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Found 10 results

  1. Hey guys, i just bought this >VIP hack, and i can start it and everything, but i dont know, it doesnt work. i choose Texture chams and i dont see the people. could you help me ?
  2. Do the public hacks for Combat Arms still work? When I click on 'load' in the client for the hacks i get a message saying 'this item has been disabled'.
  3. Does anybody know for some good fortnite hacks? even if its just wallhack/chams?
  4. Hello everyone, i decided to offer a Rainbow Six - Siege cheat exclusive for GHBSys Users and i will release the cheat after Beta. The first 10 users have the chance to join for - FREE - the Beta for Siege. Everything what you need is Discord, a working Headset, (recommend: secound account for siege) and a fully updated Windows. The cheat supports Windows 7 , 8 and 10. Important note to everyone the cheat will be protected with my own system. I included new ideas and functions into it. Every try to break the system lead to a machine ban and it's possible the lunch the cheat on a virtual machine. After the beta the cheat will be buyable for everyone and you don't need to get invited. The protection verfy your machine to use our cheat for Siege to give the best security. Is a new system to avoid unwanted users and to keep away from anti cheat companies. About the protection system i will release after the beta an extra thread with all informations. The Anti-Cheat programm "Battleye" is sucessfully bypassed, but when you're cheating to obvoius you can banned by FairFight. Get your informations about FairFight from google. The cheat uses the Metronic Framework! Q: What i need to do? A: Contact me over discord and send me your account name from Ghb. After it give a short introduce about yourself. The first 10 users will get Beta Acess! Q: Why beta ? A: I started first the beta to find the bugs for the cheats functions and to fix it. Is also for better effort to the users. Q: What for functions are available for Siege? A: D3D Chams, D3D Crosshair, D3D Wallhack, ESP BOX, Aimbot (Settings: Aimkey, FOV, Always Aim, Bone Selection (Head, Neck, Spine)), NoRecoil and NoSpread Q: Is the cheat safe to use? A: When you're not rage hacking, then you play with it without bad feelings. I recommend you carry first informations about FairFight! Q: What should i do when i founded a bug? A: Send me detailed information about the bug in Discord, then i will inform you when it's fixed. Q: Why i need a Headset? A: When i choose you for the beta, then i will speak with you about the cheat and give you every information what you need. If you have more question don't hesitate to ask in the Thread. kind regards Willi
  5. Honestly with all the feedback of the none noob hackers i think the new company will just focus on getting the gear guns etc for the beggers of CA and not even worry about the hackers which is +1 for us. if you ever go to the forums they hardly ever mention hackers because no one is going around OPKing telekilling etc because we keep it closet hacking simple and effective. they just beg about how they want to old CA back with the older graphics and how they want this and how they want that but i think it will be a new rise for GHBSYS because maybe and possibly when the company gets handed over we can start coding things we had back in 2009 - 2012 example MUDAFUKIN LIFE TAKER LMFAO i know it may be impossible but from what i seen from all the comments this new company that's going to take over are going to F the game all the way down to the ground which means more options to try out new hacks and more options to try out new things.. What do you think will happen? and obviously nexon will give them the cheat engine code or whatever they use but do you think they are smart enough to try to prevent cheats? PFF doupt it nexon has been running on cheaters for years because it's players like us that buy the most items most name changes etc in the game. I been cheating on this game since 2009 and spend already 3,000$ and the funny thing is i brought 300$ worth of name changes thinking it was going to help. Did it help? yeah until i found out they can get your A$$ either way
  6. FlamerFlave

    OP7 hacks

    Hey guys have anyone whallhack or any other hacks for Operation7 eu? sry for my bad english
  7. NeoIII

    New GHB - Loader

    We Present our new Loader: Download: It has some new features like reporting/feedback system, the core code has been redone, and we tryed to detect more network and injection problems and give the correct error message instead of just crashes. But as every new Software also the new Loader has some Bugs/Issues: #1 Does not Startup ( but still runs in background as you can see on TaskManager, doesnt let you close it ) -> Restart Computer -> rename loader -> place into desktop until Bug Fixed. #2 Windows 10 Injection fail on some users. ----------------------------------------- Solved #1 :: Bug #1 actually only appears with Avast - Antivirus, it seems to fail running the loader in auto Sandbox, just make an exception or disable it for injection time ( 10 mins ) ============================ About The Hacks: All of our Coders have to Update their Hacks to work with the new Loader, please be patient until they are done. We will Extend your Lost time until Hacks are back up working. ============================ If More Problems occur please report them into this thread. ( Please give a detailed problem description, duplicate or incomplete reports get deleted ) Yours NeoIII
  8. Hey Guys my Problem today is when i open the loader as ADMIN it has for 15-30 Seconds Loading and then There is nothing i got WIndows 8.1 32 bit system and i already tried to run it in Compatibility Mode nothing of it worked pls help me Hey Leute mein problem heute is wenn ich den loader öffne als ADMIN hab ich für 15-30 sekunden nen Loading... und dann zeigt er mir keine hacks an habe windows 8.1 32 bit und habs schon in Kompaktibilitäts Modus Gestartet für Windows XP sp2/3 und Windows 8 hat nichts gebracht bitte um hilfe
  9. Hey guys I'm really happy to be here, and I love hacks as in the title included. I'm here for cheats but also for talking. How can I type in SB btw? And another question, is this public hack safe and undetected? Greetings
  10. Hello, this is an tutorial on how to make an basic memory hacker. Needed Programs: Cheat Engine (Any Version) Download for Cheat Engine: A Game (In This Case i am gonna do it for Assult Cube) Download for Assult Cube : First we need the static values of the game for now i cant show u so i found this video: Then when u got it write it on notepad ( i recommend ) Then start Visual Basic 2003, 2008, 2010 etc. Then Do this: New > Project > Visual C++ (C++) > Win32 > Console Application Name it whatever u want. Click empty project (or not delays if you want to find out what to do on your own) Then start importing this code : #include <iostream> #include <windows.h> #include <string> #include <ctime> This imports the time, so when can use it. This imports a String, so we can use "Text". This imports iostream, so we can edit processes (or windows.h i dont know excactly. And windows.h is needed for the process detection Then make this: std::string GameName = "Assult Cube"; LPCSTR LGameWindow = "Assult Cube"; std::string GameStatus; This is for the strings, i dont know excactly what LPCSTR Does. Because i am doing C++ for an week then this : bool isGameAvail; bool UpdateOnNextRun; This are bools (javascript users : booleans) End Part #1