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  1. Ok soon ill be leaving this site cuss we got no real coders here ... Anyways before i go i will suplly you guys whit tutorials on how to do stuff read down and you will know all i know . What we need : Visual Basic 6 or 2005 Express Edition - Borland Delphi 7 - http://-!Forbidden Upload Site, please give me 3 days Suspend!-/files/31515233/delphi7e.rar.html Microsoft Driver Develpoment or DDK - Microsoft Solution or .Net Framework 3 -;displaylang=en Microsoft DirectX 8 and 9 SDK - CO Compiler for VISTA or DKK - Google It i sugesst VisualBasic 2005 NET 6.7 or newer compiler Cheat Engine Source Code - Undetectd Cheat Engine - ASK Neo for one ... Ill make one for you guys before ill leave .. Actual Search and replace - Actual Search and Replace Keygen - WPE Pro - Debugger for ASM programing - Google It i would suggest using Olly Debugger or the best the one from your UCE Once isntaled this we can start : 1. Game Hacking - UCE : How it works and Finding stuff - WPE : How it works and Finding stuff - How to look for addresses 2. D3D Programing and Game Hacking - How to make a D3D Hack - How to make a D3D In Game Menu - How to make a sinple Wireframe/Wallhack 3. Programing in Delphi 7 - Makeing your own UCE - Adding New Functions 4. STC Hacking - Hacking World of Warcraft - Hacking Guild Wars - Hacking other MMORPG 5. C Programing - How to make ByPass Memory Method - How to create ByPass Dll Method 6. How to say thanks . Ok so lets go : 1. GAME HACKING 1. UCE How to use it ! 1. UCE or Undetected Cheat Engine is a remodified Cheat Engine that can stay hidden from Anti Cheat services but if you have bypass you are in no need off Undetected Cheat Engine . Ok so lets get started , i wont go it to stupid details so i ask you to go throu UCE Tutorial first , now run you UCE and lets start hacking everything . We will use WarRock since its easyest to hack bumfgrpltam ^^ ... Anyways lets attach you UCE to runing WarRock first and then join a Battlefield type game get in to the game and hide your self some where also chose Assault whit K2 gun. Ok now lets get down to work . Unlimited Stamina : To find unlimited stamina we need to search for Unknown Initial Value and 4 Bytes cuss the value off Unlimited Stamina is biger than 1000. Anyways once you scaned for Unknown Initaial Value go and run so much you decrease you stamina full to 0 . Go to UCE and scan for Increasing Value press this button exactly when your stamina gets up you will ahve to press this button around 4 times , repeat the process 2 more times and you will be left whit 200 addresses . Now delete all addresses fromaddress list that are smaller 1000 or make a next scann for Value Between 1000 - 1000000 and it fill find you only few addresses now you can easly find the correct one from the address list it will be the one whit the biggest number and its last three digits will be changesing add this address to address list and freze it and walla you ahve unimited stamina . Unlimited Ammo : Whit UCE you are unable to find unlimited ammo address for all guns but only each gun seperate but if you got tiem you can find al the addresses and put them in a pointer but that will be one massive pointer . Anyways go and scan for value 30 / 2 bytes and then fire few times and scan for changed value now fire again and scan for changed value again . Now reload you magazine clip and scan for Increased Value and walla you will ahve around 13-20 addresses left just find the one that has a value matching you gun ammunation . Alternative way to find this is this one : Scan for Unknovn Initaial Value /2 bytes and then fire few rounds and scan for changed address repeat this process untill you get down to 10 addresses it may take bit more time but this method allways finds teh ( Im too stupid to write "the" ) ( Im too stupid to write "the" ) ( Im too stupid to write "the" ) ( Im too stupid to write "the" ) ( Im too stupid to write "the" ) address but slower . Unlimited HP : This is almost god mode but you hp still gets decreased but you get healed anyway and this is easy to find whit UCE but the address is dynamic ok so what you do is this . Scan for valu 1000 / 4 bytes and the go jump off something and scan for decreased value and then get fully healed and NEXT SCANN for 1000 again and repeat the proces one more time just so you get assured you got correct one . Its very easy to find but its dynamic thats why its eayer to find over WPE . Anyways right click on