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  1. Oh well it seems families don't exist in this world do they ? You can always ask people how it was before and then tell it how it was then. Edit: god they made this shit already.
  2. Let me ask you something are you on virtual drugs ?
  3. Yes.. When it was 1986 the education system was higher and it was perfect until 2006 I think it got fucked up and they lowered it due to too much confusion and overloading work and also economy because kids had to carry DA BOOKS so they now use COMPUTERS which teachers can't use properly and they buy online lessons xddd and also spend lots of time messaging each other which makes it more funny why schools are retarded now. Main reason for it is the most of the school teachers are stupid and lack of social communication. And really we are humans and also animals if they can't earn their students trust then ALL THE LESSONS they have done without earning their students trust then those students have not remembered much about the lessons that the teacher has told them because they do not have good relationships with the teacher and will not have good memories with the lessons they had ;d I don't want to get deep about this but you will find the logic behind it. and people did agree with me in real life
  4. I don't think you visited it properly my friend. Is an legit website
  5. The title says it all do not bumb messages or give your opinion about it so you can get 1+ post unless you know how many approx. If the staff have a nerd or an nerd system how many VIPS in each game cheat subscription in category statistics.
  6. First of all this is not an auction forum secondly most of the forum users spend at least 10-30 dollars per month and it lowers your chance selling your account If you want to sell your cute account then sell it to playerauctions
  7. "It cleans your PC and makes it twice as fast." Holly cow is that an joke ? Yes it is my friend CCleaner does not make your PC faster the only thing that can make your PC faster is to have no anti virus and a updated version of windows every time to reduce windows exploit attacks. Never the less you can google how to make my PC faster and my prediction is more RAM and CPU and possibly the graphics you have on your PC if you want to ran bad ass games on high quality without lag.
  8. Hello my friends let me bring you into an adventure where you will spend 10 minutes reading my introduction which will tell you much about me and my hobbies. So firstly we can start with my mother country which is not Russia but is Bulgaria but we do have some good relationships with Russia because we are the best black market country in Europe and Putin can go fuck his self. So for those who want to know my age then let me tell you that I am 15 years old and I am still at school close to college of course I know schools are for retarded people and certainly in UK their educational system is so retarded that they can't even teach properly and their government is shit so then the next topic is about my hobbies and my first hobby is to cheat in games my second hobby is to use sex exploits in roblox my third hobby is to play FPS games and strategy games my forth hobby is to torture players with cheats and my last hobby is to do team game matches with friends. If you want to know about my characteristics then I will list them below - Funny -Social -Cocky -Intelligent/smart -Master manipulator -Professional game cheater - Professional FPS player in games where there are no cheats -Respects people that don't use hash language -Good team leader anyway I can list many of my characteristics but it will be boring for me typing this introduction Contacts; Skype: pepi.2010 Steam: peterfoy01 > peterfoy2 My activity is high as usual I spend 5/10 HOURS DAY in my shitty laptop which makes me proud So I hope community is happy to accept me into their tribe so I can soon progress to the rank I am hunting for which is VIP support and possibly fix this website a bit by telling lots of tips to the owners of the website. And one of the tips will be adding game request section and marge with few game cheat companies and possibly ask those companies to build an safe game cheat loader for ghbsys which will remove their TROJAN in their game loader which I do know why is there because it does background stuff into your PC to inject the cheat.
  9. You can try a website called playerauctions because nobody in this forum bold enough to sell you an account for combat arms NA.
  10. First of all metin 2 hacks don't work unless you want to try bots that will farm fish for you but never the less an GM will spot you and slap your ass hard which will make you cry because he banned your most valuable account. Never trust hacks for metin2 or even buy because they are shit Do not download bots unless you trust it.
  11. Frist of all don't do a giveaway without showing lots of evidence of the account you are going to giveaway because is waste of time somebody to post something into this forum post. And be more specific about your giveaway and it's rules to enter.
  12. peterfoy

    Windows 10

    Windows 10 free version is for kids that did not have enough money to buy proper windows 7 or windows 8.1 because those versions are more respected in video games compare to windows 10 where the developers just do weekly updates and it gets hijacked each month because business companies mostly have windows 10 and it's the best target for hackers to earn their cash. So in my opinion change to windows 8.1 for less cancer and popups and + don't use pirate version
  13. Video Quality 3/10 not as HD as much Music 5/10 needs action Text screens 5/10 you might make them more spooky and put them into a scene instead of showing it in a black screen Gameplay 4/10 ESP and ETC not shown in your gameplay scenes but some of the hacks are. Overall: Is better if you record it with fraps and edit it with Camtasia studio if you are newbie or vegas studio if you are professional But yes I do like the effort you have put in to make this video attractive.
  14. In my opinion the hack is sort of ok but it does have bugs (Sorry if I hurt the coder) It does not support NPC aimbot they said they will add it soon so I don't know when but in my opinion is better wait until they improve it and try the other game cheats that provides. The good part is they did add most of the combat arms exploits which are the godlike hack which is called ZombieHP but you will get kicked out of the server easily.