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Found 30 results

  1. Wom2 4x ve 7x Wait Damage 2017 Video> Download-Link -!Forbidden Upload Site, please give me 3 days Suspend! - Wom2.Damage.4x.ve7x.rar
  2. It is my 21st birthday today. I will be celebrating it in my dorm since i have school tomorrow and homework to do but since i cant go around asking family for gifts i thought i would ask everyone here for gifts. I accept gifts in forms of Paypal : [email protected] or in steam gifts my steam is Please send all gifts to
  3. Hallo liebe GHBsys User, in diesem Thread möchte ich mich einmal vorstellen und mich für alle als TeamSpeak3 ServerTechniker anbieten. Ich bin xFlorian und heiße in Wirklichkeit, wer hätte es gedacht, Florian. Ich beschäftige mich seit ungefähr seit 2-3 Jahren mit TeamSpeak3. Ich kenne mich sehr gut mit dem erweiterten Rechtesystem aus. Zudem weiß ich was ein guten TeamSpeak ausmacht: - ein gutes und ansprechendes Design - eingestellte Rechte - AFK-Bot (wenn gewollt) - schöne TeamSpeak Icon's - Guter Banner Da ich mich neuerdings auch an GFX's probiere, wäre die ebenfalls kein Problem. Falls ihr mich in Anspruch nehmen wollt, erreicht ihr mich hier: - Skype: yourmother00 - Facebook: - TeamSpeak: mit freundlichen Grüßen, Florian H.
  4. NeoIII

    New GHB - Loader

    We Present our new Loader: Download: It has some new features like reporting/feedback system, the core code has been redone, and we tryed to detect more network and injection problems and give the correct error message instead of just crashes. But as every new Software also the new Loader has some Bugs/Issues: #1 Does not Startup ( but still runs in background as you can see on TaskManager, doesnt let you close it ) -> Restart Computer -> rename loader -> place into desktop until Bug Fixed. #2 Windows 10 Injection fail on some users. ----------------------------------------- Solved #1 :: Bug #1 actually only appears with Avast - Antivirus, it seems to fail running the loader in auto Sandbox, just make an exception or disable it for injection time ( 10 mins ) ============================ About The Hacks: All of our Coders have to Update their Hacks to work with the new Loader, please be patient until they are done. We will Extend your Lost time until Hacks are back up working. ============================ If More Problems occur please report them into this thread. ( Please give a detailed problem description, duplicate or incomplete reports get deleted ) Yours NeoIII
  5. DIRTY BOMB VIP TRAIL EVENT IS OVER, HOPE YOU ENJOYED! LEAVE FEEDBACK. Public version is coming soon, along with more games fro Update: Dirty Bomb VIP WILL be release WITHOUT a spammer, but a full VIP trial that is the same as VIP. So it is safe to use for this weekend. Also a dirty bomb official public will be coming soon as well We are going to be running a free VIP event this weekend, for our new Dirty Bomb Cheat. 10-23-2015 TO 10-25-2015 For more information Visit this thread: ALSO Yesterday, we have sent a mass email to all our members informing them of the changes Ghbsys has made over the past couple of months. Also, informing them of the upcoming changes as well. You will all receive a email from us shortly and below there will be a copy as well. In case some of you didn't receive it yet, i've posted a copy of the email below in a spoiler.
  6. NOTE: ATM, our client is under maintenance. CA HACK STATUS CombatArms NA VIP - Updated CombatArms EU VIP - Updated CombatArms NA PUB - Needs an update CombatArms EU PUB - Needs an update WarRock Global PUB - Updated I had to remove the following items at the VIP-Hacks: Chat, ghostkill, remotekill, superbullets, noreload, rapidfire, UnlPickuprange to fix current detections. Edit( 17.8.2013 ) Added back to VIP: ghostkill, remotekill, superbullets, rapidfire, unlpickuprange; noreload stays removed! Note that at the Moment our VIP hacks and partially our public hacks are working, i cannot tell you how Long they stay working. but they do NOW.
  7. Hey, hier ist etwas für alle Deutschen Hacker. Was sind eurer meinung nach die Besten Hacks?
  8. NeoIII


    Bad News, sorry. This is to inform you all that we are removing Paymentwall payment methods soon cause of changes on their payout system. Suggestion for any altenative are welcome, else there is only PayPal. The most of you may think "who cares, hacks are outdated ( atleast ca )" im still working to fix them, your extensions will be weekly added.
  9. Hello all i'm new latr afternoon i will release BlackShot Wallhack + Crosshair (LikeBANANA) this hack Edit by me ^^
  10. NeoIII

