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    DOWNLOAD: ^ Use this to fix connection loss issue. Please follow loader tutorial thread Public Hack: Features: Fly Hack, No spread/ no recoil / ESP VIP Hack: Pricing: 1-month subscription - 10€ BUY NOW Works on: Windows 7 Windows 8 Windows 8.1 Window 10 Specail: Last existing Combat Arms Hack with GHOST AIM - Only by the originals: GHBSYS! Features Visual : ◦ESP Info - Shows players info ( name,hp, distance)! ◦ESP Box - Shows 2D boxes around the enemy players! ◦ESP Pickups - Marks the guns on the ground! ◦ESP Explosives - Marks the explosives! ◦GM Warning - Always ON (It's a player with infinite life, a box around no character)! GhostAim : ◦Enable - Turns your ghost aim on or off! ◦Reset Ghost Aim - Resets the ghost aim bone! ◦Bone - Allows you to check of the part of the body you want to aim for! ◦Hit Size - Gives you control over the size of the hitbox, so you can increase or decrease the hit chance! Aimbot : ◦Enable - Turns your aimbot ON or OFF! ◦Mode - Lets you choose either to aim for people closest to your cross hair, or with the fov that you've set (NearestToCrosshair, FOV)! ◦Bone - Allows you to check of the part of the body you want to aim for! ◦FOV - Lets you choose at which angle the aimbot will aim for people (Only works with the FOV option)! ◦Team Check - Only aims only for enemy players! ◦Spawn Check - Doesn't shoot people with active spawn shields! ◦Visual Check - Only aims for players visible to you (doesn't aim for players through walls)! ◦Smoothing - Decreases the speed at which the aimbot twitches your character! ◦Key- Lets you choose the key that activates your aimbot! The options are Left Click, Right Button, Middle Button, ALT, Control, Shift, Delete(Canc)! ◦Autoshoot - Toggle whether you want your weapon to autoshoot once it sees an enemy based on your settings! Weapon : ◦No Recoil - Removes all the recoil from your gun! ◦No Spread - Removes all the spread from your weapon! ◦RapidFire - Makes your weapons fire faster! ◦Weapon OPK- Teleports all the weapons on the map to you! ◦Use Weapon OPK - Activates the feature "Weapon OPK"! ◦Weapon OPK Key - Allows you to change the key to toggle Weapon OPK! The options are: Left Click, Right Button, Middle Button, ALT, Control, Shift, Delete(Canc)! Player : ◦Fly Hack - Lets you fly using the space key! ◦HP Hack - Increases your HP to 570! ( your character head is gonna be all buggy / high risk of ban if used) ◦Move GUI - Lets you move the menu to your desired location! ◦Telekill - Teleports you on top of enemy players so you can kill them without them being able to kill you! Our Menu:
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    Hack Only for Eu Version
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    Change Log: 6/10/2017 - Visuals remain unchanged. - "Hit Size" option was added to Ghost Aim. - Added descriptions for Weapon OPK, Use Weapon OPK, and Weapon OPK Key. - "Autoshoot" option was added to Aimbot. - EnbaleCrossHairSpoofer, SwitchCrossHairSpoofer, Unlock Attachment Slots, RapidFireDelay were removed under the category Weapon. - CharacterSpoofer, EnableBackPlate, BackPlate, BackPlateColor, NameColor were removed under Player. However telekill was added back and HP Hack was upgraded from 450 HP to 570 HP! - The Extra category was completely removed.
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    Change Log: 11/8/2015 -Aimbot fixed -Charms added -"There is no more server log. Server log bans are gms banning people manually so be more discrete about how you play and your aimbot settings as well. " = VENOM
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    Version 7.2


    You need this for CA hacks
  6. 2 points
    hello sir Willi35 i have a question about hack to game zula i find post but when i dowmload clinent ghbsys i dont have hack in public and in vip . My question is this hack its finish or just disabled .if you have time so please anwser to my thank you and heve a nice day .
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  8. 2 points
    hi willi35 whats ist whit zula europe i cant found of loader whats happened ?