it and press What writes to this address now go in game and get some damage and then get healed go back to UCE and in the What Writes to this address windown you will have few addresses and offsets chose the first one and press replace and then find the offsets address Show More Info .. Then press stop and close teh ( Im too stupid to write "the" ) ( Im too stupid to write "the" ) ( Im too stupid to write "the" ) ( Im too stupid to write "the" ) ( Im too stupid to write "the" ) what writes to this address window and go to address list click on address and add pointer address and offset value and press ok then frezze the value and you got instant HP and No Fall Damage Scope : Take a sniper and scan for 0 / 2 bytes and then zoom in 1x and scann for 1 and then zoom in 2x and scann for 2 then dont zoom whit your sniper and scan for 0 again repeat this small process few times and walla you will have address again go what writes to this address go in game zoom in once and go back to UCE and select the first address and press Replace and then you know what to do . How to find Dynamics Static address is explained in UCE tutorial so youll have to go throu it mwhahahahah .... Swim in air : Stand and scann for 0 / 2 bytes then kneel or prone and scann for 1 then crunch or ley down and scan for 2 then repeat the process until you got the address when you get the correct address go waht writes to this address again i think its ovious what to do from here . Here are the values : 0 - Makes you stand , 1- Prone , 2 - Crunch , 3 - Remot Control , 4 - Swim in air or fly or superman whaterver you like to call it mahahahahahahah ... Newbs Remote Control Wheicles : Once you find the Swim in air address go in wheicle and turn it to 3 and wolla you got remote control as its ment to be. Unlimited Vheicle ammo and no Over heat : Get in tank or helicopter and scann for its ammo and then fire few rounds scan decreased value and then repeat process one more time and you will have teh ( Im too stupid to write "the" ) ( Im too stupid to write "the" ) ( Im too stupid to write "the" ) ( Im too stupid to write "the" ) ( Im too stupid to write "the" ) address and it will be static but for no over heat do this add +4e as offset to address you wind and freeaze it all and you will have unlimited rockets and no over heat and no reload . Allways be driver or pilot if some one has got in to the vheicle before you : Get in a helicopter pilots seat and scann for 1 /2 bytes then get in to the co pilots seat and scan for 2 then get in to third seat and scann for 3 and fourth and scann for 4 and ten back to pilots and scann for 1 and once you have address it will be static . Make sure that when you are makeing the hack its turned to 1 once pressed and what it wil do is kick the currect drive out off vheicle and put you in head seat . Walal mad mad mad .... Invisible: This si soooo eayser to find over WPE pro but lets giv eit a try ... Join a battlefield game and while in character screen scann for 0 and when you pick you character and start playing scann for 1 then go and die so you get back toc haracter pick screen and scann for 0 again repeat this process few times and you will have it but its dynamic and if you went throu the UCE or CE tutorial you will know what to do . Dead man Walking : When you are alive scan for folat 1 and when you die scan for 0 repeat this process few times until you find the correct one and it will be static and it will be just one character diffirent from Invisible address . But thsi one si static ok but do this add the offset of the invisible address to this one and ten turn the value to 1 once you die . What wil it do it will bring you back to life but and you will be invisible but you wont be able to move so watch where you die rofl .. Super Jump : Scan for Unknown Initial Value /4 bytes the go on the second level of some building or jsut go to higher ground and scann for increased value after that go back down and scann for Decreaded Value .Repeat the process few times untill you got the right one . Again whit what writes to this address , scann for pointer ... READ UCE TUTORIAL for Newbs rofl .. Then turn the value to lets say 6000 and get in game press jump button and you will be going HIGH rofl ... then just shoot ppl while you are going back down but whit no fall damage you will soon be wasted rofl .. Here is a liffle Marien Super Jump trick .. In your spawn point set the value to 1111 and you will be pwned in to the air then jsut wait and youll see