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    Hi everyone. i would you like release the Zula Turkey Public for, this Cheat is for everyone. Feel free to use it. You can download it here. Features: D3D Crosshair D3D Chams Gladiato init Color A Init Color C Init FillMode D3D Chams Zula Init Color A Init Color B Init FillMode D3D NoFog D3D fullBright D3D Wallhack WallMode Lobby Spammer Move Menu Reset Menu Load Config Save Config Exit Process Getting started: 1. Register Account on 2. Read the Tutorials and the FAQ. How to use the Metronic Gui and [HowTo] GHB Loader 3. Login and download the GHb Loader on 4. Disable Anti-Virus and Firewall 4. Login into Ghb Loader 6. Select the Public Tab and press on "Zula Turkey" 7. Press on "Load" and then wait until you see "Waiting for Zula.exe" 8. Start Zula 9. When the Injection was sucessfull you will hear "I'm back baby" Anti Cheat System: XignCode 3 Serverside System to analysis the Player stats (ex. KD, Wins, etc..) Cheat Protection: Comming soon. I currently working on a new system to have a better protecting against Anti-System and account Bans. FAQ: Q: How can i get support? A: You can join our Discord, create a Support Ticket ( or contact me via Private Message. Q: Which Anti-System are supported? A: XignCode 3 and ESL Wire. Zula Turkey use also a serverside System to anaylise your Player stats and mark your Account, when you're cheating to obvious. Q: Can my account get banend? A: Yes, your account can be banned when you're cheating too obvious. Promote Video:
  2. 3 points
    Hello CSGO users, as promised the anti-OBS build of the cheat that I've been kept as a hostage for a few months has been released. I've also added an additional tab on the menu for the "legit" users that want to customize the settings for different weapon categories. To hide all visuals on stream it is required to disable "capture third-party overlays" in OBS. Happy streaming!
  3. 3 points
    Since there are a lot of new members in the GHB forums, I decided to record a little video in which I show off *nearly* every feature that GHBSYS offers for the Combat Arms VIP members. Thanks to VaynelsLove#1567 (GHB-Discord) for helping me out. Weapon Spoofer: 01:18 (Reloaded only) Chams: 1:38 Crosshair: 02:00 Visuals/ESP: 02:13 Aimbot: 02:32 Ghost Aim: 02:52 No Recoil/Spread: 03:11 Rapid Fire/WeaponOPK: 03:29 Glitcher: 03:50 Speedhack: 04:10 HP Hack: 4:20 (NPC) Telekill: 04:32 Character Spoofer: 04:52 ##UPDATE## A Playername Colorchange, Clanname Colorchange, Clanname Change and a Clanemblem Change got added to the Combat Arms: Classic Cheat!
  4. 2 points
    Hello everyone, a few of you may not know, how to use the "Weapon Spoofer" properly. Let me try to explain it in the easiest possible way. 1. Load GHBSYS and start CA:Reloaded (There's no Weapon Spoofer for CA:Classic so far) 2. Make sure that your account only has the default weapons equipped in its primary weapon slots. (Can be any other weapon in backpack A+B) 3. Open up the GHBSYS loader ingame by pressing the *insert* button on your keyboard 4. Click on the option named *Weapon Spoofer* and check for example the *primary* box to change your primary weapon. (Don't forget, equip your default weapon first!) 5. Scroll through the weapon list and choose the gun you like 6. Go in-game and ENJOY Quick example video:
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    Well it's time.. I'm selling my steam ACC to the best offer. The Account has CS:GO (1,4k hours / Legendary Eagle Master), CS:S, BO2, H1Z1 and a couple smaller games on it. I haven't been cheating in any game on this account. It's 100% legit.
  8. 1 point
    If you're talking about Combat Arms: The interface looks the same for Reloaded and Classic. The features are just a bit different.
  9. 1 point
    please elaborate further on your issue
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    Is it a new PayPal account? Are you sure that your PayPal account is fully activated and able to take transactions?
  13. 1 point
    Download the missing DLL through google, then place it in C:\Windows\SysWOW64 C:\Windows\System32 and also in the folder were the loader is. Also make sure you're downloading ALL THE MICROSOFT links we posted in loader tutorial thread.