    Happy Easter

    Hello and happy easter everyone, we have updated our combat arms vip hack, every vip member received 4 days extension. new added stuff: AntiKick ( for no elite rooms only ) VoiceSpam EliteVoteKick ( requires to be 1sgt lvl ) EDIT: CombatArms VIP & Public have been updated and are Undetected again ( thanks to showstar for testing ) WarRock VIP & Public have been updated too. a more accurate aimbot was added to the vip version. every VIP member receives 3 days of free vip additional to the extensiontime.
  11. Steps : 1. Open need For Speed World 2.Be in game Out From The Game ( Don't Exit ) 4.Open The Hack , And The Game Will Pops Up 5.The Hack Menu Is in The ChatBox ! 6. Thanks For Watching . ~WildOnesAndCombatArms FunnyVidios~ Yeah ! 7. Do Like What I Say !!! in step number 2 When I Say Be In Game I Mean You Need To Be In The Room And Drive Your Car Link : VirusScan : Please Approve The Links Video :
  12. Hi All ! , The IOS 6.x Jailbreak Is Released In Monday If You Want Link to Download Just PM Me > Because I Can't Give Links ( I Got Warning By Max151515 ) <
  13. NeoIII

    XMAS Present

    Hello everyone. I gave all Combat Arms VIP-Members 1 Month of free VIP-Time. ( time has been added on 24.Dec 2012 ) and for all PointBlank & ProjectBlackout VIP Members Krypto spent 14 free days of VIP-Time. ( time has been added on 26.Dec 2012 ) GHB-Staff wishes everyone Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays
  14. NeoIII

    300.000 Members

    We got it, we cracked the 300000 member count mark. The GHB Management is proud of seeing our community growing up and up and cause of this we have some presents for you ALLLLLLLL. First to the 300k Member: getoninja if he replys to my pm he will win 1 Year of free VIP-AllAccess. ( if he does not reply in the next 3 4 days the next registered member will be selected ) For all Members i am announcing a free VIP-Event ( Combat Arms only ) of 3 4 days starting on Friday 0:00 GMT+1 and ends on Sunday 19:00 GMT+1 Monday 20:00 GMT+1 Lets get directly to the instructions on how to get to the free vip hacks: Download Link: removed Archive password: '-.-' ( without '' ) for everything else look into public hack instructions. Have fun The GHB Management If you have any questions or need support for the hacks, please make a thread on the forums and we will help you, do not use this thread to ask for support. Thanks Edit: VIP Event is Over!
  15. Yes And Here Is First Time ! WorldI am fatty ROBERTO HAHAHA Down !! And New Hack Comes ?? That is Strange ! WGH Down And LoaderCheats Come ? Omg Combat Arms Will Be Hack Land ! I LOVE GHBsys ! THE UNPATCHED HACK IS HERE _Piep_Piep_Piep GHBsys Are Of Hacks !
  16. Hello all, I am a new coder here to help create some new vip hacks within ghb, it will take some time for Neo to setup the vip area's for me so please be patient.
  17. According to the FBI, the number of computers that probably are infected is more than 277,000 worldwide, If you are infected you will more than likely lose your internet July 9th this Monday, The FBI will be shutting down a cyber-hacking group servers that has a fail safe set up so once they are turned off anyone who is infected with the virus called "DNSChanger" will lose there internet. This will tell you if you are infected ==> This is the news article ==> Yes it is an Australian article but it is still about everyone World Wide.
  18. Welcome back GHB-Members, We are sorry for the long downtime that was caused by heavy DDos attacks that occured since 2 weeks now. Here we are back on a new server, that means ALL HACKS ARE OFFLINE, guidtech will not work anymore. ( public & vip ) We are trying to update all hack loaders ( client's ) and hacks as fast as possible, every vip member will receive 14 days of extension. thanks for your patience. The GHBsys Team Status edit's: Redownload VIP GuidTech Client from ( all previous downloaded versions < 5.2.x will not work anymore ) Combat Arms VIP: Online WarRock VIP: Online BF Play For Free: Online BF Heroes: Online TMNF VIP: Online KillingFloor: Online ---- Redownload Public Client from versions of the pub client < 1.1 will not work anymore! Combat Arms Public: Online WarRock Public: Online TMNF Public: Online KillingFloor: Online =============================================== New Server Addresses: TeamSpeak2: TeamSpeak3: IRC:
  19. WarRock acc for sale in ebay 53lvl famas retail low price no powerleveling acc 3years
  20. Thank you for these hacks
  21. Hello, the CombatArms hacks was lately much reported for kicks/crash after 30 mins of gameplay. this was caused by an hackshield detection on our old bypass method, this detection has been finally fixed. the Combat Arms Hacks are now fully undetected by hackshield again. ( everyone received 14 days free vip cause of ca detection and outdated warrock hacks ) proof: ( see at the online time )