what happens when you hit the ground . You will be pulled under map and invisible to other people and free to move around and shoot everyone and one more tip look up and shoot up ... Rofl All weapons : PM me and i will tell you how to do thsi bus its embarasing if you dont knwo this one its even easyer than stamina . GPS : What i did for some time is add +4E or +4C to address off Scope and i got GPS but there is another method before joining a game scan for 0 one you in game pick a character and go play and scan for 1 repeat thsi quit the game scan for 0 and join and scan for 1 repeat and repeat and repeat and wall its done . Add +2A for 3D gps ... This is detected both methods so you will need a bypass will get to undetected way later when we get to work whit External Debuggers ... Boxes : To tell you the truth i never saw it usefull so i never searched for it ... Um but i would try some stuff like 0 1 and stuff rof .. NoRecoil / No Spread You have to be ashamed if you dont know how to find it . Scan for 0 fire scan for increaded let eh gun cool and scan for 0 again thsi si what i do you willg et about 4 addresses 2 are corect . This si lots easyer whit WPE pro i did it whit UCE only 1 time but it was easy ... Instant Respawn : Agains shamefull ... Scan for unknown initial value and when in character screen scann for Value IN Between 0 and 10 and press the button few times in a row and you will be down to 2 addresses since beta there were allways two addresses anyway freeze them both to 0 and you will be done whit it . One Position Killaz : I never ever used this one its ruins the game totalllly. 2. WPE Pro and How to use it 2. I know i know it looks ugly it searches funny its stupid rofl .. and confusing who cares about packets well i guess only people knowing real hacking ... It can hack more than UCE its easyer to use its cooler and its DETECTED so get redy whit like 10-20 warrock accounts rofl just jokeing ill make an undetected one for you thill then use bypass . Also befoer usage go View and Options set it to 500 not 5000 and uncheck all but send . Ok lets get down to the hacks i search whit WPE Pro Unlmited Ammo : Get rid off all your ammo even pistol and grenades everything ok now do this go vlose to ammo box and press Alt-Tab run wpe pro and attach WarRock on it . Then fastlt go to ammo box and when you get to 50% of recharging the ammo press Play button on WPE pro it will scan for pockets and when you refill your ammo press stop button the red one . And prepare to be banned from WarRock walla close WarRock and in WPE Pro you will have pocket list around 3 pockets ahve been sent and recived . From there you wil have all info trust me you will know what to do . Unlimited Hp : Do exactly the same thing you done for ammo but in this one loose hp and go to hp box or use medic kit and heal your self and start scanning for pockets when you are about 50% off healing process . Invisible : Press play button go in game fall from somewhere and die . Press stop button and you are done 5 pockets recorded one whit 1 is for invisible and one whit 0 is for no fal damage you knwo what to do from there .., Super Jump : Press play and jump once in game go and press stop and wolla 2 maybe 3 pockets found ... Dead Man Walking: Play Die Live Stop and walla 2 pockets .... Ask for more ..... Ok here is the basic way how to look for addresses : Dont be stupid everything can be found whit the right way . Its not tha complicated lets say you want to find ZOOM and you know that you can only zoom two times . Then well its allready logical that the address will contain value numbers 1 and 2 RIGHT ! Wall you allrdy know waht to look for and so you know when you zoom in once it will be 1 when you zoom twice it will be 2 and when you aint zooming it will be 0 . Right ! Easy aint it well you know what to look for... You want unlimited ammo and if you go throu other games and CE tutorial you will see that Health is usualy a round number like 10 , 100 , 1000 well you got a search group start looking for them ... If you dont find it whit bytes try floating ... Be creative . Also here is a good tip . If you are looking for address whit value beiiger then 1000 then search for 4 bytes if its lower then 1000 the for 2 bytes . Allways check game files before hacking it may help you a lot any file can be openec whit Notepad try it youll find lots off usefull information how else do you think we found All Wepaons hack huh .. Anyways rest tomrrow ... I go get drunk now ....
