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  5. My experience with this hack has been by far the best ever honestly I have been playing CAC way more often using this instead of playing my other normal games that I had always played before I got back into CA ONCE AGAIN HAHA! I want to give a great big thanks to the Dev of the hack for CAC and all of the other staff for keeping GHBSYS around and making everything today possible for all of us here at GHBSYS including myself! I am very pleased to say that the money I have spent on this was NOT i repeat WAS NOT a waste at all in fact its the best decision for my gaming needs that I have made by far this year alone lol!! Keep up the great work ALL OF YOU!!
  6. I would like to hear what everyones fav game is and why just to see what everyone likes to play ill even start from the top to the bottom of my fav game GTA5 PC & PS3 - I grew up with the GTA Series and I play it alot especially with my oldest son COD BO2 & BO3 - I love the setup of COD BO2 because of the maps and zombies, BO3 I like the boost jump ya can do on it lol CAC - Well this one is obvious I grew up with the orig CA in 2008 haha DiRT 2.0 PC - just recently got into this one cause i like rally cars and cars in general PubG - i can play this on my phone when i get bored and i have a clan on it that started with just me and its becoming a very big clan so i try to play more often now but its fun and i enjoy it as well Fortnite - haven't played it much lately but it just helps me pass the time Pokemon Go ( Android ) I grew up with playing Pokemon and when i found out about Pokemon Go I decided to go ahead and get it and im like level 31 now or so haha Smashing Four ( Android ) - My oldest son got me into this game and its pretty fun actually haha TOR ( Trucks Off-Road ) (Android) - I enjoy this offroad game the most cause it gives you full control of what ya want the truck to look like etc and its pretty fun I think as well.
  7. well honestly I really don't know where to even start besides well hey y'all Im _Vb_ aka TheRealVB I used to run on CA back from 2008 to like 2013ish or so and I just recently got back into the gaming scene I have a total of 5 kids and I'm 31 years young Haha, well anyways thanks for reading my post if you want to know more just ask me here.
  8. First off, I wanted to give a big thanks to 'kickyoace' for being so kind and dedicated to what he he/she had signed up for. I was looking over a bunch of posts of people saying "what happened to the community and the site and blah blah blah". Normally I don't do this but I give respect when it is due. I just got back into the whole entire modding/hacking community if you'd say and man, I was expecting a world of pain. Yes I spent the whole entire night and half of the day trying to get assistance BUT, Ace was so kind to walk me through everything and he/she did not have to! It was like Ace knew everything and guess what? Don't ever get mad at someone who helps you. I know we take for granted a lot of things and "yeah well I just want to hack/mod right then and there"... No.. It does not work like that. You don't get everything you ask for in Life BUT, the service that they provide here is phenomenal. When I say phenomenal, I really do mean that. Don't listen to people that talk bad about this site/community. Even though it took a really long time to fix, Ace had the most patience that i've seen in a really long time. When we get into the hacks provided by the Coders like DisOwned (amazing work), you would be blown away by everything that VIP has. It is absolutely insane! From Telekills to HP hack to even Flying and to even GM warn, this menu has everything you could possibly imagine. Everything is so detailed and smooth working. Keep up the great works guys and hopefully I can help out the community as much as I can we needed! PS, Be on the lookout for a very rounded together montage of your guy's work and hopefully the video can blow up to get more attention because you deserve it :) <3
  9. also menu key will be insert and/or delete if it gets updated ever again
  10. its up to date and working but yes the most accurate information is on our discord page
  11. They announce updates on the discord.
  12. Is Ca Reloaded vip updated?
  13. oh ok, public ca classic & reloaded?
  14. Dear GHBSYS Members, When the hack is injected into Combat Arms Classic, the menu is not showing up when i press INSERT. Any tips? Thanks.
    1. lakDUDEPP


      Hei Disowned,

      the public hacks don´t working Chams, no recoil, spray 

  15. Yah discord is taking over , still I like things the old school way . -cheers
  16. Hello there GHB Members/Users A lot of you have been asking different questions such as "Why does CA crash when loading or while playing?". I'm here to teach you how to avoid Crashes/menu disappearing. Let's get right into it: • Don't alt-tab it doesn't matter when, if you do alt-tab either the menu will disappear and you won't be able to open the menu again, or the game will crash/stop responding. • Don't change the Resolution, this will cause the same as the above said. Also just don't change anything that would cause the screen resolution to change that also goes for the 4:3 thingy. • Keep your drivers updated, sometimes this will also cause the game to crash. • Download the attachments/requirements, also keep them updated. Also this is a full Tutorial from K3K. You can find all of it here: (Mod edit all required links are in the loader tutorial) I was having a bit too much fun with the colors, i'm sorry xD Well that's all you have to know. ~Scripted
  17. Sounds fun, thanks for the update :)
  18. a lot of people moved to the discord channel which makes things a lot faster for things like support and announcements
  19. Hey guys I havn't been on this in a while. How has everyone been? It feels like there aren't even 1% of the amount of people on here anymore that sucks :c What happened?
  20. yea they are all working i added new features like SuperKnife - One Shot Knife Player or Npc SpeedHack FlyHack
  21. Hi, Just wondering if all features are currently working and up to date and are they any new features? Cheers
  22. I have not paid for 10 days, and no apple then you say I have to pay again and 10 days don't count them because that's not good
  23. the only way to get banned is by being caught this means gm spectacting / players reporting by video / screen shot etc
  24. I wanted to know if there is any probability to getting banned when you inject the cheat, by gameguard or something.
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