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Toggle %s Hack will come back! New Forum-Sections and more! - GhB News

Posted By:  Max151515I @ Yesterday, 08:02 PM




Edition 11 - 01.09.2014


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I've some GOOD News this times!!!

The Problems we had with the loader.... DONT EXIST ANYMORE!

This means, Snyper will add the CA Hacks back, and then you can HACK

AGAIN! This is awesome!

When this will be the case, is not known, I cannot say, but I hope the in a few days.


I hope also, that Snyper can add CF hacks, but that he has to decide icon_smile.gif





Our Forum had some new Updates again.




You wanna discuss or chat about any game,

then feel free to join the Gaming-Section.


You want to share your Game Servers, this

you now can do aswell in the Gaming-Section:




You wish to introduce your self? Now you finally have a chance too:

Introduce Yourself!

I opend the Introduction Section with my Introduction icon_smile.gif



New formation


The Formation of the Forum has been changed.

The ViP Section is now above the Public Section,

so ViP Members can find their section faster.


Between the Front Desk and the Hacking-Area is now the Gaming Section.





I hope you enjoyed these good news icon_smile.gif

GHB Team

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Toggle %s Forum Changes and more - GhB News

Posted By:  Max151515I @ 29 August 2014 - 01:15 PM




Edition 10 - 30.8.2014


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I wish I could tell you something good about hacks, but yet

there's no ETA for the loader fix. Everything belongs to Neo I.I.I.



Anyway, the winner of the Free ViP Event for 350000 Members

is 3du@r2. With the guessed Number 13199

he is the nearest to my Number I choiced.


The Number was: 12131








On the Forums there've been made some updates, for future activity and other stuff.


Forum Rules...

has been changed to latest Status:


Rate a Topic in specific Forums

You can now rate a Topic in some Forums.

If you are asking yourself, "Why Rate Topic?". Then let me explain:

If you like a post, you can rep it. This will increase reputation count of

the User.

But, you may like the Topic, but not so much you want to give it a +1 Rep,

then you can now rate with, as example, 3 Stars.

All ratings will be shown as average. It make it also easier to see,

if a Topic is really good or not.



Best Answer or "Mark Solved"

On some Forums a Member can now mark

a Post as "Mark Solved", this means, this Post was the most

helpful for him. It will be shown on the Top of the Thread.


It can also help to find the right answer if you may got the same problem,

and on a Topic are 20 replys, but only one was really helpful. The Topic Starter

can mark it now as "Solved" and everyone else can see the Solution.


On these Forums you can mark Posts as "Mark Solved"

as Topic starter:



ShoutBox Member rights has been changed.

Now, if you are a Member for at least 3 days AND have at least 1 Post,

you can now write in the SB. BUT follow the rules, otherwise you'll get banned,

and if we got to much spam, I'll take these rights again and increase needed Post Count!



The Width-Size of the News Column

has been raised a bit.





I'd like to welcome 2 new Staff Members official to GhBsys.

First of all: L.gifRikudou who will be our new Local Moderator.

Together with Ultra he will watch about the Forums, when I'm not there,

because my work starts soon and I'll only have 4h per day to watch over GhB.


Also let us welcome our new US ViP - Support S.gifUsman_

He will keep his good work and support our members.


Congratulations both.



I had also to remove 2 of our old Staff because of Inactivity.

Thank you for the good time we had together:



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.REZ Chams Working ! (After long months of work) by haribo8
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New YT-Background for the Official GhB Channel
7 Max151515I 29 28 August 2014 - 07:50 PM
In: GFX & VFX Showcase
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Facebook Header
3 Max151515I 17 28 August 2014 - 04:41 PM
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I need Injector! please help me
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GHB Loader help, plz
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C,C++ Programming(starting)
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[CA-NA] General of Army +10% | KDR: 1.50+ +170,000 | NX Grade Gold |
0 Darkressxx 16 27 August 2014 - 03:48 PM
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By: Darkressxx
Trade origin acc's for ca eu acc
0 AfrezZeR 15 26 August 2014 - 03:06 PM
In: Sell Section
By: AfrezZeR
information about changing(buy section)
2 AfrezZeR 17 26 August 2014 - 02:58 PM
In: Buy Section
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GHB Staff Overview
17 Neo I.I.I 6038 26 August 2014 - 10:05 AM
In: News
By: Max151515I

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