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Everything posted by LiLAzianB0y-

  1. LiLAzianB0y-

    Flash Drive Method

    I tried it on one of my usb's and after 3-5 minutes mark then that false ban message pops up. Can't use my other usb because it is write protected lol oh well, I'ma just wait til it gets fixed overall Thanks Max
  2. LiLAzianB0y-

    Flash Drive Method

    same here I think it doesn't matter where we put the loader at, that message always pops up after like 3-5 minutes
  3. LiLAzianB0y-

    COL 2 lots of perms/Plat/1.3m gp

    then you shouldn't be calling him your friend since friends don't do that to their own friends lol. On topic: I would buy it if its rank was GOA or CIC since I'm too lazy to rank on a different account besides my main
  4. LiLAzianB0y-

    Best Hack - complement

    we are UNIQUE that's why
  5. LiLAzianB0y-

    Loader C01 Error - File Corrupt

    Thankyou Neo awesome work as always
  6. LiLAzianB0y-

    Buying a Combat arms case list're still talking about that
  7. LiLAzianB0y-

    Buying a Combat arms case list

    oh....I had never seen it so i don't know...sorry mate.
  8. LiLAzianB0y-


    are you trying to get your posts up or something lol? but anyways, Hello
  9. LiLAzianB0y-

    Buying a Combat arms case list

    I don't think we have ever had such things like that on our site (maybe before I become a member on this site.)
  10. LiLAzianB0y-


    it looks suspicious to me...but whoever wants to buy this account, be really careful..and goodluck
  11. LiLAzianB0y-

    Legitimate hacking tips.

    my pleasure p/s: actually, my first account got banned for a false report which I did not use any speedhack but I was reported for speedhacking which made me really mad lol. I was legitly playing on that account until Nexon decided to ban my account for a stupid reason but since then have yet to get caught
  12. LiLAzianB0y-

    Legitimate hacking tips.

    I myself have been hacking for as long as CA has been around without getting caught. Always play on my main account (don't have any alt.) My main account is a Diamond Grade in NX and still have yet to be banned. You just have to know how to wisely use the hacks. p/s: Nice tutorial btw
  13. LiLAzianB0y-

    Combat Arms spec sale

    It was leaked by Nexon's staffs. It happened a few times before then after a couple of minutes when they noticed it, they took it down. your friend could be right as I also replied above....could be a false leak by Nexon.
  14. LiLAzianB0y-

    Great Public hacks

    lmao @Max
  15. LiLAzianB0y-

    Combat Arms aimbot

    haha that's why I'm playing on an alt until it gets fixed be patient thou. They are going to get it fixed as soon as the coders have time Don't forget that coders also have a life
  16. LiLAzianB0y-

    vip hotkeys

    Press "insert" to hide it and press "insert' once again if you want to open the hack menu.
  17. LiLAzianB0y-


    Let them wait hehe
  18. LiLAzianB0y-

    buying with bitcoin

    pm admins and ask them if you can or cannot..
  19. LiLAzianB0y-


    Lol @Neo
  20. LiLAzianB0y-

    Read me

    calm your tits down bro.....not just sitting there and complaining all all that...give 'em some respects....Thanks
  21. LiLAzianB0y-

    It is time to give up.

    I don't know what to say or how to say to you. I don't really want any of us loyal members to be departed or anything. But I also understand for your needs @wilclielr. I really don't want to see a member like you or anyone else to leave but there's nothing I can do to help it But we will always be here and you will always be welcomed back to our family anytime bro (if you choose to leave some day)
  22. LiLAzianB0y-

    Will the hack get me banned?

  23. LiLAzianB0y-

    Will the hack get me banned?

    of course, there's always risks of getting banned for using hacks but it depends on how you use them. I've been using hacks for over 3 years now and my main account's still there and the rank is pretty high. Back to topic: Once you're using hacks, there's always a chance of your account will be banned by Nexon GM's. Use at your own risk Have fun playing on a new account
  24. LiLAzianB0y-

    New App announcement.

    I want this App to be able to use for my iphone 5s