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Everything posted by NuKoi

  1. i7800k vs i9

    Nooooooo <.<. You asked for processor specs. Not what processor.
  2. i7800k vs i9

    Why don't you ask him then Are you talking about the i7-7800X not the i7-7800K?
  3. [HowTo] Weapon Spoofer

    lol I was in that game.
  4. i7800k vs i9

    Yes. You are right. Enough to run Minecraft.
  5. i7800k vs i9

    Eh. Just look at this.
  6. i7800k vs i9

    Which one? The i9 or i7?
  7. i7800k vs i9

    I personally don't have the money to test out those processors, but from the little research I've done, I can say that any i9 processor is better than any i7 processor you put it against.
  8. For some reason this made me laugh. Was that the reaction you wanted?
  9. Paki

    What's it about?
  10. Paki

    I'm not saying that there is something wrong with what you've done. It's just I don't understand the whole zooming in and out with a filter on the vid. Does it make the gameplay look better?
  11. No one knows when the coder will decide to update it.
  12. Paki

    I don't understand these kinds of edits. Nice vid though.
  13. Combat Arms Classic

    Well if they really do listen, then I should see Emod back and no more leaving the room just to access shop or equipment.
  14. Combat Arms Classic

    Can't they just fix all that in Reloaded? Do they really need to bring classic instead of adding what made classic good? Eh I wouldn't know I guess. I haven't played CA at all in a long time. The only reason I play now is because I'm using cheats this time.
  15. Here is what little I know about VAC. The anticheat scans your computer, if it finds a cheat on your system and you're connected to a VAC secured server, you will get banned. I heard that VAC bans cheaters in 'waves' and it could be days, weeks, months before their ban. I'm asking this question, because when I connected to a community server in CSGO with my VIP CSGO cheats, I was banned in less than 2mins. Not even using the cheats to its fullest extent, not even at 50%. Went back to official servers and everything is fine. Is VAC just waiting for the right moment to ban me? Does it even detect the cheats at all? Overall is VAC a horrible anticheat?
  16. D R I N C C

    It's a simple meme video. It might not be at your level of taste, but it tickles me. So I decided to share.
  17. Hey everyone. I’m Minx :)

    Hi and Welcome. I can't help much with showing you around the site. Kinda new myself. Maybe someone else will help.
  18. So soon I am going to buy VIP for CSGO and I want some tips on how to appear legit. Also, I have some questions I want to ask before I purchase. Can I cheat using the same computer and if I do get banned, will the banned extend to my other accounts? If I am banned on one account, is it safe to use another account without the cheat? Is there something I need to do after I am banned other then not use the cheats? Anything else you can add helps.
  19. Combat Arms

    From the other threads, it seems the coder isn't going to be updating it for a while. I've seen other threads saying that it's because of the VIP cheat being broken, but it works now and that was a long time ago since whenever that was an issue.
  20. Is the VIP cheat features for Chivalry Medieval Warfare the same for Chivalry Deadliest Warrior?
  21. Favorite Song(s)?

    If this belong in the Off Topic section instead, I am sorry. I don't see the difference between the two. One is off topic and the other is saying "Talk here about Everything Be Free and Feel Free!"
  22. Favorite Song(s)?

    I have plenty of favorite songs but the one's I'm listening to right now are SOLSTICE by Sithu Aye and All Your Love by Hudson Mohawke. Solstice is progressive metal and All You Love is some kind of club music.
  23. Thanks for not giving up.:twiddleonesthumbs:


    Yea the cheat works. First time trying a VIP cheat of any kind. Glad I chose this one. My game crashes from time to time though.
  25. Combat Arms Classic

    I heard people really want classic back. I don't see why though.