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Found 103 results

  1. Game Version: Europe IGN: ChrisMetal Items: AR L85A1 MOD PERM M14SE PERM Remington M597vtr PERM M6A2-srt PERM AN-94 Tact OP PERM M4A1 Desert Warrior PERM SG556 MarkII PERM AK-74M PERM SMG CZ Scorpion EVO 3A1 PERM P90tr PERM PP-19 MOD PERM T-2 PERM Famae SAF PERM FR FR F2 PERM WA2000-1 Tactical PERM Dragunov Black PERM MG RPK-74 PERM SG Remington 11-87P PERM Kel-tec KSG PERM Saiga 20K CQB Mark II PERM Pistols Anaconda Gold PERM Bushmaster Type 97 PERM Beretta 93R PERM Desert Eagle SE PERM + DESERT WARRIOR HELMET PERM Rank: MAJ4 Kd: 1.19 Important Information: I HAVE FULL INFORMATION, You will be able to change the pass and the email, so it will be completely yours. there are some surprises in inbox. The account is Clean, it was the only account i used, and i never used any hack tool, and also non powerleveling, harrasing etc, you can check it in the CAEU forum. Answer in English or Spanish please. Accepting: Srkill (Moneybrookers), you will need to singnup, link: Price: $165 euros but i also take offers Proofs: Here is the video of the account, i wrote my nickname to check. You can find some other videos in my youtube channel.
  2. Edit: Forgott to wirte what Payments i accept.. So yeah PayPal and PaySafeCard. The Official trailer: Edit2: One key left just for 10€ paysafecard or Paypal (you have to pay fees)
  3. Rank: CPT 2 GP: 400 700 NX: 995 Permanent weapons: M416 CQB, AK-47, G36E LE, UMP, M4A1, L96A1, M107CQ AIR FORCE Inbox: massive & rare weapon count in inbox Boosts: massive count of exp and gp boosts add my skype[/font] rikk.gonzalez91 to see screenshots
  4. Selling CPT4 Account No perms but its just an alt account of mine. I dont really play on it anymore. Its a decent rank nothing really special. Im not really asking much for it actually. $25.00 NX card. Paypal or ill take a $25.00 Nx Card for my main Price is Nego to a certain extent! We will use a middleman. Once I find one hehe BTW This account was NEVER hacked on. I only hack on newb accounts when im bored ahaha! I wouldn't risk a higher rank. Informaton you will receive after payment: User Pass Email changed First and last name Security question answers Screen shots:
  5. WuuTWuuT

    iTube (Youtube Bot) Source

    Moin Community, Verkaufe hier die Source vom iTube Bot Der Bot läuft über die YouTube API und Multithreading für unglaubliche Geschwindigkeiten: Abo's: 30 Stück in 15 Sekunden Likes/Dislikes: 30 Stück in 15 Sekunden Ihr habt einen Großauftrag bekommen und wollt mehrere Channels abonnieren, Videos liken/disliken oder Kommentare schreiben? Alles kein Problem, gebt die Videos bzw. die Channels einfach ein, und los gehts. Ihr könnt, während die ganze Arbeit für euch getan wird, nebenbei browsen, AFK sein, oder was auch immer. Alles funktioniert zu 100% auch im Background. Grundinformationen Schön geschriebener Code Keine unnötigen 300 Zeilen Kommentare (alles sehr schön gelöst) Insgesamt nur 681 Zeilen Code (inkl. Updater/Launcher) Einfache Handhabung (Einstellungen können in den ersten paar Zeilen gemacht werden) Sehr schnell (2 Abbos in einer Sekunde) Launcher Sehr gute HWID Protection Automatische Updates Bot Abonieren Liken / Disliken Kommentieren Auftragmanager (mehrere Aufträge werden automatisch nacheinander ausgeführt) Sehr schneller Verarbeitung (2 Accounts in einer Sekunde) Der Kauf beinhaltet die kompletten Source, wenn etwas unklar sein sollte, einfach melden. Es handelt sich hierbei um ein VB.Net 2010 Professional Projekt. FAQ Akzeptiere: Paysafecard & Paypal Werde zu Not auch einen Staff die Source einmal schicken! Greez
  6. jordan14220

