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Posted By:  Max151515I @ 30 July 2014 - 11:45 AM

GAmEhAcKbAsTaRdS NEWS - Reloaded



Edition 9 - 30.7.2014


About the Loader


Snyper was trying to fix the hack on GHB.

Yet we couldn't fix it, because there's just more then a problem with the hack security.

The whole loader is broken and would not inject 1 simple hack.

That means, Neo I.I.I is the only one who can now fix the loader, and snyper can continue his work here too.




About some other Stuff


To not tell you only bad stuff, I still want to show you the MVHacks here: http://forum.ghbsys....updated-thread/

And my newst Video, wich will come out soon. I'm working very hard,

and trying to make it 1000% better then the last one.

It will be a long video with more songs, and epic game hacking scenens. icon_smile.gif





"Mega Trailer" Project called


 “Laws are silent in times of war.”

An 8 Minute Combat Arms-Game Hacking Video by Max151515I, TwixX CinemaxX, MOS and Snyper27's Hack.



Project Work Time yet

29th July - Today (3 days)



Progress of the Video

▓▓▓▓ 50%



-50% of the Video is done.

We were able to adding final sounds, which was pretty hard,

since there were MGs, SmGs etc. But we're happty to tell you:

We did it! Also we can present you another Sneak Peek

before the official Trailer will come, but that has to wait a few






-40% of the Video is done.

Finally "Welcome to Oil Rig" is nearly done

Totally it had the most hardest part in it... a damn bug

made me rage on Sony Vegas 13, could fix it wihtout losing anything.

We now hit the 4min milestone (Which is 50% of full length).

Now we've to add sounds for full Oil Rig, and prepare for next, maybe final part.




-30% of the Video is done.

"Welcome to Oil Rig" is now 50% done, all sounds are added and EDITED too

We're recording for 2nd part of "Welcome to Oil Rig"



-20% of the Video is done

We just were able to finish the full part of "Mission Junk Flea and started already with "Welcome to Oil Rig".



-10% of the Video is done.

Currently we could finish the first part of "Mission Junk Flea"







A little sneak peek?





Image of new badass edits: http://i.imgur.com/PWbjTg5.png



Videos (Teaser Loops - some stuff you'll see soon)




Coming **S00N* - Official Trailer with release date.



Want some Kill Creek?




Welcome to Oil Rig Part




 A new part of an Accolade





Sneak Peek of "NEXON" Guy gets shotted.





Part of an Accolade




Flying Text which needs to be fixed still.



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Toggle %s What's going on?

Posted By:  Max151515I @ 27 July 2014 - 12:29 AM







Since so many asked me, what is going on, where are the hacks, why they're not back etc etc...

I'm going to give you LATEST news. These news wont make you happy at all. So be ready.



I really understand you, that you're frustraded.

That you want the god dammit awesome hack by Snper27 back.

But it's NOT possible! Sorry to tell you that, currently.

If you're not the best in english, I'll make it short what Snyper has written once:


Someone stole our hack, and the loader wasn't safe anymore. It's still not.

Every hack we would release, would be stolen and posted somewhere else.

I tried to contact Mods on this Forum, once they were so nicely, this time not.

I feel angry about this. About the one who stole the hack (btw it's the .dll)

and the mods, who don't got the balls to remove and ban the one. At least

from this Forum!




Why am I posting this???

I've got so many Private Messages from

you, asking about the hack, and I REALLY, really tried to

answer them ALL! Sorry, if I forgot someone!


And this is just a shortcut, it's more then 2 pages with PMs about current hack status.

And I belive, I'm not the only one who got many PMs.



Btw, I needed to censore Names to make sure no ones privacy is affected!

Also, everywhere, where you can see the Title, is about current hack status.





Do you understand me, why I made this News? I made it FOR YOU!

I'd please you to not PM me or anyone else anymore, since we can only

tell you the same: We don't know! The hack is not updateable etc.


Making Threads wont help too.



Btw: We're planning, or, 'someone special' is planning

something. I cannot tell it you guys currently, but it will be big.







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