  9. 2 points
    Pricing: 1 month subscription - 12 BUY NOW Works on: Windows 7 32/64bit Windows 8 Windows 8.1 Windows 10 Features: ESP / Chams Name/Health/Distance/etc xFrame FullBright Glass Walls Crosshair No-World 2D Radar See Ghosts Bullshit Aimbot Kill anyone almost instantly! Aim Near - Crosshair/Distance Bone Target AimKey Visibility Check Smooth Aim Aim Box - FOV Alternative Quick Defuse No Spread & No Recoil - Percentage Adjustable Fast Walk - Sanic Fast No Fall Damage - Screw Gravity & More! Screens:
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    Note: The visuals are OBS/Stream proof. Pricing: 1 month subscription - 10 1 month subscription of Source Package(Includes all Source Games supported by GHB) - 20 BUY NOW Works on: Windows 7 32/64bit Windows 8 Windows 8.1 Windows 10 Features: D3D Chams [0=off, 1=on] Aimbot - can be configured for different weapon categories. Aimbot [0=off, 1=on] Type [1=closest to crosshair, 2=distance-based] FOV [1=lowest] Bones Hitscan [hitscan is scanning the enemy body for visible parts/bones and aims there if your main selected bone is not visible for example] Key Smooth [moves more smoothly. ] Autoshoot [selfexplaining] Crouch [chrouching while holding the aimkey] SmokeDetection [Explains itself.] Silent (only use with low fov 1-3) [no crosshair-movement. redirection of the bullets] AutoWall [ignores walls] Prediction [Prediction.] RCS [Recoil control while using the aimbot] Backtrack Triggerbot Triggerbot [0=off, 1=on] Key Delay [the delay untill the bullet is fired] ESP Enemy only [ESP gets only drawn on enemies] Glow [glowing players like in demos] Name [display the playername] Box [draw a box around players] Health [display a healthbar next to player] C4 - timer [displays remaining time to bomb-explosion] Bone [display bones] Hitbox [draws a little box at the selected bone] Weapon [display the weapon being carried] Object [display objects on the ground] Barrel [draws a line into the direction the player is looking] Visuals Crosshair [a little crosshair] Recoil Crosshair Removals NoRecoil [selfexplaining] NoVisRecoil [crosshair and screen do not move] MISC Bunnyhop [selfexplaining] Autopistol [fires pistol semi-automaticaly] Rank Revealer Models Knife [Changes the model of your knife. E.G. Karambit] Screens:
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    FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions Allgemein FAQ in English. Häufig gestellte Fragen wurden auch auf Englishausführlich beantwortet! FAQ also in englishaviable! Das Team Ein Überblick über das aktuelle Team kann hier gefunden werden. Die TOS Die TOS sind hier abrufbar! Die Regeln Informationen über die Regeln des Forums sind hier zu finden. Über VIP Warum sollte ich VIP kaufen? Als VIP-Member kannst du sowohl unsere VIP-Hacks benutzen, als auch exklusive Bereiche des Forums sehen. Wie viel kostet VIP? Wo kann ich VIP kaufen? Hier! Für mehr Informationen über das Zahlungssytem findest du hier! VIP-Gruppen? Die VIP-Gruppen wurden verändert. Für weitere Informationen informiere dich hier. Ich habe noch Fragen über VIP! Erstelle ein Thema und stelle deine Frage! Wo finde ich den VIP-Clienten? Du findest ihn hier! Das Passwort zum entpacken des Ordners kann im jeweiligen Thread des Forums gefunden werden. Wo bekomme ich Hilfe? Wenn irgendwas nicht klappt, besuche unsere VIP-Help-Sektion. Du findest sie hier! Kann ich durch den VIP-Hack gebannt werden? Ja, du kannst gebannt werden. Die Chance ist aber minimal. Über den PUBLIC-Client Wo finde ich den Public-Client? Guck in diesen Beitrag! Kann ich durch den Public-Hack gebannt werden? Ja, du kannst gebannt werden. Bei jedem Hack besteht eine gewisse Chance gebannt zu werden. Where do I get support? Du hast keinen Anspruch auf Hilfe. Aber meistens findest du hier welche! Aktualisiert 22/ 10 / 2012
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    Version 3.0.0


    CombatArmsClassic hACK
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    how open the hack? ???
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    To all those people who have bought our Combat Arms VIP Subscriptions, The long wait is over, our hacks: -> Combat Arms VIP -> Combat Arms VIP+Bot Combat Arms Standalone Bot [Never Was Down[ Are back online! Some features were removed in order to do further testing. We will keep you updated and add those features back as soon as we think its safe to do so. It won't take that long! Happy hacking -GHB Team
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    If you're unable to understand this tutorial, you can reference from the old from by following this link.
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    DOWNLOAD GHB.GUIDTECH.AT Pricing: 1 month subscription of Chivalry: Deadliest Warrior - 11,50€ BUY NOW Works on: Windows 7 Windows 8 Windows 8.1 Windows 10 Features: ESP: - Names - Distance - Box - Line - Bones Weapon: - UnlimitedAmmo - GiveAmmo[Numpad3] Misc: - CrossHair - CrossHairType - CrossHairSize - CrossHairColor - UnlimitedStamina - MoveGUI Screen:
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    I just changed my graphic cards and i got these error ( never gived my account to any one ) is beaucause of that , that i can't log in now !?
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    Note: REMEMBER TO OPEN GAME FIRST AND THEN INJECT Pricing: 1 month subscription - 10 1 month subscription of Source Package(Includes all Source Games supported by GHB) - 20 BUY NOW Works on: Windows 7 32/64bit Windows 8 Windows 8.1 Windows 10 Features: Aimbot: - Hitbox - Hitscan - Smooth Aim - FOV - Aimkey - AutoShoot - Silent Aim - Crouch - AutoWall - Prediction ESP: - Name - Box - Health - Object - Skeleton - Hitbox Visuals: - Crosshair Removals: Misc: - Bunnyhop Screens:
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    So cs:s hack in cs:go section from p7 seems legit. bye
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    Cod4 Update to The Last topic i posted Less crashes ETC
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    Hello, i want present you my service for all GHB members! you can create your own e-mail address that can be used for MSN or hotmail services. get it while its hot there are only 500 e-mails registerable! Ihr Browser unterstützt Inlineframes nicht oder zeigt sie in der derzeitigen Konfiguration nicht an. AND ZEAS IS BACK, LOVE HIM OR DIE
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    ich habs schon verschickt