks: IChooseYou, smallC, yellow1982, DanonGA Not Mine! Download Virustotal
  19. Soo everyone knows the Wallbang glitch in COD, but i wish it could be a hack, that you can shoot players or zombies thru wall, like the Wallband in COD, it could work soo well with the Wallhack and aimbot ;3 it is just a small idea, i play COD alots so i though of this idea, hope you can add it VENOM.
  20. Hello all the GHBSYS community, As far as we see many topics opened about getting problems, error and hacks not loading correctly, you'll find this topic to make sure you have follow all the steps to make the hack working well. First of all, remember that this hack is new and needs to be updated to corrects all bug we find and other members help to find. We are aware of all bugs so keep yourself updated about the news on the hacks on this following topics : For free members (public) : For paid members (VIP) : They know where they should go . Please be sure you follow all the steps provided here : /!\ /!\ Also, don't forget to keep updated your DirectX drivers, your computer itself and all frameworks you sould find on the link in red posted just before. We want to make you aware that WE KNOW there are bugs and Cyno__™ Coder doing his best to update the hacks when he get times to do it. Don't forget that the hack is new and will evolve with time but currently, you have to wait and see for futher updates about it. Please, be also aware that spamming topics which are here to pollute the forum will be deleted and users warned for. Don't complain before make sure everything you should do is done ! Another important point is about getting banned for using hacks : don't forget you can be banned using a hack (even VIP). The hacks (even VIP) don't protect your account against it cause players can report you and finally, when logs are viewed, you could be banned. Use hacks with intelligence and don't use them to make sure others players will be sure you are hacking. We will keep you updated about the hacks (Public and VIP) when news will be available, but for now, you should keep yourself calm. If you find any new bug (excepted ones already listed), we will be happy to know them to correct them. Best wishes and happy playing. HardCoreX1337,
  21. I had this error pop up the first time I injected the hack But now when I inject the hack the game lanches But there is no hack in game like I didn t use the hack
  22. ☆ My first GFX ☆ Today its a boring day, so i create a wallpaper just4fun . Hope you enjoy it , its not the best but when you like it , so maybe i can create more and better ones ! ♥ You like it ? Comment ♥ - Astronautenvic - -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SHUT UP AND ENJOY THE MUSIC!
  23. This Thread is for people which have problems with the Settings of the Hack or starting the Loader or somethink like that, write in the Comments below your issue/s, I will answer it as fast as I can and hope that I might help you
  24. Zexiii

    Whats Wong?

    Plz can someone help me, i cant run it and, there is a error but i cant fix it Here is the source: ////////////////////MAIN/////////////////////////// ////////////////////////////////////////////////// #include <iostream> #include "stdafx.h" #include <windows.h> #define Engine 0x000 //Replace 0x000 to Engine LTC typedef int (__cdecl* RunConsoleCommand_t)(char* cmd); DWORD WINAPI dwHackThread(LPVOID) { while( !IsGameReadyForHook() ) Sleep(300); main(); return 0; } BOOL WINAPI DllMain ( HMODULE hDll, DWORD dwReason, LPVOID lpReserved ) { DisableThreadLibraryCalls(hDll); if ( dwReason == DLL_PROCESS_ATTACH ) MessageBoxA( NULL, "Mr.iZexiii Hot Key V.1|\n" "Mr.iZexiii", "Mr.iZexiii|||||", MB_YESNO| MB_ICONWARNING); { //You can edit the message above, please dont forget to give credit CreateThread(NULL, NULL, dwHackThread, NULL, NULL, NULL); } return TRUE; } void __stdcall hook(DWORD Timeout){ /* since the caller (the one with the Sleep() in his code) does not know that the function is hooked We have access to all the arguments that the function has. We can change and display them before passing on execution, or we can even prevent the function from being executed! */ printf("No rest for the wicked! not even %d seconds!\n",(int) (Timeout/1000)); // display the timeout in milliseconds return; // we wont execute the Sleep() function at all, No rest for the wicked! } void DoHook(DWORD* func, DWORD* hook){ /* Here *func (what func points to) still points to the address of sleep. We however, don't want it to point there, we want it to point to our hook function. Therefore we're going to change it, this can be done without any modifications to our virtual memory access. Because the pointers are kept in our .data section, and we have write permission in our .data section. */ *func = (DWORD) hook; // change what *func points to, remeber that func is the same pointer as used in the call dword[addfress] instruction. return; } void main() { while(!IsGameReadyForHook()){ Sleep(200); }// bool myhack = false; (add your hacks ) bool FPS = false; bool nxchams = false; bool superbullet = false; bool speed = false; bool emo = false; bool fire = false; bool fly = false; while(true) {// set hot-key for hack...... if(GetAsyncKeyState(VK_CAPITAL)<0)// FPS //////////////////////////FPS HACK if(FPS){ RunConsoleCommand_t("ShowFPS 1"); FPS = true; }else{ RunConsoleCommand_t("ShowFPS 0"); FPS = false; } } /////////////////////NC CHAMS if(GetAsyncKeyState(VK_HOME)<0)// nxchams if(nxchams){ RunConsoleCommand_t("SkelModelStencil 0"); nxchams = false; }else{ RunConsoleCommand_t("SkelModelStencil 1"); nxchams = true; } /////////////////////SUPERBULLET if(GetAsyncKeyState(VK_DOWN)<0)// superbullet if(superbullet){ //you can edit this....// superbullet = false; }else{ switch(*(int*)0x3781886C){ case 1: // 1 = Ingame memcpy((LPVOID)0x374AF296, "\x90\x90\x90", 3); // Super Bullets On superbullet = true; } } ///////////////SPEEEED if(GetAsyncKeyState(VK_NUMPAD4)<0)//Speed if(speed){ RunConsoleCommand_t("WalkVel 1000.000000"); RunConsoleCommand_t("FRunVel 1000.000000"); RunConsoleCommand_t("BRunVel 1000.000000"); RunConsoleCommand_t("SRunVel 1000.000000"); RunConsoleCommand_t("DuckVel 1000.000000"); speed = false; }else{ RunConsoleCommand_t("WalkVel 70.000000"); RunConsoleCommand_t("FRunVel 285.000000"); RunConsoleCommand_t("BRunVel 285.000000"); RunConsoleCommand_t("SRunVel 285.000000"); RunConsoleCommand_t("DuckVel 50.000000"); speed = true; } } bool IsGameReadyForHook() { if( GetModuleHandleA( "d3d9.dll" ) != NULL && GetModuleHandleA( "ClientFX.fxd" ) != NULL && GetModuleHandleA( "CShell.dll" ) != NULL ) return true; return false; } void __cdecl PushToConsole(char *szCommand) { typedef int (__cdecl* RunConsoleCommand_t)(char* cmd); RunConsoleCommand_t RCC = (RunConsoleCommand_t)Engine //EngineLTC; } Plez take a look.
  25. VulkanHaxor

    [CS:GO]skeletoN 1.2

    Because there was no csgo forum, I will post this to source board. I just finished testing the new version of skeletoN wallhack. Version 1.1 got detected by the huge VAC ban wave but i got it fixed in version 1.2 (I played 3 matches with this hack on yesterday). The hack is very simple to use, just remember to be on the game server before starting the hack. Upcoming release (1.3): Health Weapon info EDIT: And because I can't upload the zip file for some reason, download link here: EDIT2: And virustotal: 2a20f0c77decad/analysis/1405693316/