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  1. CBat

    How to open menu for CSGO? Sorry, first time using the CSGO hack. 

  2. cs:go needs update!!!

  3. i was not able to use vip for 4 days of the 30 day subscription and would like to be redeemed for my 4 days as soon as possible.

    1. lilhood757


      im looking for my  purchase receipt at the moment but i will say that i am a valued customer and enjoy the hacks you all offer and i will continue to buy the hacks if u all redeem my 4 days. 

  4. ultra

    CSGO Cheat Update

    Hello CSGO users, as promised the anti-OBS build of the cheat that I've been kept as a hostage for a few months has been released. I've also added an additional tab on the menu for the "legit" users that want to customize the settings for different weapon categories. To hide all visuals on stream it is required to disable "capture third-party overlays" in OBS. Happy streaming!
  5. ultra

    What killed Combat Arms?

    Tons of shitty updates
  6. ultra

    I am thinking about buying VIP for CSGO.

    The game ban will extend to your other accounts if you have verified the multiple accounts with the same phone number. The ban will only apply to the game you got banned on though. (For instance: CSGO) Yes. But I do recommend doing a full clean install of windows to clear all traces related to the cheat(s) (USN journal, DNS logs, e.g.) < this step is only for if you get a vac ban(cheat detection which you shouldn't worry about). Create a new account, buy the game and play legit or do the 1st and 2nd step then try other settings for the cheat to make you look not so obvious. You have to be aware that there are people that will report you, which will send you to overwatch for manual investigation. So play with settings that make you look legit. Note: there is a difference between a game ban and a vac ban. Game ban: Vac ban:
  7. ultra

    Hi Ghbsys

    Yeah, GSYS is the sister site of GHB. We hosted GSYS on our server until the end of its days.
  8. ultra

    Combat Arms Classic

    I haven't been following the news about old ca coming back, but what instance of old ca are they reverting to?
  9. Max as the profile pic btw

    1. ultra


      nvm nigga got triggered

    2. K3K


      Thats why we can´t have nice things :feelsbadman:

    3. ultra
  10. No recoil was never added, you mean no spread. The reason why I removed no spread is because valve decided to patch it by calculating seed server-sided. Snyper and I are busy IRL, so we are mostly online and free on the weekends or on holidays. Snyper is mostly working for 3 weeks and then have 1-2 weeks off which depends on how much work he has done. So don't expect him to be much on the internet. Unlike one of our competitors which has a staff team full of kids under 18. GHB is the opposite of that and has a staff team that has been here for years and are 18 and older which leads a busy life with school/work and such. Most of the staff is active on Discord if help is needed though. A good example is one of our coder(Willi35) took some months off to finish some of his stuff IRL so he could have free time to release cheats on here again. -> You have to realize that this forum has been running for 11 years, unlike other sites. A great fix for this would be recruiting young people that have a lot of free time in hand, but that's another story. There is a reason why we created our discord server, so people could come and join and ask for help for live support instead of waiting for a staff to reply on their thread. I am mostly idle on the server until I have time to check the messages I have gotten. The prices that have been set for the cheats are usually chosen by the coder themselves. The reason why the prices of my cheats are like that Is because I make and release cheats for my own enjoyment, so I don't care what people think of the price as long as I have fun in what I'm doing and the people that actually buy my cheats are enjoying them even if the price is high. I usually update my cheat(s) the same day I get to know that they're down. But not all the cheats can get updated fast because we need to reverse and update the needed addresses/offset/structs/classes and check the game for any changes that have been made. So, of course, these thing takes time. If you don't mind, can you PM which ones you're talking about. That's the moment when you should check the hackstatus or ask one of the staff/coder if something is wrong. A great example(s) is: CSGO: I've had people thinking that the ESP for the CSGO cheat is broken because of Valve's PVS system. What the PVS system does is that it limited how far(min distance - max distance) enemies are synched with the client -> CA: There were reports that the HP hack in the CA cheat wasn't working, but people had to enable it in lobby for it to work before going into a game, most people enabled it in-game Snyper is the one you have to contact. Look at the statement on the 4th quote above. This is 5 games in one package deal. CSGO, CSS, TF2, DOD:S, L4D2I I'm sorry to hear that you have been laid off, I hope that you find another job that stays longer, but regarding the prices, you'll have to talk to the coders about that. You're free to stay and chill around if you want. Join our discord if you want a better place to chat and to contact us. Seems to be an injection issue thanks to Valve, has been fixed though. You should PM me the issues next time.(THIS APPLIES TO ALL USERS)
  11. Hello GHB Users, as some of you might know, the CSGO cheat has changed a lot since the first release and so did the forum. I started rewriting most parts of the cheat at the start of summer and hoped that it would be released at the same time with the new forum update, but I had to postpone the update because I never felt it was ready to be released until now. The massive part of the changes is mostly the aimbot, you will feel a big difference when using it. Also as you can see in the thread title, I am indeed working on a stream-proof version of the cheat, but there won't be any ETA yet so all I can give you guys is a soon™(valve time ) Screenshots & changelog can be seen down below:
  12. ultra

    Where my VIP

    PM me your transaction id
  13. ultra

    Guid change?

    Try now.