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  4. Usman

    Loader issue

    You need to make sure your antivirus firewall/ window defender is off and then REDOWNLOAD the loader for it to work properly. The issue is that the loader is trying to update and it can't because of the block from one of these things. So once you disable it, it will work fine. Also please note we don't offer any PUBLIC hacks at the moment for our popular titles.
  5. Just gets stuck in a boot loop finishing the download and then doing at again any help appreciated.
  6. Usman

    how do i buy 5 month in 1 purchase?

    You can't.
  7. PetroziLia

    how do i buy 5 month in 1 purchase?

    hey, i want to buy 5 month subscribition for combatarms classic in 1 purchase and idk how pls help
  8. Earlier
  9. thedistrictca

    how do i use my member points and buy vip?

    So Im back now
  10. Bushwick

    GHBSYS Public CA?

    I have to interfere unfortunately Combat Arms has not had a public cheat for a long time. At least there used to be an UPDATE regularly Whether there are currently few coders?
  11. italonzio

    Your opinion is important for us

    i love you keep working on this
  12. kickyoace

    [Question] About Zula Europe Cheat

    its currently not supported so we cannot guarantee if it is undetected because the coder that was working on updating it no longer does
  13. Hello, I was looking for Zula Europe cheat and I'm here right now, I would like to know that is the Zula Europe cheat still undetected? Because I see topic is since 2k17
  14. prepaidcardholder

    Alternatives to PayPal and to DISCORD

    I've pm'ed you pertinent information (Usman). Thanks for efforts on my behalf.
  15. bossfunji


    i think there are many users in pbph are playing pointblank
  16. Usman

    Alternatives to PayPal and to DISCORD

    Well we have other methods. You can pay by PAYSAFECARD / paypal. As for prepaid VISA thats all manual work that you would need to get in touch with the coder VIA DISCORD ( main source of contact) and he can work it our or PM me directly and i'll see if its possible
  17. prepaidcardholder

    Alternatives to PayPal and to DISCORD

    look I went through a lot of trouble to set up a paypal account for this cheat. tracfone + minutes. ($40 minimum) vpn service just to to register and login to paypal to the database can't check the physical ip address against the information given for registration. find an address that isn't mine that hasn't ever been used to register a paypal account before. (time, trial and error) find a prepaid card that works with paypal. (OneVanilla prepaid visa's don't seem to work anymore since this January). I haven't completed this one yet, but I've spent a couple hundred dollars experimenting with prepaids to find one that'll work. None so far have. AND DISCORD SUCKS! so yeah, can you guys please simplify this for me? otherwise, i'm a retired cheater
  18. prepaidcardholder

    Alternatives to PayPal and to DISCORD

    Give us some, pretty please with sugar on top! Anyway, I can't buy your cheats right now. PayPal's getting ridiculous with their database checks and are not at all concerned about privacy when comparing that concern to their own collection of our data. I need a payment method that isn't so stringent, thanks. Love to just give an admin a Prepaid VISA number and have the cheat activated for me. Also, Discord's some bullshit, too. They also like to violate their user's privacy so that their user's can use their services. Can the forum at least get some once a day attention?
  19. Usman

    About VIP purchase

    I responded to your PM
  20. kickyoace

    About VIP purchase

    send a pm to @Usman letting him know about your situation
  21. redstone52

    About VIP purchase

    Paypal is closed at Turkey.How can i pay for 1 month CA:Classic VIP


  23. Hey there I just ordered a hack from your website where can I go to download it?

  24. i have $14 member points but still i'm not able to buy vip? why is that and cicos told me to contact you

  25. kickyoace


    moved to a more appropriate area in the forum, dont know if many users still play pointblank but who knows may be one day
  26. bossfunji


  27. Sakura


    turn off your firewall or anti virus Mod Action: please dont bump old threads that the problem has been solved already thankyou
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