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Found 184 results

  1. darknetuser1312

    Help me Pleas

    Hey the problem is problem is if I want to start hacking comes this error message "failed to inject image using Manual map Status: 0x0000000" after this error message i click "okay" and then comes a new error message "injection failed! (Reason shown below)" Anti virus is offline idk whats the matter ... I hope you can help me ... Because i sit again hours and days on my pc and try it to hack... best regards ..
  2. Yesterday I downloaded loader to use you free hack for Zula EU, it worked fine yesterday. I renamed it put it od my D local disc, and it was fine. Today Im getting this error. 64x loader IS WORKING FINE but i cant inject 32x file with 64x loader. Please help me. I added exeption in windows firewall. Please someone help me. I have Windows 10 64bit. I was running as Administrator. Windows defender is disabled, but I have full licenced verision of Windows 10 Education. I turned off DEP from cmd and that was not helpful.
  3. pioneer_beer

    can't download loader

    keep getting error codes for trying to download a loader for VIP combat arms hacks please help.
  4. pioneer_beer

    can't download loader

    keep getting error codes for trying to download a loader for VIP combat arms hacks please help.
  5. i want to buy csgo vip with paysafecard can it be organized?
  6. Hello GHBSYS! I just bought the 3 Month CS:GO VIP. The money is gone, but my VIP is not there. Any help? PS: I dont want to post my paying information public Thx ^^
  7. Im getting crash the loader and i have x64 idk if hack loader or hack working for me, please help me, i need to change to x32bits(x86) :v i can change to 86. But i think next to do it i need guid reset, right?
  8. Every time that i try to use the combat arms vip hacks my loader gets to the injecting stage, then crashes and then i dont get the hacks ingame
  9. Vass-

    Need Fast help please!

    I would like to ask, now I used your public hacks and the computer shut down and can't turn it on. Only the charging light is on. Do you think anyone could help me?..
  10. apolloncy

    Need help with this script error

    Ok guys these past few days when i log on combat arms 2-3 minutes later it crashes and these 2 script error's show up... i tried installing windows 7 Ulti again (64bit) but still happens... *Note* I have Internet explorer 9 if im not wrong Flash Player Java DirectX whats the problem then? help please asap
  11. The loader does not let me access the vip section
  12. Hello , I have a problem with the VIP I just bought. The paypal payment is good (7 € paid) but my vip for CA does not activate. Here are the screens (I can supply others screens) Can you help me? Well, my VIP for CA just activated apologized me for the inconvenience. I'm sorry!
  13. When I try to open loader I get this message: Web Connection Error: Error Message: 204 No Content Edit:Firewall and Anti-Virus is closed
  14. I'm having now this issue when i tried to use Combat Arms. Here is the solutions that i've tried: Opening both of loaders(x64 version and x84 version) - Same Problem Opening both of loaders(x64 version and x84 version) as Admin - Same Problem Allowing both of loaders(x64 version and x84 version) on fire-wall - Same Problem Opening both of loaders(x64 version and x84 version) - Same Problem Making both of loaders(x64 version and x84 version) whitelisted on my Windows Defender and my Anti-Virus - Same Problem Ok there are some screenshots: When using x64 bits and loading combat arms public: After Pressing Load After pressing OK After Pressing OK again When using x84 bits and loading combat arms public: After pressing Load Please some help?
  15. When I load a hack, it says "failed to inject manual map," what can I do? Help me please
  16. Hellou , I am using combat arms public hack , but i have always lags , it's normal? I always play on 4 ping ,but with public hack , I play on 1 or 2 ,Thanks Vass- ,
  17. So basically when i'm starting loader, it will give this error message
  18. cicos

    Paysafecard 'GR'

    Hello guys, i wanna re-buy vip but i read a post from official website of paysafecard and said from now will pay with account my paysafecard etc.. at greece and now how do i can buy vip again?.. via paysafecard..?
  19. So I recently bought GHB hacks for CA (Combat Arms). I've ran into some slight problems. One thing I've thoroughly enjoyed as a previous user (dating back to 2014, early June-ish?) was Aimbot, along with the skin hacks and all that fun stuff which I suppose have faded - aside from aimbot. So I've been fiddling with the the hack's UI and it seems everything but Aimbot is functioning. As for Ghost aim, I don't really know what that does (what does that do?), but for the most part I -think- it's working? Or at least the automatic head/nut shots work for it once you enable it. Anyways, aimbot works really abnormally for me. At times when I try to enable it (even using the set up Max gave me), it doesn't function accordingly. Instead, once turned on using the key "ALT" it will zone in to random players that aren't even near the crosshair, and when it does that, afterwards It seems to zone out of players and stick to the ground or just random places that consist of no target. Along with that, sometimes my screen will even turn nearly black, almost like a black thick fog to the point where I can only see my stats along with my hand and equipped weapon. This happens when using the Aimbot mode - Player, as for NPC that doesn't really do anything at all? I haven't noticed it working, but i don't even know what it does naturally =w=, but I just know it doesn't seem to be doing anything. Has anyone else noticed this? Potential fix?
  20. Hi, I'm going to buy vip and I tried to download the loader. I followed the "how to use" guide, but I have two problems. I can't download Directx 11 from here,0301-2158.html Could you give me another link please? When I try to turn off the DEP (I run cmd as admin), I have this error: "Impossibile aprire l'archivio dati configurazione di avvio. Accesso negato." - in english "Access denied". What can I do? Thanks a lot.
  21. cicos

    Zula TURKEY

    Hello big family i wanna ask this Zula EUROPE hack works and with zula TURKEY ?
  22. When i bought CA VIP bot with paysafecard i wait 2 days and i see statut is rejected .. My paysafecard is working fine and i verified the sold un paysafecard site and all the sold are available
  23. Jevrey


    Hello, So this member kevin00780 need the help from the team. So whenever he want to start the Hack Client this error comes: Press to see the image And when he wants to enter the Forum this comes : Press to see the image And his VIP Status for Combat Arms should be active until 23.03 but now he is a normal member. What happened to his account ? Why got his VIP Status deleted and what happened to his accont ? Please help him btw i cant find his account anymore and he cant log in the account
  24. I have bought CA Vip before with paysafe. But now when i try to select vip package i don't see Combat arms as an option anymore. Can you still buy it with paysafecard?
  25. Hi I recently bought VIP hacks for CA and when i tried to load it, a message saying that I needed a x32 loader was required instead of the x64 or x86 loader that I am using right now. I tried to look on the forum and the download page for a x32 version but could not find any. If anyone could help it would be much appreciated