  14. 1 point
    Coming soon.Coder working on it.
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    Hello. Sorry, I have a question. Is not cheating for Zola?
  16. 1 point
    Thanks for not giving up.
  17. 1 point
    We're here again, few days left till the year is over. To celebrate, we would like to offer a discount on our products until the New Years. At checkout, please enter : HappyHolidays and you'll get an additional 25% off your purchase. Thank you for supporting Ghbsys, and hope we continue to be even better next year. -Ghbsys Staff.
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    Hello Ghbsys Members, By now you should be aware there are multiple new key features in our site and one big one we were impatiently waiting to release was the Ghbsys Point System. This way users who are active in the forums and are unable to buy VIP by regular means could have the opportunity to use our hacks! How to EARN Points: The Point System is pretty straight forward, you earn points for various activity in the forums, this includes making a thread, making a post, making new "content" in the forum, basically a reward for those who are active in our community. As well as earning points from participating from various events hosted throughout the year. Lastly, earning points for buying a VIP subscription. Now for each post/thread and new content; Normal Member: .02 Ghbsys Points Per Content VIP Member : .05 Ghbsys Points Per Content [Points are subject to change in the future] Points Conversation To Real Currency: Now to make things simple, we've made it so every 3 Ghbsys Points correlates to 1 Euro. That means these are the points value to purchase VIP for each cheat for 1 MONTH. Combat Arms : 21 Ghbsys Points Chivalry Both Versions: 15 Ghbsys Points Counter Strike CS GO: 30 Ghbsys Points Counter Strike Source: 30 Ghbsys Points Days Of Defeat: 30 Ghbsys Points Team Fortatress 2: 30 Ghbsys Points Source Bundle: 60 Ghbsys Points Purchasing VIP Subscription Credit: Combat Arms : 2.5 Ghbsys Points Chivalry Both Versions: 1.5 Ghbsys Points Counter Strike CS GO: 4 Ghbsys Points Counter Strike Source: 8 Ghbsys Points Days Of Defeat: 4 Ghbsys Points Team Fortatress 2: 4 Ghbsys Points Source Bundle: 4 Ghbsys Points How to send points to other Members: 1. Go to Economy Dashboard 2. Select "send to member" 3.Rest is self explanatory. Use this system to send members "tips" if you liked what they posted What could happen if you spam to earn points: 1. You will receive warnings points depending on the servility of the spams 2. You will lose access to posts in the forums for certain amount of time 3. You will lose points accordingly ABUSE OF THIS SYSTEM WILL LEAD TO THE REMOVAL OF YOUR ACCOUNTS ACCESS TO THE POINT SYSTEM How to check how many points you have: or you can look at any exists post of yours and see the points underneath your profile. Please leave your thoughts/feedback on this system in this thread. We are open to hearing your thoughts and opinions on the subject and what do you think about the point system in general.
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    i have this problem please help me
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    Hi everyone, if you noticed i've released my first Version from my Gui Framework. This Framework is easy to use and hardware friendly to old Computers and works with every Dirext X supported Game! I released this Tutorial for Members were have problems to use the Framework. This Framework supports: Undetected Hook Function to draw the Menu Staff and overlay Functions A Own Font Class Memory editing Class Sound Class Class to load Sounds or stream Sounds Sprite Class & animated Image Class (To draw Image or sprites) Time Class regestry Class File Operations Class Self Protecting System Own Class to render geometric objects You can toggle the Gui with Insert or Del Key.I comment all Functions in this two pictures, if you have any open questions ask it below on the thread. kind regards Willi
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    TmFucker is updated again.. New : Many new thinks loook video -> Video: Screen: So get vip now! All functions: [FUNCTIONS] -----------------------------------------------------------
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    Zula hilesi mevcut degildir en kisa zamanda gelicek.
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    Hello I can not found in loader the zula hack help please!
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    amına sokayım 6 aydır en kısa zamanda gelcek dıyorsun bi siki beceremedık demıyorsunda gelecek dıyorsun bırakın bu ayakları