    CAE LTC1

    Hey, I sell my account ltc1 51 % ! Perm weapons : -g36 valk -k5sd GP : +600 000 Nx rank : silver exp pass : 100% 0. 40% 0. 25% 106 gp pass : 100% 39. 40% 79 25% 118 Elite : perm kd : +2.10 transaction by paypal or allopass only ( more expensive by allopass ofc). For more information or any proposition contact me at [email protected]
  7. Hello So today, after a long and thoughtful consideration, I've finally decided to sell my retail accounts. WarRock isn't a game worth playing anymore, and I've got better things to do than waste my time on an already degraded game. Anyways, my first account has 3 retails. 2 of the 3 retails are the 10 year permanents, which are the GoldFamas/Tmp9 retail with adrenaline, ammo box, and medic box for 10 years. The third retail is the 8th slot permanent m249 retail. This account is level 40 with 300k+ dinars and just near 100k kills with a 2.7+ ratio. Starting price is 200Euros for this account (20$USD UGC included.) My second account has an m60 retail and it is level 48 (what the account is mainly worth for.) It has about 5k dinars with 500 n.x.c.a.s.h. Kills are at 80k+ with a kd of around 1.5. Starting price of 80Euros (20$USD UGC included) I am willing to sell both accounts for just 275Euros (20$USD UGC included) as a whole if you'd like. You can also buy them separately if you want. I'm only accepting paypal as a means of payment. I have proof of ownership for both accounts and have possession to all account information. PM me or leave contact information below if interested^^
  8. selling because I don't really have the time for video games anymore contact me by skype: alonepillow4 will trade with the use of OMM/ or you go first. payment: Paypal is accepted price asking for account: offer on thread or add me on skype so we can talk. Has account ever been hack/powerlevel: of course not, wouldnt be a point to sell it if so.
  9. Merchant

    Selling CA NA account

    Hi I want to sell my Combat Arms NA account. How much can I sell my LTC 5 account with 16 perm weapons, 6 rare, 1 epic and 3 perm gear? Any advice?
  10. Hello. Im currently selling Mounts and pets from Blizzard store the price is 30K each mount and 15k Each Pet! Server: Selling on all kind of servers in World of Warcraft EU Mounts: - Celestial Steed - Heart of Aspect - Winged Guardian - Swift WindSteed Pets: Say a name and you'll get it ( Blizzard STORE ) this is 99% NO SCAM! I've no proof that we are not scamming but its your choice to belive in us. PM me here or on e-mail: [email protected]
  11. SELL BATTLEFIELD HEROES ACCOUNT(Only Soldier) FOR CHEAP 15euros(PayPal)[i need to sell it for at least that much] Proof Video OF The Account:
  12. DucTiiuM

    Combat Arms Acc cpt1

    Hello, I want to sell my Combat Arms EU ACC. The Acc is nx grade Gold and have 18perm Weapons. K/D : 1.12 GP: 507 you get all ACC Informatins : First Name , Last name , Birthday , email adress , id + pw For More Details Write directly to me . Writes directly to me or just comment. Thank You
  13. I am selling my lvl 63 for $200 I got m60 retail Gold famas for more than 3000 days And few other weapons for more than 3000 days
  14. I do not want to play CA anymore grandad got me this for xmas present do not want. I only have 10 cards. paypal only i will not go first and can use a OMM add me on skype ( alonepillow4 ) state in request karma koin so i know only legit buyers add me. i have never seen anyone sell for half price so get it while you can i can and will show all proof wanted in skype. so add me D REMEMBER only $5 fo a $10 card all unscratch and unused ant activated i can show proof on skype Extremely good deal!!!
  15. Hey, da ich fast kein APB mehr Spiele und mir die Laune da schon vergangen ist, hatte ich mir überlegt den Account evtl. zu verkaufen... knapp 150€ hab ich in den Account reingesteckt, es wurde nicht gecheatet oder sonstiges! Der Account ist knapp 6 Monate alt. (In der Zeit wurde gespielt) Folgendes besitzt der Account: ===================================== - Permanente Accountweite Whisper PR1 Waffe (2x auf dem Cop - jedesmal wenn ihr einen neuen Charakter erstellt erhaltet ihr eine Permanente Whisper!) - Mehr als 440.000APB$ - Fast alle Upgrades für jede Waffe (Drall 3, Sprühen und Beten 2, Adlerauge 3, Magazin Pull 2 usw.) - Charakter-Upgrades (Gute Landung 3 + Schnellregeneration 2 + Panzerung 2) - Einige Vehicle Upgrades (Stil Platting 1 & 2) - Voll getunter Cisco (in rot) - 1 Jahr langer Cisco selbst tunebar mit 4 Slots... (Armas gewonnen) (ungetuned und noch nicht von der Email entnommen) - Permanent kaufbare Colby M-1922 Uncle Sam mit 3 Slots immerwieder Kaufbar für 23.000$ für 10 Tage (man muss keine Challenge mehr machen) beim Kontakt (Tipp: Adlerauge 3 ist sehr effektiv auf der Waffe ) - Threadlevel: Gold - Rank: 126 - Fraktion: Cop - Charaktere: 2 (Crim wurde kurz angefangen) - Server: Obeya EU1 - Charakter Geschlecht Cop: Weiblich - Charakter Geschlecht Crim: Männlich - Viele Verschiedene Gewinnwaffen in der Email Box beim "Cop" (einfach durchsuchen da sind noch viele benutzbare Waffen wie z.b. Colby CSG, Scout PR1, Whisper PR2 usw.) - Mehr als 65 Tage Premium (Ab heute 22.08.2012) ===================================== ---------------------------------------------------------- => Folgender Preis biete ich für euch für meinen Account an: Preis liegt bei: 60€ (PayPal) die Aktion läuft bis zum 24.08.2012 18:00 Uhr Wer interesse hat schickt mir eine PN; falls jemand den Account kaufen möchte kann ich euch dann auch meine Email von PayPal schicken für das Überweisen.... falls ihr noch weitere fragen zum Account habt, schreibt mir einfach eine PN ich werd euch weitere Details sagen, der Name des Accounts wird erst Preisgegeben wenn die Überweisung erfolgt ist. MfG KB
  16. WuuTWuuT