  2. Here is the easiest way to make d3d hacks : wallhack ,box , gps , invisible this is the true hacking .
  3. Notepad is complex but fast i suggest googling for this program DEVC++ best free non visual c++ compiler and writer But all that will be absolute . In 11.08.2007 Microsoft will release WDDC or VB2008
  4. If you have post-dynamic or static IP address the the game will only ban you ip cuss they know they will ban you for some time but if you are hardware ban changing ip wont do you any good . You need a hardware spoofer. Iam a friend whit KFC HW Spoofer Owner i cna get you 1 product for free if you need it .
  5. There are many : Notepad , Dev C++ , Visual Basic , Visual C+ , Visual you cna even make them in delphi or VB 2005 or even in Phyton or FreeB
  6. I wont be giving you much of crap here lets get started rightaway . Lesson 1 : 1.Open you Visual Basic 2.Select new Standard.exe file 3.Press Open Now you will see your work space. Properties, General Tool Window, Property Manager and the Form Workspace . Click on your form and size it to your wanted size once done go and change its properties in right panel . Caption : Form1 // Change this to what ever will be the name off application in our example "Test Application" BackColor // Change the background of the form or. window here BorderStyle // Here you can change you window style so it can be re sizable and so on my favorite is FixedToolWindow Font // Here you will change the font of thetext on your form Change only these for the time . Now when you got your application ready lets get on to second Lesson. Lesson 2 : Take a Button tool from the General Tab and draw a button anywhere on Form and go to the left panel and change these to you likings : Caption // The name of the button or text that will be displayed on the button In my example chose "Say Some Thing" Cuss we will make app say something Font // The text style on the button Ok now that you completed that go and double click on the button> Ok now when you are in buttons code window you will see : This code. This is the main button code its similar to one in HTML <body> </body> or <head> </head> the explanation of main code is easy > Private Sub Command1_Click() // Private Sub is a form statement so the form knows to point to certian object and the Command1 is the name of this certian object located on the form in our example this will be the button . _ // This is a separator for action that will be taken once we click on a certian object its like in Flash-Action Script function = Get-URL so instead of - or space we have this separator . Click // this is the button function just like in Flash-Action Script Stop or Play and so on. This will give the command1 button his action so he will know that he will be clicked and he will do something but what will he do that we must write between these 2 main codes. End Sub // This ends the functions for our button its like in html <body>/starts the code and </body> ends the code . Now that you are familiar whit the main button code lets get to adding a function to it . The names of functions are realy like the thing we want to do just like in flash we got if we wwant a movie to play we put Play in the script if we want it to stop at certian frame we type stop. Lets get on whit the project . In the empty area between the main code of the button type in Print and it will be highlighted blue or black Now press space and ad a quote and type wazzap > "wazzap" . Press the play button in the top bar and your application will be run and when you will press on the button it will say wazzap Here is the complied this is how it should look like : Ok explanation : Private Sub Command1_Click() Print "wazzap" End Sub Print // This is global action for c languages when used it will print out some words or numbers or whatever we puted there in quotes "xxx" // What ever will be typed in here will be displayed afterwards when we press the button Lesson 3 : Making it count : Delete the Print "Wazzap" and put in Print = "50+50+50+10" now run you application whit play button press it and you will thee that button has calculated everything that is in the quotes Print = "x+x-x/x*x" // > this will say that button must calculate everything in the quotes and then display it when its pressed MSDN Must be installed error" When yo installed VB you must have left it out go and install it again . Rest in coming soon : Complie the program in the left tree window select Project1 right click and press Publish and build outputs.. and then just follow it you project will be located in C/PF/Microsoft VB/VB98/Project1.exe
  7. Here are the download links : Download Links : This is the one i use . It includes Visual C+ and VB
