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  1. 1 point

    Version 4.0.1


    Fixed version of the public hack
  2. 1 point
    FREE HACK ?Combat Arms Public ??
  3. 1 point
    When to update approximately ??
  4. 1 point
    so this is a public loader for non subscribe members??
  5. 1 point
    Public detected. Need update. Coder maybe will update it ‘maybe’.
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  7. 1 point
  8. 1 point
    Stop it right now mister.
  9. 1 point

    Version 7.2


    You need this for CA hacks
  10. 1 point
    Hi everyone. i would you like release the Zula Turkey Public for, this Cheat is for everyone. Feel free to use it. You can download it here. Features: D3D Crosshair D3D Chams Gladiato init Color A Init Color C Init FillMode D3D Chams Zula Init Color A Init Color B Init FillMode D3D NoFog D3D fullBright D3D Wallhack WallMode Lobby Spammer Move Menu Reset Menu Load Config Save Config Exit Process Getting started: 1. Register Account on 2. Read the Tutorials and the FAQ. How to use the Metronic Gui and [HowTo] GHB Loader 3. Login and download the GHb Loader on 4. Disable Anti-Virus and Firewall 4. Login into Ghb Loader 6. Select the Public Tab and press on "Zula Turkey" 7. Press on "Load" and then wait until you see "Waiting for Zula.exe" 8. Start Zula 9. When the Injection was sucessfull you will hear "I'm back baby" Anti Cheat System: XignCode 3 Serverside System to analysis the Player stats (ex. KD, Wins, etc..) Cheat Protection: Comming soon. I currently working on a new system to have a better protecting against Anti-System and account Bans. FAQ: Q: How can i get support? A: You can join our Discord, create a Support Ticket ( or contact me via Private Message. Q: Which Anti-System are supported? A: XignCode 3 and ESL Wire. Zula Turkey use also a serverside System to anaylise your Player stats and mark your Account, when you're cheating to obvious. Q: Can my account get banend? A: Yes, your account can be banned when you're cheating too obvious. Promote Video:
  11. 1 point
    Pricing: 1 month subscription - 12 BUY NOW Works on: Windows 7 32/64bit Windows 8 Windows 8.1 Windows 10 Features: ESP / Chams Name/Health/Distance/etc xFrame FullBright Glass Walls Crosshair No-World 2D Radar See Ghosts Bullshit Aimbot Kill anyone almost instantly! Aim Near - Crosshair/Distance Bone Target AimKey Visibility Check Smooth Aim Aim Box - FOV Alternative Quick Defuse No Spread & No Recoil - Percentage Adjustable Fast Walk - Sanic Fast No Fall Damage - Screw Gravity & More! Screens:
  12. 1 point
    He will be missing .And when you write about Staff, do not forget my offer ( Vass-
  13. 1 point
    Note: REMEMBER TO OPEN GAME FIRST AND THEN INJECT Pricing: 1 month subscription - 10 1 month subscription of Source Package(Includes all Source Games supported by GHB) - 20 BUY NOW Works on: Windows 7 32/64bit Windows 8 Windows 8.1 Windows 10 Features: Aimbot: - Hitbox - Hitscan - Smooth Aim - FOV - Aimkey - AutoShoot - Silent Aim - Crouch - AutoWall - Prediction ESP: - Name - Box - Health - Object - Skeleton - Hitbox Visuals: - Crosshair Removals: Misc: - Bunnyhop Screens:
  14. 1 point
  15. 1 point
    endlich bekomm ich mal ein comment das kein spam ist
  16. 1 point
    Features: - AutoKill Monsters - Skill and non Skill - AutoKill Players - Skill and non Skill - AutoPickup Items (Filter non-filter items) # and Teleport Back to Spot - Teleport - AgilityHack - AG hack - Vault Hack - Packet Sniffer - PlayerSight Events - OnDie Events - SpoofName Hack - now u can use: ServerIP or Host - MoonWalker - SpiderMan - GodMode - some other S!th and as always new bugs ingame commands: #Whrere X or Y is number -------------------------------- #PlayerSight Event: #0 - disable all #1 - Stop/Enable Monster autokill on Sight #2 - Stop/Enable AutoPickup Items #3 - Disconnect from server on Player Sight #4 - Teleport away --------------------------------- #1 - Enabled, 0 - Disabled #name - player name (Victims name) --------------------------------- In-Game Commands: About: %?, %help, %sos Teleport: %tp x y, %gt x y, %goto x y, %teleport x y, %go x y HitCount: %hc x , %hit x, %hitcount x Delay: %delay x, %dly x AutoKill: %ak 1 or 0, %autokill 1 or 0 AutoPickup: %pckup 1 or 0, %autopickup 1 or 0 PlayerSight: %psenable x or %pson x SpoofNameHack: %say name text or %spoof name text MoonWalker: Y |------- ||1|2|3| ||4|n|6| ||7|8|9| |------- X gay picture:
  17. 0 points

    Version 3.0.0


    CombatArmsClassic hACK
  18. 0 points



    Credits to DWorm for this files.
  19. -1 points
    someone know the ways how can I increase my account value?