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    1. Hey GHB, I'm here to sell my Combat Arms Europe account. I haven't played CA in a long time and wanted to get rid of the account. The account has 14 perms: 3 Gear items(Aviator, Raven and Hawk) 8 Primary weapons (Valkyrie, P90, M4 Super 90,S58 Musket, Ak-47, l96A1 and MZP) 2 Secondary weapons (G18 cobra, USP SE) 1 Support (M96HE Frag-NL) This all adds up to 14, YAY! Also the Heartbeat will expire on 8/20/2014 and mines will expire on 6/16/2015. Basic info: Game Version: Europe Rank: CPT 1 KDR: 1,45 with 29k kills Any other Important Information: I am the only one that ever played on th
    2. Hey guys, this is another account from me wich I decided to sell. It has a huge amount of perm items and equip as you can see on the following pictures: IMAGES The price is about 70€ for this decent account and I would like to get paid via Paypal using a MM or you go first. I provide all the needed information to gain full acces. Feel free to contact me via PM or on Skype: [email protected] Cheers
    3. Hey guys, today I am selling an decent CA-account with some usefull and powerfull weapons. Speedgear is included. The price is about 35€ for this decent account and I would like to get paid via Paypal using a MM or you go first. I provide all the needed information to gain full acces. Here you can see some pictures of the account: IMAGES Fell free to contact me via PM or on Skype: [email protected] Cheers
    4. Like the Title says, selling currently Steam-Games 25% OFF the Steam-Price You can find me on GHBSYS Discord or drop me a PM here. Accepting only Payments via Friends&Family Paypal and you would have to go first. //Edit Currently no more Money left on my Steam-Account, will update once again when i got more.
    5. Hello guys! Today i offering you guys a good Combat Arms Account! Information: - COL3 - KDR 1.30+ - GREAT PERMS! Some perms: - Max Set Duals! - Max Set Shotgun! - PSY TPG-1 Pro - PSY XM-8 - G36e Autumn Valkery - Alien Gun - M4A1 SOPMOD - USP Tactical SE - AND MORE! - FULL SNAKE SET! Screenshots http://imgur.com/a/YMQvI Make an offer! It has to be a good offer! PAYSAFECARD ONLY! Greets, SeriiousGamerr
    6. I sell my account col1 for 30 (Paysafecard or paypal) with: SG50 Autumn g36e Valkyrie Mexican Recon vest Some other weapon And there is a 1 star weapon license perm reset kd 14,700 nx and 1,177,805 gp and some other things. http://imgur.com/a/iWCMd All the photos. And there is 1 coupon in the inbox. Write here or contact me on facebook : Claudio Daja
    7. im going to sell all my accounts for cheep
    8. I have no use for this account anymore since I want to focus on my new account, I don't have a set price but I'll take your offers! Not really in a rush to sell this but if the price is right I'll let it go. Mainly looking to get NX, paypal is an option as well though. Account has never been banned or hacked on Offer me here or add me on skype and offer there. Skype: klict.steven1 Screenshots: http://imgur.com/a/3ICQj
    9. Hey guys, today is a special day for me because i decided to sell one of main accounts as you can see. I played alot on this account and spend much money as well. With SG50, Max´s Shotgun, AS Val, AR-15 and a lot of other guns you can play decent games. Full speed i also avaiable of course. Down here you can see some screenshots of the account: Bilderalbum: - Kostenlos Bilder hochladen bei bilderhoster.net As you could see on the pictures above you can have much fun with the account. When you have any questions left or want to cantact me to get further information just PM me here or on s
    10. This account is worth alot to me because its a main worthy account. 500$ USD Paypal. Screenshots of the account: http://imgur.com/a/FSJ7n List of weapons on the account: AR: Xk-8 Rm597 VTR LR300 ML Groza G36E Italian FAMAS SE FAMAS CUSTOM AEK-971 SCAR-L Black AK-74U Snow Camp AR-15 Double Barrel CORE+ M4A1 CQBR Gold custom M16A3 Champion TAR-21 CAMO K2 AK-103 Gold-plated Global M4A1 sopmod(event) Galil ACE M4A1 CAMO (Rank Reward) How's type 89 Black dragon AK-47 M4A1 XM8 (Rank Reward) M16A3 Professional M16A3 veteran M16A3 M16A3 elite AK-74U Gold-plated SMG: mp40
    11. FIRST OF ALL PAYMENTS ACCEPTED PayPal Bank Transfer PaySafeCard Pounds £ only £ Pounds EXP 2,200,000 +[/size] KILLS 90 k +[/size] DEATHS 70 k +[/size] KDR 1.20 +[/size] DINARS 20.000 + (thats not a lot )[/size] NEXON CASH 700 + [/size] ITEMS[/size] EM MILITARY SUPPLY BOX 177 EA[/size] MILITARY_SUPPLY_BOX_02 72 EA S MILITARY SUPPLY BOX 118 EA[/size] A MILITARY SUPPLY BOX 103 EA[/size] H MILITARY SUPPLY BOX 62 EA[/size] CHANGE 6TH SLOT 49 DAYS[/size] SLOT 5_TH 458 DAYS[/size] TEAM REVIVAL COIN 3 EA[/size] SLOT_8TH 20 DAYS[/size] SUPPLY BOX 926 EA[/size] DO
