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  1. ItzLemon™

    Use HotKeys !

    Wilkommen in meinem Thread GHB Hier ma ne HotKey Liste : VK_LBUTTON 01 Left mouse button VK_RBUTTON 02 Right mouse button VK_CANCEL 03 Control-break processing VK_MBUTTON 04 Middle mouse button (three-button mouse) VK_BACK 08 BACKSPACE key VK_TAB 09 TAB key VK_CLEAR 0C CLEAR key VK_RETURN 0D ENTER key VK_SHIFT 10 SHIFT key VK_CONTROL 11 CTRL key VK_MENU 12 ALT key VK_PAUSE 13 PAUSE key VK_CAPITAL 14 CAPS LOCK key VK_ESCAPE 1B ESC key VK_SPACE 20 SPACEBAR VK_PRIOR 21 PAGE UP key VK_NEXT 22 PAGE DOWN key VK_END 23 END key VK_HOME 24 HOME key VK_LEFT 25 LEFT ARROW key VK_UP 26 UP ARROW key VK_RIGHT 27 RIGHT ARROW key VK_DOWN 28 DOWN ARROW key VK_SELECT 29 SELECT key VK_PRINT 2A PRINT key VK_EXECUTE 2B EXECUTE key VK_SNAPSHOT 2C PRINT SCREEN key VK_INSERT 2D INS key VK_DELETE 2E DEL key VK_HELP 2F HELP key 30 0 key 31 1 key 32 2 key 33 3 key 34 4 key 35 5 key 36 6 key 37 7 key 38 8 key 39 9 key 41 A key 42 B key 43 C key 44 D key 45 E key 46 F key 47 G key 48 H key 49 I key 4A J key 4B K key 4C L key 4D M key 4E N key 4F O key 50 P key 51 Q key 52 R key 53 S key 54 T key 55 U key 56 V key 57 W key 58 X key 59 Y key 5A Z key VK_NUMPAD0 60 Numeric keypad 0 key VK_NUMPAD1 61 Numeric keypad 1 key VK_NUMPAD2 62 Numeric keypad 2 key VK_NUMPAD3 63 Numeric keypad 3 key VK_NUMPAD4 64 Numeric keypad 4 key VK_NUMPAD5 65 Numeric keypad 5 key VK_NUMPAD6 66 Numeric keypad 6 key VK_NUMPAD7 67 Numeric keypad 7 key VK_NUMPAD8 68 Numeric keypad 8 key VK_NUMPAD9 69 Numeric keypad 9 key VK_SEPARATOR 6C Separator key VK_SUBTRACT 6D Subtract key VK_DECIMAL 6E Decimal key VK_DIVIDE 6F Divide key VK_F1 70 F1 key VK_F2 71 F2 key VK_F3 72 F3 key VK_F4 73 F4 key VK_F5 74 F5 key VK_F6 75 F6 key VK_F7 76 F7 key VK_F8 77 F8 key VK_F9 78 F9 key VK_F10 79 F10 key VK_F11 7A F11 key VK_F12 7B F12 key VK_F13 7C F13 key VK_F14 7D F14 key VK_F15 7E F15 key VK_F16 7F F16 key VK_F17 80H F17 key VK_F18 81H F18 key VK_F19 82H F19 key VK_F20 83H F20 key VK_F21 84H F21 key VK_F22 85H F22 key VK_F23 86H F23 key VK_F24 87H F24 key VK_NUMLOCK 90 NUM LOCK key VK_SCROLL 91 SCROLL LOCK key VK_LSHIFT A0 Left SHIFT key VK_RSHIFT A1 Right SHIFT key VK_LCONTROL A2 Left CONTROL key VK_RCONTROL A3 Right CONTROL key VK_LMENU A4 Left MENU key VK_RMENU A5 Right MENU key VK_PLAY FA Play key VK_ZOOM FB Zoom key How to Use This? hack { if(GetAsyncKeyState(VK_Hotkey) &1) { //code// }
  2. Morgn wird so Yeah :*


  3. ItzLemon



  4. hoffe bald heißt du lemon x3 ld <3

  5. ItzCherry Feat ItzLemon™ = <3

  6. ItzLemon™

    Mein 1. Video für GHB

    n1 work
  7. aLLes qute x3

    //♥♥♥Chiiby for W-Mod♥♥♥


  8. ItzLemon™

    Reallife gfx :D

    gefällt mir Am besten immernoch der aufkleber aufm Tisch x3
  9. wo kann cih eigentlich sehen wie lange ich noch vip hab