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  1. Hey i got  the folowwing eroor Unauthorized GUID Key or Wrong UserAccount Your guid is already is use by GOLAN111 Please Help me fast!

  2. dam ... ill do the samething ultra does and say my opinion one quote at a time. rip nexon is ACTIVELY looking at GHB and trying to find ways on how to detect us. so its basically coder vs whole XIGN3 anticheat crew at Nexon thats interesting.... because aside from league support, i think (personally) the cheat has everything it should have and the price should be raised. The cheat has never been detected and i know for a fact that ultra(coder) wont fuck up and does things to the cheat only a handful of coders in the csgo cheating scene can do. yea.... personal life hit snyp3r. imagine if he tried to maintain mvh with his current availability. You can usually catch coders on weekends but snyp3r busy as hell. but btw thats funny that u said u had to reinstall windows. No hack should make u do that but if it works then it works. in closing, sorry to hear about ur job. I know it was hard on my mom when she got laid off in like 2007. She bounced back and i believe you can too. remember to pray and stay strong. everyone on staff has read this thread or will read it. usman has made sure of that
  3. Excited about the new changes to the forum. :D

  4. what ? just copy and paste ur username/password or reset it.
  5. OK i will show the coder and he will look into this
  6. This account is worth alot to me because its a main worthy account. 500$ USD Paypal. Screenshots of the account: List of weapons on the account: AR: Xk-8 Rm597 VTR LR300 ML Groza G36E Italian FAMAS SE FAMAS CUSTOM AEK-971 SCAR-L Black AK-74U Snow Camp AR-15 Double Barrel CORE+ M4A1 CQBR Gold custom M16A3 Champion TAR-21 CAMO K2 AK-103 Gold-plated Global M4A1 sopmod(event) Galil ACE M4A1 CAMO (Rank Reward) How's type 89 Black dragon AK-47 M4A1 XM8 (Rank Reward) M16A3 Professional M16A3 veteran M16A3 M16A3 elite AK-74U Gold-plated SMG: mp40 Thompson SR2 Veresk MP7 Steel Russian pp-19 mod K1A K7 Kriss MAC-10 UZI Custom UMP45 SE M960 T-2 ACE p90t-TR UZI Metal MP5 RAS Custom Sniper SG50 DSR-1 Subsonic Maple Leaf M24 Woodland Lee-Enfield L115A3 Ghille Russian SV-98 L96A1 Black-Magnum L96A1 Super-Magnum PSG-1 CAMO L115A2 Dragunov SVD Custom ACE TPG-1 Pro L96A1 Custom M14EBR Custom MG: M60 Custom M60E4 MK.48 Ultimax 100 MG34 M2 Browning K3 Custom MG42 M60 TAU Custom SG:(edited) SAIGA 20K CAMO SAIGA 20K Confederate Double Barrl Double Barrel Silver R870 SE KSG SPAS-12 SPAS012 Gold Golden Punisher Pistols M92F SE Custom Polish G23 32SW2 C1851N 8th US m1911 M92FS 8th Anniv. Dual Pistol Five-Seven Lugar P-08 K5 M1911 MEU M92FS Veteran M92FS Professional P220 SE M92FS Champion ACE B Type 97 M92FS Elite Knifes: Halloween Sickle Balisong Knife Tomahawk M9 Veteran M9 Professional M9 3 Lb Sledge M9 Champion M9 Elite Brass knuckles Support: Heartbeat Sensor M67 Frag Gear Head: Spec Ops Mei's Camo Cap Shapka Spetsnaz Military Helmet Black Beret Cyclops Bandana Elite 5th Anniv. Cap Professional Cap Black Cap Elite Cap Veteran Cap Elite 6th Anniv. Cap Champion Cap Gear Face: Futurex Goggles 7th Aniiv. Bandana Spider Skull Mask Scorpion Skull Mask Patriot Skull Mask (USA) Gear Vest: Recon Vest U.S. Recon Vest The Most American Recon Vest Gear Backpack: 7th Anniv. Terrain Backpack Professional Backpack 5th Anniv. Backpack Elite 5th Anniv. Backpack Elite Backpack Standard Backpack 6th Anniv. Backpack Elite 6th Anniv. Backpack Champion Backpack Baseball ca (Red/black) (cosmetic) Pumpkin head Orange Skeleton vest (cosmetic) Purple Skeleton vest (cosmetic) Aviator's Cap (cosmetic) CIC3 Exclusive backpack Christmas EOD Suit St. John's Straw hat Prison uniform-fancy Full transparency Bank robber mask Military helmet Halloween skull Skeleton Skeleton skull Fk wrong lol Skeleton skull no Skeleton vest (cosmetic) Uncle Sam hat Hard hat EOD suit Viper hair
  7. winttw

    GHB Staff Overview

    Added Kush to staff March 22, 2017
  8. winttw

    GHB Staff Overview

    Added zendrex to VIP Support
  9. yea..... Leaving cuz the coder is trying to do something NICE... I mean he could have just not put out the Free VIP at all and just sat back. WELL im still wondering about the 200 USD u paid for public base Cheats that they selling at the other sites
  10. 1. Im confused why you paid 200 USD 2. The free VIP purpose is to attract new members by testing the cheat out (not to use on ur main account, but to try in an elim room and try out the functionality of the cheat ) 3. If you compare OTHER SITES to this one, You will find that the functionality of our aimbot is better and we have way more features but you will try that out yourself once you compare with the OTHERS. 4. With this event he will get more customers to replace you. We will miss you though but we MUST move on. People come and people go