  8. Heyz. First off all if your mind ain't strong enough don't even try this c++ you wont achive anything, you have to be born whit the skill to program whit c++ and vb and delphi . Anyways in this tutorial i will try to teach you on how to make a cheat in C++ Visual Studio or in other words Microsoft's Visual Basic the easiest programing software there is on earth . Requirements : Visual Basic 6 ( DON'T USE VISUAL BASIC 7 / 2005 FOR IT HAS MS-ANS Compiler ) Some good music to stay calm And some addresses Lessons : 1. Making a cheat in visual basic : First steps we will take is creating the cheat in VB and making it undetected and good looking. After that we will proceed to more complex levels . 2. We will integrate a complex security system and login for our cheat 3. We will make the cheat log ip's and send them to a PHP database on web. 4. We will make the cheat hardware locked so only vips can run them 5. We will make checksum, so if there will be a pb update our vip clients will know, if cheat becomes detected they will know or if the new version of cheat get out they will know . Lesson 1 : Make It Lets get started . Go > Start > All Programs > Microsoft Visual Studio > Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 1. Start New Standard EXE project 2. Go to side tree menu and press Add -> Module after window opens press Open 3. Copy the long code bellow in to the Module Window 4. And then close it by pressing on X in tool window . 5. Now lets get down to design click on the form and give it a new name color, style and so on . I chose Fixed Tool Window style of form black color background and name [GHB]-Game cheat Bastards 6. Now lets make a button (Standard Button later we will go on to the radio buttons and checkboxes) 7. Once we got the button made double click on it so we can give it a function . Once you double clicked the button the code window appears whit 2 statements Now enter this code between them : Call WriteALong("WarRock", &H926134, 1) So it looks like this : Now close the code window for button and make another button that will turn off GPS Do the same thing as you did above create a new button name it GPS OFF and double click it and now enter this code : Call WriteALong("WarRock", &H926134, 0) This is what you do whit static or dynamic addresses that need to be turned from 1 to 0 or around . Part Two : Showing the value of the address. First off all delete the buttons we made thill now so we have bit more space click on form and make yourself another button and call it Command2. Put it anywhere on the form and type in Stamina . Now take TextBox tool from your general window and make a TextBox just beside the button and make it bit longer . Now double click on the stamina button and add in this code So it will look like this : Once you entered the code close the code window and go back to form. Part Three : Freezing static and dynamic addresses : Get the "Timer" control from the General tab and add it to your form it will call "Timer1". Now make 2 other buttons in one of them double click and write: Timer1.Interval = 1 And in the other one Timer1.Interval = 0 *This one will be stamina off* Double click on Timer1 and write: Call WriteALong("WarRock", &H7D9120, 1120403456) Now Press RUN to see you creation and then compile it . Part Three : Code Explanation : Call WriteALong("pppppp", &xxxxxx, v) Call WriteALong // This part of the code tells the cheat to write a new value for a selected address "ppppppp" // In this part enter the game process name in our example its WarRock if the hask will be for battlefield 2142 then you will type BF2142 and so on and so on . &xxxxxxx // Here you will type in your address most addreses start whit 00 ( Stamina = 007D9120 ) the & will be there beside the two 00's so if you will be writing in the address you will enter it like this &-instead of 00 and then add 7D9120 so it will look like &7d9120. v // this is what you want you value to be when you press the button . Lets say boxes is 0 when its off so you have to type here 1 to turn it on and then make another button whit same code only v to be 0 so you turn it off . Dim Value1 As Long Call ReadALong("WarRock", &H7D9120, Value1) Text1.Text = Value1 Dim Value As Long // Almost same thing as above only this will make the value be shown in the textBox youhave made beside you button . Call ReadALong // Will tell to gather info from the address but since we did not specify the value to be changed it will just show us the value of address Text1.Text = Value1 // When you made the textBox beside you button you saw there is Text1 typed in it this part of the code will delete that text and enter in/display Value1 // wich will be the value off address so we will see the value of the address . Timer1.Interval = 1 Timer1.Interval = 1 // This will tell the button when pressed to freeze the address value so it dont change from its curent . Timer1.Interval = 0 // This will tell Stamina Off button to unfreeze the value of address turning of the cheat Call WriteALong("WarRock", &H7D9120, 1120403456) // This part off address will tell the time that he needs to freeze the givent address at that value when the Timer1,Interval = 1 button is pressed . When i get more time i will write the rest off it . 1 more exam next Thursday from math class and i am done for the year ! YAY