    Combat Arms Account COL1

    Hello Community, Imma selling here my Combat Arms account coz i have no time for playing it anymore.. I accept only Paypal , If you got no Paypal we can talk about Paysafecard. >>> The Account is not only leveled @ FT <<< Infos 160.000+ Kills 1.2x KD ~20.000 GP Equipt Male Base Char (Skinhead) Permanent Raven Clasic (18Speed) Permanent Mei (Classic) Permanent Elite Permanent Name Color "Orange" Permanent Custom Reticle 1 Permanent Weapons G36e (GP) AK-47 (GP) UMP (GP) L96a1 (GP) M1911 MEU (GP) M4A1 Sopmod M6A2 SRT Skorpion MOD Skorpion MOD MARK II Aug A3 P90 TR M-200 Ghillie SG550 Camo Aug A1 Black Mk.48 Camo M4 Super 90 M4A1 Desert Warrior Famas G2 (1x perm aktiviert, 1x perm inbox) M60 Steel VB Berapi LP02 M24 A3 MG42 Steel ACR Sandfire Bushmaster Typ 97 M69HE Nade (7800Days) Others: PP-19 MOD Camo -> ~200d AK74-M Gold Plated -> ~150d USP Tactical SE -> ~200d ~1000x EXP/GP 40% Bonus ~1000x EXP/GP 25% Bonus Pictures: Greez
  17. Title says it all huehehe. I'm selling it for Paypal/GMS Currency (Global MapleStory) I will also accept trade for a MapleStory account with 50k range clean - Looking to sell this for $100. I repeat NO NX or other form or Payment I ONLY accept Paypal/GMS Currency. My Skype is yousefx8 Thank you !
  18. I sell a Origin Battlefield 3 Limited Edition EU Account Add me on Skype: Bl4ckStone Screen:
  19. fresco

    Sell Account DC Universe

    ___________________________________________________________________________________ |DC Universe Account| ___________________________________________________________________________________ 1. DC Universe: 100% MULTI 2. Availability: 1 Account 3. Bought Characters: Robin, Two Face, Huntress, Harley Quinn 4. Rare accessories purchased: Gloves and the Belt's invading Brainiac 5. You can change the color and the same equipment that wears the hero 6. Price: 40€ or 50$ 7. Payment Methods: Postepay, Paypal 8. If I know something strange about negotiation, it is automatically canceled If you have any doubts or questions do not hesitate to contact me For privacy I have obscured the nick
  20. ___________________________________________________________________________________ |Account Need For Speed World| ___________________________________________________________________________________ 1. Availability: 1 Account 2. Level: 48 3. Empty seats in the garage: 2 4. Engine parts, transmission, suspension, brakes, muffler: 93 5. Neon rims, parts, power, shields, intakes, suspension height: 40 6. Price: 50€ 7. Negotiable: Yes 8. Payment Methods: Postepay, Paypal
  21. Hey Guys i want to sell my MSG+ Account with 1 MIO GP and 1 Pistol Perm . The Acc have full info and i never hacked on I want an 10€ paysafecard . Trading : You give first or with MM my skype name is a.skeni SCREEN:
  22. Guild Wars 2(EU/International) 25€ Diablo III(EU/International) 25€ FIFA 13(EU/International) 25€ Borderlands 2(EU/International) 20€ Battlefield 3(EU/International) 20€ Battlefield 3 Premium(EU/International) 25€ Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3(EU/International) 20€ Feel free to request any gamekey! If you want to buy a key, send me a private message including the paysafecard/UKash Code and I will send it to you as soon as I get online. Payment methods: -PaySafeCard -UKash -PayPal only for trusted users
  23. resgar

    Fifa 13 PC Gamekey DE

    Hello, I want to sell 1 Fifa 13 Gamekey for PC. Price: 20€ Payment: PaySafeCard