    12. Hello, I´m selling a LTC5 Account! Region: EU Bans: Never got Banned KDR: 1.78 Payment Method: PaySafeCard Price Range: 20$ Screenshots: http://prnt.sc/e4elwv http://prnt.sc/e4em2c http://prnt.sc/e4elnq Im not giving first, im already got scammed ... Write me on Skype: andreas.japs.7
    13. http://imgur.com/a/NPi3G Offer me either pm, discord, skype! Don't low ball me (my Skype is on my signature)
    14. Name : PatanjiTheWise 6.000+ Matches gespielt 1.4 K/D Ratio Combi Mastery Level 34 Semi Pro Level 59 43% Exp Gesamtspielzeit 29 Tage in Matches Waffen : AYA! Rifle FP Neo Spade Submachine Gun FP Knight Counter Sword FP Taser Sword FP Crow Counter Sword FP Puppy Revolver FP Assassin Spy Dagger FP Burst Shotgun MK2 FP Black Smash Rifle FP Flame Katana FP Crystal Plasma Sword +1 Skull Handgun FP Skull Imp Pirate Ace Set FP Dark Assassin Set M/W FP Mad Rabbit FP Capricornius FP Stormbat Rabbit FP Viele Sets 1 Tag/7 Tage/30 Tage Karten : 238xS4 / 65x4 / 102xL / 101xE / 124xA / 125xG / 152xU / 171x
    15. Hi, here I'm selling my Combat arms account .. The account has no perms .. He is lvl 1lt3 and has got a k/d 1.43 .. Just write me private
    16. Hello guys! Today i offering you guys a good Combat Arms Account! Information: - COL2 - KDR 2.22+ - GREAT PERMS! Some perms: - Max Set Duals - Max Set R870 MCS MOD - AND MORE! Screenshots http://imgur.com/a/d7hOH Make an offer! It has to be a good offer! Paypal Only! Greets, SeriiousGamerr
    17. I dont gonna waste so much time . I accepting CSGO Skins or offers ! thats it guys NO PAYPAL. I dont gonna waste much time , you go first or get middleman by request a trade dont even try to scam ;D Really rare and nice account Comment bellow with contact infromations ! epvpImg: *nomnomnom*, we eat your images. epvpImg: le image upload ^_^ epvpImg: We <3 elitepvpers and cookies! epvpImg: A picture is worth a thousand words. epvpImg: A picture is worth a thousand words. epvpImg: play less, UPLOAD MOAR! epvpImg: Nyanyanyanyanyanyanya! epvpImg: play less, UPLOAD MOAR!
    18. Account information and items: -Game version: EU -Level/Rank: 1LT (65%), still playing -Single player total progress: 81% -KDR: 1.08 -350k GP -720 NX -Player name change -Player record reset -Player name color change (30d+7d+1d+1d+1d) -Super megaphone x7 -Respawn token(s) x30 -Party respawn token(s) x42 -Weapon patch kit x45 -Gear license x5 -... and much more (GP/EXP bonuses, custom reticle all types, silver coins, etc..) + One 50% discount coupon Weapons(Perms): SR: MSG-90 AR: AUG A1, M16A3 Professional, SG550 Hot Shot LE and default ones of course... + Baron'
    19. Payment Method: Paypal (mm) Price: IDK, give me an offer, no trades. Rank: 1LT GP: 400k+ KDR: 1.5+ (no hacks) Stat Reset: Once Enlisted: 2011 (NA) Past Bans: None CBL Status: http://i.imgur.com/oaX4IqZ.png Screenshots (20+ cause of inbox) http://imgur.com/a/tegPU Special Item: Double Barrel Punisher (no gun rank) *bump*
    20. Account 1 1. Game version. - its NA 2. KDR. (Kill death ratio.) -1.54 3. Account history. How many times has it been banned (if it was). How many times has it been suspended and how long was the length. Was it ever de-ranked before? Was it previously bought/stolen. It has been NEVER banned, and was never de-ranked. Also, it was never sold before and it is CBL clean (can't show ss cause site is down) 4. Screenshots. Provide screenshots of your account. http://www.filedropper.com/appdata_1 http://imgur.com/a/Al3m9 It is a RAR file, use winrar to open and look at the scre
    21. Hello, I am selling a Combat Arms EU account with full info Rank: LTG (3 stars) Gender: Male K/D: 1,49 (with more than 180k kills) GP: more than 1 million Price: 80€ Payment: Paypal ONLY Contact: Skype (apple9615) or write in this thread Other: No time wasters and with a Middle Man Permanent gun: - Black Dragon TRG-21 - G36E - L85A1 - L96A1 - SR25 - UMP - TT Pistol Screen:
    22. Hey, Im selling my CA EU account because I play another game and need the money for that game. I accept paypal, bank and paysafecard. We are using a middleman or you go first, I only go first if you have over 50 positive feedbacks. Scammers, go away you can't scam me :') Weapons: http://i.imgur.com/kXAF9gC.png Function: http://i.imgur.com/BvnUTyz.png Gear: http://i.imgur.com/MJl6IXY.png Cosmetic: http://i.imgur.com/ShzEsGk.png Inbox 1: http://i.imgur.com/FieDU4a.png Inbox 2: http://i.imgur.com/Rlj0ZhV.png Stats: http://i.imgur.com/21SeQMU.png Skype: REMOVED
    23. Hi everyone! Today im selling a LTC1 account with a kdr of 1.33(+- 6k kills). Perms: - Mexican recon vest - Cyclops bandana - USA mask Its a european account. Clean history, never been hacked on! Make an offer. I will not go first! If you want screenshots ask me in private message. Payment options: - Paypal Greetz me!
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