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    I´ve bought the VIP version for 10€. I turned off all firewalls I could find (btw also searched about google what to close) so everytime when I want load the hack I get an Error message like this: "Loading User Dependent information Failed! Communication Error!!!" n small words like that "Please check your internet and firewall settings and try again." so what to do now? I downloaded 100.000 times started by admin etc.
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    * = Feature needs to be updated ** = Hit-box is the standard mode of Ghostaim it is the most solid of choices if all you want is larger hit-boxes only have options selected on the left side *** = Smartaim reduces the range of your gun but you can hit things behind objects can cause ammo to be shorted on certain configurations and is overall considered useful in small maps Features Aimbot Section AIM Active - Enables aimbot Autofire* - Shoots gun for you when aim is locked FOV - Field of view for the aimbot to aim from Smoothing - Slows aimspeed and makes aiming more human-like Aim key - Aimbot only works when the key set it pressed down Target Mode - Sets the method of target acquisition for the aimbot Aimspot - Sets the bone you want the aimbot to aim at Vis Check - Sets if you want the aimbot to not aim at targets behind objects/walls Shield Check - Sets if you want the aimbot to not aim at players with the spawn shield active Target NPC's - Lets you target NPC's for fireteam modes Enemy's Only - Sets if you want to not target teammates AIM Edits Recoil - Removes gun recoil Spread - Removes gun spread Insta Zoom - Removes gun scope animation Fast Fire - Shoots the gun really fast, can be bound to hotkey Draw Fov - Visually represents the Fov that the Aimbot uses Draw Aim Spot - Visually represents the Aim Bone that the Aimbot aims at Triggerbot Enable - Turns on the triggerbot Trigger Enemy only - only fires when you mouse over an enemy Trigger Vis Check - Sets if you want the triggerbot to not fire at targets behind objects/walls Trigger Shield Check - Sets if you want the triggerbot to not fire at players with the spawn shield active Trigger Key - Triggerbot only functions when the key set is pressed down Ghostaim Section Hitbox ** Active - Enables Hit-box type of Ghostaim HitSize - increase/decrease the size of the hit-box Bone - Sets Hit-box bone, dynamic hits the bone closest to crosshair Smartaim *** Active - Enables Smartaim type of Ghostaim Bone - selects the bone you want Smartaim to place the bullet Vis Check - Sets if you want the Smartaim to not hit targets behind objects/walls Shield Check - Sets if you want the Smartaim to not hit targets with the spawn shield active Fov - Sets the Fov of Smartaim Target Enemys Only - Smartaim only works on targets that are considered hostile Use Key - Ghostaim only works when key is pressed down Target NPC's - Smartaim only works on targets that are a NPC Visuals Section Esp Enemy Only - Removes friendly information from the esp Name - Displays entity's name Health - Displays entity's HP Distance - Displays entity's distance from player Box - Displays a bounding box around the entity Skeleton - Displays entity's bones Headcicle - Displays entity's head bone Explosive's - Displays explosives set around the map Explosive's Circle - draws a circle where explosives are set around the map Explosive's Enemy Only - removes friendly team explosives from the esp Pickups - Displays and names all dropped weapons, ammo or health packs on the map HeldWeapon - Displays entity's current weapon in use Armor - Displays entity's Armor Points D3D Enable D3D Chams - Enable "old" see players through walls works only on classic engine on reloaded Front Color - Sets the color to represent player behind cover Back Color - Sets the color to represent player when visible Misc Section Misc Zombie Mode - Turns player into zombie giving them a large amount of hp and resistance to bullets removes players head completely, highly visible Activation Distance - Enables you to interact with objects like doors from very far away Player Tele - Old style telekill that teleports you to the back of all players around the map allowing you to kill them very fast NPC Tele - Same as Player Tele but you are teleported to npc's instead of players Glitch key - Slowly moves player whichever direction you press with the arrow keys on the keyboard usefull for getting into glitches easier Spoofer Spoof Char - Changes your player/vest model giving you stats of what you select Spoof HeadGear - Changes your player's helmet giving you stats of what you select Spoof FaceGear* - Changes your player's face gear giving you stats of what you select Edits Instant Switch - Removes animation when you switch your guns Speed Hack* - lets you move very fast No Weapon Weight - Removes just the weapons impact on your mobility Crosshair - changes the style of your crosshair No Move Penalty - Removes all movement restictions from gear/weapons very obvious when walling with a mg/minigun Super Jump* - increases how far you can jump vertically ETC Weapon Tele - spawns all dropped weapons on the map at your feet to be able to pick up Use Weapon Tele Key - sets a hotkey for Weapon Tele Fly - You are now a bird Config Section Save - Saves current config Load - Loads the saved config * CAC Only Features * Voice Spam - Just to be annoying