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Visual Basic Training

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I wont be giving you much of crap here lets get started rightaway .


Lesson 1 :


1.Open you Visual Basic

2.Select new Standard.exe file

3.Press Open


Now you will see your work space. Properties, General Tool Window, Property Manager and the Form Workspace .

Click on your form and size it to your wanted size once done go and change its properties in right panel .


Caption : Form1 // Change this to what ever will be the name off application in our example "Test Application"

BackColor // Change the background of the form or. window here

BorderStyle // Here you can change you window style so it can be re sizable and so on my favorite is FixedToolWindow

Font // Here you will change the font of thetext on your form


Change only these for the time .


Now when you got your application ready lets get on to second Lesson.


Lesson 2 :


Take a Button tool from the General Tab and draw a button anywhere on Form and go to the left

panel and change these to you likings :


Caption // The name of the button or text that will be displayed on the button In my example chose "Say Some Thing" Cuss we will make app say something

Font // The text style on the button


Ok now that you completed that go and double click on the button>

A code window appears // there are two different parts in visual basic and c++ // one part is visual this

is where you put buttons and change and make the lo0k off your application here you add everything for the look and use. In the sceond

part that is coding part well here we make all those visualizations do something . In other words we give them functions.


Ok now when you are in buttons code window you will see :


Private Sub Command1_Click()


End Sub


This code. This is the main button code its similar to one in HTML <body> </body> or <head> </head>

the explanation of main code is easy >


Private Sub Command1_Click() // Private Sub is a form statement so the form knows to point to certian object and the Command1 is the

name of this certian object located on the form in our example this will be the button .


_ // This is a separator for action that will be taken once we click on a certian object its like in Flash-Action Script function = Get-URL

so instead of - or space we have this separator .


Click // this is the button function just like in Flash-Action Script Stop or Play and so on. This will give the command1 button his action

so he will know that he will be clicked and he will do something but what will he do that we must write between these 2 main codes.


End Sub // This ends the functions for our button its like in html <body>/starts the code and </body> ends the code .


Now that you are familiar whit the main button code lets get to adding a function to it . The names of functions are realy like the thing we

want to do just like in flash we got if we wwant a movie to play we put Play in the script if we want it to stop at certian frame we type stop.


Lets get on whit the project .


In the empty area between the main code of the button type in Print and it will be highlighted blue or black

Now press space and ad a quote and type wazzap > "wazzap" . Press the play button in the top bar and your application will be run

and when you will press on the button it will say wazzap


Here is the complied this is how it should look like :



Ok explanation :


Private Sub Command1_Click()
Print "wazzap" 
End Sub


Print // This is global action for c languages when used it will print out some words or numbers or whatever we puted there in quotes

"xxx" // What ever will be typed in here will be displayed afterwards when we press the button


Lesson 3 :


Making it count :


Delete the Print "Wazzap" and put in Print = "50+50+50+10"

now run you application whit play button press it and you will thee that button has calculated everything that is in the quotes


Print = "x+x-x/x*x" // > this will say that button must calculate everything in the quotes and then display it when its pressed


MSDN Must be installed error" When yo installed VB you must have left it out go and install it again .


Rest in coming soon :


Complie the program in the left tree window select Project1 right click and press Publish and build outputs.. and then just follow it

you project will be located in C/PF/Microsoft VB/VB98/Project1.exe

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looks great. O.o

cant even put in a button omg.

vb 2008?

wdf man. i dont get shit of this.

Edited by reteveter

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